Killing Piccolo

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This morning when I woke up to think about my dreams so that I can voice record them, someone interrupted me and they started talking to me, and so during this time I was not able to concentrate on remembering my dreams so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream from last night.

Either part of this dream or part of another now forgotten dream from last night involved a woman, several times today I came close to remembering this woman and what happened (especially during the time when someone was talking to me as I tried to remember my dreams from last night), but I still can not remember the woman or what happened.

All that I can remember of the end of my last dream from last night is that it was partly inspired by me playing some of the video game DLC Fallout 4: Far Harbor last night before I went to sleep, and something happened at the end of the dream that I can not remember where I assume that maybe someone knocked me unconscious from behind but I am not sure.

I woke up standing or hanging and maybe tied to something but I can not remember, and I was outside during the day under a metal cage-like structure that looked like something designed for a garden where vines and other plants can grow on it to form the walls and ceiling.

The animated character Piccolo (who is a Namekian) from the Dragon Ball franchise was there floating / flying / walking around wearing his usual gi and cape and turban (he was probably animated, but the rest of the dream was normal live-action), and it seemed that he had a woman and man and maybe several other people and I as hostages and / or slaves and / or something but even in the dream I was not sure what was going on.

The place seemed a bit like a small settlement on the Far Harbor DLC for the video game Fallout 4, the woman I saw had light-color skin and she probably did not look happy and the environment felt negative and oppressive like we were hostages / slaves / whatever, and I felt that we were being held here against our will by Piccolo for some unknown reason(s) (with my first assumption being that we were being forced to work, and maintain (keep up) this place like it was a slave settlement or something like that).

I was only conscious very briefly before I possibly lost consciousness again and / or there was a time jump to where I was more powerful now and ready to defeat Piccolo to free myself and the others, even though I had no idea what was going on, but I felt that Piccolo was the villain even though I was not sure what was going on.

I woke up and / or time jumped and I was still in the same area standing or hanging and possibly tied up, Piccolo floated and / or walked over near where I was, and then I felt that this was my chance to stop him now that I felt powerful enough to possibly defeat him so I started to power-up quietly.

After quickly and quietly powering up and building my confidence and focusing my energy and anger et cetera I unleashed an energy blast (fireball / energy wave) and I probably yelled as I did this, and I hit Piccolo with the energy blast to his surprise.

Piccolo looked stunned and caught off-guard, he looked down where I hit him with the energy blast, and while he was distracted I then hit him with a second energy blast which hurt him and weakened that part of his body and / or pierced that part of his body.

Piccolo was even more stunned and he was hurt, his eyes were bulging out in shock, and he was making gasping sounds or something like that from his injury and disbelief that I was powerful enough to injury him like this and like he was trying to talk but he could not.

Now that he was stunned, shocked, wounded, and distracted it was time to finish him off while I had the chance so I quickly charged my energy into two of my finger tips so that I could finish Piccolo off with his own technique called the Special Beam Cannon.

After quickly doing this I yelled something that I can not remember to Piccolo, and then I yelled Special Beam Cannon as I shot him with it and the energy blast went through his chest.

I could see the hole that the Special Beam Cannon made through his chest, it stopped Piccolo in his tracks, and he slowly fell to his knees with his eyes still bulging in disbelief and pain and then he fell to the ground completely like a sack of potatoes (it even made a sound that reminded me of someone dropping a sack of potatoes).

Piccolo was now dead, and we were free I assumed but I was still confused about what had happened and by what was going on.

Why was Piccolo here, why would Piccolo do something like this, what did Piccolo want with us, how did I get powerful enough to kill Piccolo, et cetera?

A man with light-color skin walked over to me to thank me and congratulate me for defeating Piccolo and freeing them, he told me that I had a chance to do some good things for this place, and he started naming some of the things that I could do to make this a nice place like a settlement.

We came up with some ideas that I would start trying to do soon to set this place up as a settlement and safe place with food, water, shelter, security, et cetera.

I then took Piccolo’s turban and cap so that I could try to put it up on a display like in The Elder Scrolls video games, but there was a glitch where the turban would not shop up on the display.

I then noticed at least two more pairs of Piccolo’s turban and cap that were scattered around this small settlement, and I started collecting them so that I could display them as well.

I then asked the woman if she was okay, I told her about my plans to improve this settlement, and then I went to start my plans but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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John Jr. – sounds like a fun dream. You seemed to remember pretty good detail. It’s always crazy to me how things can be so unclear in a dream and then other things are very vivid. I enjoyed your video sharing the ‘special beam cannon’ as well. It helped clear things up as I’m not familiar with Dragon Ball Z.

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Hello W,

Thank you.

