Strange Weather & Volcanic Bombs?

Français : Fumeroles, lapilli et bombes volcaniques sur le versant Sud de l'Etna (Sicile)
File:Etna-Fumeroles (5).jpg

I had more dreams last night, I did not voice record them, so I forgot some dreams.

This also caused me to forget some of the two dreams that I do remember part of, and those two dreams were pretty long and detailed.

Now I can only remember part of each of them, so important parts are missing.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that at some point in the dream, my brother GC wanted to go watch a movie in what I assume was the city of L.

So we left in a school bus that my brother GC drove so that we could drive to the city of L to watch a movie, and this possibly happened during the evening; but I can not remember.