My Fictional Sister Who Looks Like Danielle Dallaire Has A Party?

Dream 1

My voice recording for this dream from last night ended abruptly so all that it said was that I was working on something during the day inside and / or outside my parent’s house, and that there were some kids playing around the neighborhood.

The kids kept getting closer and closer to our yard, they probably went in our alley, and it seemed that soon they would come into our yard but my voice recording ended abruptly.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in my parent’s yard, I remember there being a fictional structure near the storage buildings where we had some fictional pets, and my brother GC was over there maybe feeding the pets so I talked to him briefly until I noticed activity in the other parts of the yard so I walked over to investigate.

In another part of the yard was a woman who was maybe my fictional sister or fictional sister-in-law, probably my fictional sister because of how comfortable we seemed so I will assume that she was my sister even though I do not have a sister in real life, and she somewhat looked like and reminded me of Danielle Dallaire from Double Toasted except she slightly looked and acted different and she had lighter-color skin and slightly lighter-color hair than Danielle.

My fictional assume sister had a female friend with light-color skin with light-color hair with her, and I briefly talked with them and I learned that they were having a party trying to make a good impression with and build some connections with some fashion designers and other possible future employers in the entertainment industry and some other industries like that.

After our brief conversation I remember getting a water hose to water the plants in the front of the yard while they set up their party, and when I went to spray the plants I noticed that my sister was walking toward them but it was too late to stop her as the first stream of water flew through the air so the water hit her.

We both started laughing, at first she thought that I had done that on purpose, but I explained that it was an accident and we both joked about it and she was the type of person who was relaxed and fun to be around and we were very comfortable around each other like we had known each other our entire lives (like with my real life siblings).

She then went back to setting up her party as a few people slowly started to arrive, and at some point I walked over to a fictional area where my sister and her friend were watching what I assumed to be videos being projected in the air of a competition where some preteens or teenagers from different countries had submitted some poetry that they read out-loud.

Each video that was projected in the air was possibly in a shape and framed like a photograph with the background being different for each person, and one of the videos was of a young man with dark-color skin who was probably from a country in Africa who was wearing a traditional outfit and hat as he read his poem in English with an unknown African accent and in an unknown African language.

After his video finished I asked my sister about this poetry competition thing, she explained it to me but I can not remember the details, but I do know that they had to pick a winner so they were the judges.

They took a break from this to return to their party as slowly more guests arrived, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house when I heard a kid who sounded like he was whining and crying for help, and then I saw a boy who lives on the street behind our street run through our alley and maybe through our yard and to the street to run back home.

I assumed that the boy who I still heard whining and crying for help was his brother, and so I looked out of the window trying to figure out where he was because I could hear him but I could not see him.

I barely saw part of maybe a white T-shirt behind the gate of our new neighbor’s yard by the pig cage, but the pig cage was blocking my view so I was not sure if that was the boy or not but I assumed that it was.

It seemed that the boy did not know how to open the gate so he was whining and crying for his brother to help him open the gate but his brother had run away without helping him, in real life one or both of them whine and cry a lot around the neighborhood, and so this is pretty normal.

I wondered what had they been doing over there because to get over there they would have had to go through our yard, through our alley, and then enter our new neighbor’s yard through the custom fence and gate that my brother GC and I built to replace the old fence for that yard or they would have had to cross the field and go through our new neighbor’s yard from the front of their yard.

I then thought about what to say to the boy to help him calm down and then I would tell him how to open the gate, but as I was about to do this I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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