I am often annoyed by how I will remember certain things in dreams while forgetting some important details. 😀

I wish that I could have found a better video but I am glad that it helped to clear things up, that video looked like something from an old video game, instead of the Dragon Ball Z television show (which I used to watch many years ago, but now-a-days I think that it is a bit too silly and overrated :D).


I noticed that it seems that maybe you never updated your Profile or Account Settings so people can not click your name to reach your main blog (website) or your Gravatar Hovercard to reach your Gravatar Profile ( profile), and so I would recommend updating that so that people can find your main blog and your Gravatar Profile ( Profile).

For example you may have noticed that if you click my name it will take you to my main blog, and if you hover the mouse cursor over my name or gravatar (avatar) you will see a Gravatar hovercard that you can click on to reach my Gravatar Profile ( Profile) .

You can update your Profile (Gravatar Profile) in several different places but here is one:

You can update you Account Settings here:

Anyway, I just thought that I would share that, thank you for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr

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Sometimes I fee like I remember the important information of the dream, and the vague parts weren’t important anyway. Other times I feel like I was awake for part of my dream and that’s why the pieces don’t fit together very well.

I purposefully don’t have the gravatar and wordpress link set up. I have a few different blogs under the same account and didn’t realize they would be linked together. Apparently I should have set up a brand new account for my latest blog so that it could be completely separate from the other ones. I’d like to keep an anonymity with my account so I can freely express my dreaming and other experiences without it linking back to my main website. It probably doesn’t actually matter, it’s all still something I’m contemplating. Thank you for taking the time to inform me though

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Hello W,

That is an interesting thought, you may be on to something there.

Oh, thank you for letting me know, and you are welcome.

You are more anonymous than me it seems, I can understand though, especially now-a-days and when sharing various topics like dreams. 😉

Now I can imagine you using a more mysterious gravatar (avatar) image like something similar to one of the Woman Detective emojis ( 😀 :

Thank you again for commenting and good luck with your next lucid dream.

If I am lucky I will remember to set my intention to lucid dream tonight, and if I am even luckier I will actually have a lucid dream tonight.

-John Jr

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Thanks again, for bringing my attention to this gravatar. The more I thought about it, I decided maybe I’m being silly. My main website is my business for children’s books I write. I wanted to keep it separate from my dream world. But in fact the most popular book I’ve published (though I’ve only sold maybe 60 or so copies) is a book I dreamed I had written. So then I wrote it. Maybe the dream world and my upcoming writing career are and should be more connected than I originally thought. I’ve changed my gravatar name and symbol to match my main website which is how I had it set up before I started my dream blog.

Maybe this Daniel MacKillian person you mentioned helped me feel more confident as he is also a dreamer and writer. Thank you for mentioning this person. It’s always fun to find more dreamers and specifically lucid dreamers.

Did you remember to set your intention last night? I did the eye gazing thing in the mirror before bed. I did look at my hands in my dreams, but they looked normal and I didn’t realize I was dreaming. I also slept better last night than I have in weeks, so I think I was probably too tired to gain consciousness.

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Hello Lost Truth,

You are welcome, nice, that sounds like a good idea and maybe some of your dreams can be used to inspire more of your writings.

You are welcome, it is good finding other dream bloggers, because dream blogging can be pretty lonely. 😀

Yes, I remembered to set my intention last night thanks to you, but I did a very weak attempt for several reasons but at least I remembered this time. 😀

Amazing, has the hand reality check ever failed you like that before?

It may have failed me once but I can not remember, but I do know that some common reality checks have failed for me.

One reality check that I would like to try is the jump reality check where you try jumping in the dream to see if you jump higher than normal and / or if you float or fly and / or if you take longer to fall than normal, I sometimes to this reality check when I am awake, but I have never tried it in a dream yet.

It is good that you got some good sleep because I barely got any sleep last night.

Have you ever used the wake yourself up from a dream dream power before?

You indirectly made me remember one of the oldest if not oldest dream that I ever recorded on my blog:

One in-dream reality check that I have tried before is to ask a dream character is this is a dream or not, sometimes it works but sometimes it does not depending on the dream character, have you tried this before in a dream?

Here is one example that I found on my blog:

Thank you for replying 🙂 ,
-John Jr

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Hi John Jr. Thanks for the reply and recommending some dreams of yours to check out. I enjoyed reading them and answered some of your questions on those posts. It never occurred to me to ask my dream characters questions. It was only just yesterday or earlier today that I heard this idea mentioned for the first time. Funny that you mention it now. I will make that one of my future goals. I’ve told people in my dream that it’s a dream and they never seem to care. That’s about it. The other night I had a very vague dream where there were 2 people with me. I told one of the women that this was her dream. It was ok. (she was freaking out about something) This was just her dream and she needed to wake up now. I told her to close her eyes and wake up. Then she disappeared. In the back of my mind I had a very quiet thought that told me this couldn’t be her dream, it had to be mine. But I didn’t listen to it. I then turned to the other woman and told her she was dreaming to and needed to leave, but I said that to her because she was annoying. Then she also disappeared. So I guess I made people disappear in a way, but not lucidly.

