Strange Weather And Volcanic Bombs?

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I had more dreams last night but I did not voice record them so I forgot some of the dreams, this also caused me to forget some of the two dreams that I do remember part of, and those two dreams were pretty long and detailed but now I can only remember part of each of them so important parts are missing.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that at some point in the dream my brother GC wanted to go watch a movie in what I assume was the city of L, and so we left in a school bus that my brother GC drove so that we could drive to the city of L to watch a movie and this possibly happened during the evening but I can not remember.

Oddly we had at least one dog and at least one cat on the school bus with us, maybe more, and when we were driving near the railroad tracks near the BM Hospital we saw a black cat that was one of the cats from our parent’s house so we opened the school bus door and we called the cat over using the food call and it got inside the school bus and we drove to a slightly fictional version of the city of L I assume.

Eventually we reached the fictional version of the city of L and we reached the parking lot of the movie theater, but then I realized that we could not just leave the cats and dogs on the school bus while we watch a movie and we could not bring them inside either so we stopped to try to decide what to do about this.

My brother GC decided that we would not watch a movie or he would drive back to the city of D to return the dogs and cats to our parent’s house, and I stayed behind with no transportation.

I then saw some of my former classmates and schoolmates (like my former male schoolmate AS, maybe my former male classmate DH, and several others) park a car in the parking lot, and so I went to talk with them.

I can not remember what we talked about except for one thing about someone who they knew who had an intestinal parasite that maybe ate through their intestines and they had to have surgery or something terrible like that, and then they gave me a ride to another part of the city and they dropped me off and they left.

At some point I was walking with my mom and there was something strange going on that is very unclear, it was almost like some kind of strange weather phenomenon and / or storm and / or something going on, and I remember some other people also walking and running in a panic trying to get to cover as strange things happened that I can not remember except for maybe something strange happening in the sky and something strange happening with the weather and maybe occasional earthquake-like shakes and large fiery rock-like things slowly flying through the sky and hitting the ground and exploding like volcanic bombs or very slow meteorites hitting sometimes in the same spots and sometimes hitting in random spots.

My mom, several other people, and I ran to a tall imposing castle-like Walmart (which was painted in the old blue and whatever other colors) that was across the street from a park that looked almost like W Park on the side near the baseball fields.

We ran into a courtyard-like area that was shielded by the tall imposing walls, and we could see some of the volcanic bomb-like things occasionally hitting the ground outside this area and exploding leaving black explosion marks on the ground.

At first we were trying to get inside the building but it seemed too dangerous because the volcanic bombs were landing too closely, and so we took cover in the courtyard-like area.

All of these weird things were going on and we were outside and exposed to all of it without transportation in another city, and we were not sure what to do or where to go or what was going on exactly.

We waited for the volcanic bomb-like things to mostly stop landing before we started to come out of cover, and then each person started trying to decide what to do next.

Some people ran to take cover inside a building, some ran to find their automobiles and / or to get transportation, some wanted to find out what the government recommended to do, some wanted to find out what was happening, et cetera.

I took out my mobile phone to call my brother GC to see if he was okay and to see if he was close enough to drive back to pick us up, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brother GC and I went to what I assume was a college, we moved some of our stuff to a multi-story dorm on an upper floor, and this floor was dimly lit and small but it was nice.

Along the hall was a small room with an opening in the wall that allowed you to see into the hall, and in this room you could relax and watch television et cetera.

Among the things that I put in my dorm room, I remember having an old USB flash drive and a new USB flash drive, and on the new flash drive I had some movies and television shows et cetera that I wanted to slowly watch eventually.

I assume that college orientation was going on, they split us up in to two different groups, and so my brother GC and I left with two different groups of students.

After I finished the group activities I went back to the dorm to relax in the room along the hall, and no one else was around so that was very nice.

At some point my brother GC returned from his group activities and we started talking about the group activities and other things, and eventually my brother GC asked me if I had watched any of the movies et cetera on my new flash drive yet because he had already watched some.

I told him that I had forgotten about my new flash drive and that I had not watched anything yet, and then we started walking and talking outside on our way to our parent’s house during the day.

When we reached the field outside of our parent’s yard we saw the cat named Dawn and her kittens walking in the same direction as us, and Dawn was carrying a snake in her mouth like she was going to try to feed it to her kittens.

The snake looked a bit fake to me, it was a dark color with a hint of blue and its mouth looked jagged, but I was far away.

I noticed that the snake’s mouth would move sometimes, so it was real and it was still alive, and Dawn dropped the snake on the ground at the edge of the yard of The No-Longer Abandoned Yard.

My brother GC and I tried to look for something to kill the snake with but we only found a thin twig, and I tried to kill the snake with it but that was not going to work.

Oddly the appearance of the snake changed when Dawn first put it on the ground, it then looked real now, its color became a tan color that blended in with the dirt, its mouth was no longer jagged, and it was now shorter and stubbier and smaller.

The snake tried to go under the dirt to avoid us killing it, I did not want to touch it or stomp it because I did not want to risk getting bit, and when I turned away for a second to look for a better weapon and when I looked back I no longer saw the snake like it was hiding under the dirt now.

I paused to try to find the snake, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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