I don’t think my looking at my hands reality check was a real reality check. I’ve never actually experienced a reality check in a dream before. Even after poking my finger into my hand for 2 months, I never once did it in a dream. But I did have many lucid dreams, that’s just not how I gained lucidity. In my dream, me and a guy were talking about blisters and calluses on our hands. He looked at his hands to check out his blisters. So then I looked at my hands. I had a few small calluses, which I don’t in real life, but it went along with the dream story line. Other than that they were perfectly normal hands. I think that’s only the second time I remember ever seeing my hands in a dream. The first was when I stabalized a lucid dream the other day. My hands looked normal then too. I still like the idea of the reality checks though, even if they don’t filter through into my dream, I think they help with the simple mindfulness of remembering to be aware that you might be in a dream. I find this awareness in itself more helpful than the actual reality check. Fairly often I have dreams where something doesn’t seem right and I question it, but then I just think ‘whatever’ and I let it go. In these moments I feel like my dream is communicating to me and trying to help me gain consciousness. Some nights it seems my dream works very hard at giving me many signals to pick up on that it’s a dream and I ignore them all. I guess that means it’s me trying to signal myself. Sometimes I pick up on these cues and sometimes I don’t.

I hope you remember to set intention again tonight. Good luck in both your sleeping and dreaming endeavors

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Hello Lost Truth,

You are welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read some of my dreams. 🙂

I can not wait to see what happens when you test asking your dream characters questions, especially questions about yourself that may help you learn things about yourself, and maybe even directly communicate with your subconscious through a dream character and maybe unlock some new possibilities (maybe you will even get superpowers or something like that 😀 ).

That is amazing, making some dream characters disappear from a dream in a non-lucid dream is even more amazing than doing it in a lucid dream, in my opinion.

It seems that awareness is one of the keys to your success with lucid dreams, I rarely get to do reality checks in my dreams and some of them do not work in my dreams either, I seem to try to rationalize the strangeness of the dream too often which makes it harder for me to lucid dream.

Thank you and good luck with the reminder, hopefully I will not let you down, and maybe I will finally have a lucid dream again. 😉

Thank you for replying,
-John Jr

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Thank you,

Yes, our brains always seem to rationalize what is happening in the dream. It’s interesting to me that reality checks do not always work for you either.

How do you sleep at night? Do you sleep well? Out like a rock? Or are you a light sleeper? I ask because I find the worse I sleep the better my dreams, dream recall, and lucid dreaming ability. So, I’m curious.

Did I recommend a mini web series to you? I’m losing track of all our separate conversations. Have you seen Anamnesis? There is a prologue and 5 episodes. I think it gets better as the story continues. They are hoping to make more, but need more of an audience base to get the money to make it happen. Here is the trailer

Thanks for your comment

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Hello Lost Truth,

You are welcome.

Yeah, in my dreams text and times are usually readable and will stay the same if I look away and look back at them, and so some of the reality checks related to those things will not work; and like you I almost never look at my hands in dreams so I rarely get the chance to do that reality check, and usually mirrors are not in my dreams and I usually do not know what I look like in dreams.

In real life I wear eyeglasses but in dreams I am not sure if I ever have eyeglasses on or not, and I never think to check.

I usually go to bed too late and now that I have a job again where I work in the morning I do not get enough sleep, but when I do go to sleep I sleep pretty good usually and I would say that I am an average sleeper or slightly deep sleeper who usually only wakes up to use the bathroom or when I get too hot or when someone yells loudly at me when I am snoring or when my body is getting too uncomfortable from a certain sleeping position or when my body wakes me up to check the time so that I will not be late for work or sometimes when I just had a dream.

My dad is a snorer, I do not think that I used to be a snorer until recently, and my dad found out that he has sleep apnea and one of my aunts had sleep apnea too so there is a minor possibility that I have sleep apnea as well but I have never been tested and that can cause people to wake up sometimes as well.

I am told that I snore now and my snoring and other people’s snoring does not usually wake me up, but one of my brothers (my brother GC) and my former college roommate JC are light sleepers compared to my other brothers and I.

I am somewhat surprised that having worse sleep seems to improve those things, I do know that waking up often can increase the chance of lucid dreams and can increase your chances of waking up at the right time to be able to remember some of your dreams, and so I guess it makes some sense but I think that it is usually a negative for me when I do not sleep well so we are probably mostly opposites on this one (but it does help me sometimes).

I can not remember either but I do know that you recommended Anamnesis in one of your posts, I added it to my Watch Later list on YouTube, and I plan on watching it soon so thank you for sharing that. 😉

Thank you for replying,
-John Jr

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