A Military From Another Country Intervenes In A Civil War?

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I went to bed too late again last night and I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up to use the bathroom during the night so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams, but thanks to Lost Truth I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream for the third night in a row.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that there was a country where there was a conflict going on, maybe a civil war between the government and some rebel group(s), and another country’s military went to this country but I can not remember if they had the permission of the government of that country or not.

This other military probably set up at least one military base in the country, I am not sure if this was considered a military occupation or a military intervention (invasion) or a peacekeeping mission or what it was considered, and I am not sure which side if any were they supporting in this conflict (war).

I remember seeing and hearing about this possibly on television and / or online and / or in person (maybe I went to that country during part of the dream) and / or by telephone and / or by mobile phone depending on the part of the dream, possibly all of these methods were used during the dream, but I can not remember.

I also remember talking several times to my former male classmate AK who was a soldier in the other military who was in this country, and I remember asking him about the situation.

Some citizens of the country did not like a foreign military being in their country, and so that complicated their situation even more as expected.

I can not remember any other details that were shared with me, but I do know that there were various problems that my former classmate AK and his fellow soldiers had to deal with.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of it was about watching a fictional trailer for the second season of the Netflix television show Stranger Things.

I possibly watched this fictional trailer, andΒ some of the dream was about this trailer.

Another part of the dream involved some kids who also watched the trailer, and these kids were similar to the kids on the Stranger Things television show and these kids were even dealing with some strange things like in the television show.

The dream possibly jumped between me being where ever I was and where ever the kids were, I was simply watching and seeing these things, but the kids were really dealing with these things but that is all that I can remember before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


8 thoughts on “A Military From Another Country Intervenes In A Civil War?

  1. Hi John Jr. I’m glad you were able to remember to set your intention for lucid dreaming again. Hopefully one of these days you can get to bed earlier and help to better your chances even more. I am curious to hear about what will happen once you become lucid.

    Thanks for sharing that trailer. I hadn’t seen it yet and enjoyed the first season. It’s amusing to me when it’s easy to dissect a dream, or parts of it, and know why certain elements came into play.

    Thanks for sharing you dream

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    1. Hello Lost Truth,

      Me too, and once again I have you to thank for that so thank you. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I will probably have to try fighting with my body again to train it or force it to let me go to sleep earlier, if I ever want that to happen. πŸ˜€

      I am also curious about what will happen in my next dream, at this time I have three things that I want to try in my next lucid dream which include: using at least one dream power (like summoning one or more dream characters, probably dream security as I call them, which are dream character meant to protect me and my dream world from threats), asking one or more dream characters some questions hoping to learn more about myself and maybe directly communicate with my subconscious, et cetera.

      When I set my intention to lucid dream I am hoping to activate a sort of Mr. Charles-like tactic / approach like in the film Inception, Remember Your Training will be my code word / reminder, and I hope that I will use this in a dream or that a dream character in my dream who will be playing the role of Mr. Charles to help me realize that I am dreaming and to help me remember my training (what I want to accomplish once I go lucid).

      You are welcome, so you saw the first season, nice; I am still watching the first season, and my brother GC and me are enjoying it so far even more than we had expected.

      Yes, it is nice when I know what inspired part of a dream, especially when you are someone like me who does not really know much about dream interpretation.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

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      1. Sounds like a good goal for your next lucid dream. I’ve never thought about the idea of dream security. Not outside of the movies anyhow. Maybe something like that could have helped me against the lucidity police. I don’t think I’ve ever made anyone appear out of thin air. I have gone searching for people and found them rather quickly though. Which I guess is still manifesting them, but perhaps easier for my brain to wrap around then simply pulling them out of nothing.

        I’m very curious about this idea of speaking to your subconscious through speaking to the dream characters. Best of luck in this experiment.

        Interesting idea to create a ‘Mr. Charles’ for yourself. I wonder if something like that could work. I had tried to find a ‘dream teacher’ in my dreams many years ago (with no success), but never thought of creating one.

        I used to be very into dream analysis. Whenever I wrote down my dreams I would also dissect them. Using a dream dictionary to help me decipher the meaning of the different symbols (colors, animals, etc.) that came up. I did this off and on for probably 20 years. At this point, I am more inclined to negate the dream dictionary idea, and focus more on what the dreams mean to me. How did I feel and interact and what could that symbolize as a whole, opposed to what does some archetype symbol mean to Jung. I am not a religious person by any means, but sometimes I am keen on looking at my dreams like the bible. I don’t believe in the bible (any bible), but I can easily see how the stories in it are metaphors told in a way to relay a message. I see many of my dreams told in this same manner. The dreams that stand out strong when I wake up I give more credit to and will spend more time contemplating, while the dreams that don’t seem to vibrate with a strong presence in my psyche I’m more inclined to just let go of without much thought. I’ve heard/read other people talk about feeling an obvious difference in dreams as well in regards to one that has insight and one that is just fluff. It was nice to become aware that many other people experience this as well.

        Thanks for replying John Jr. Good luck in your continuing progress on lucid dreaming. I did not gain lucidity last night, but did at least remember 1 dream.


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        1. Hello Lost Truth,

          I think that your dream security could have dealt with the Lucidity Police, imagine something like the projections in the film Inception who attacked Cobb’s crew as they tried to kidnap Fischer, well they probably would not be that intense but you get the idea. πŸ˜‰

          It was probably the film Inception that gave me this idea and I have used this several times before but most of the time the dream security is already in the dream, but you are correct about summoning dream characters (especially dream security) is more difficult.

          I think that maybe the last time that I summoned dream security was in a dream post called A Futuristic Inception-Like Dream Sharing Machine, but something surprising happened that possibly has not happened before.

          Thank you, it should be interesting if I ever get to try the talk directly to my subconscious experiment, and it will be even more interesting if I learn to unlock some hidden human potential and / or ancestral memories or something cool like that.

          I also wonder will the creating a Mr. Charles and dream teacher (that was an interesting idea on your part) actually work, if not, the hope is that maybe I will at least think of the words Remember Your Training and then remember what my intentions were et cetera.

          It is good to see that you have experience with that, unlike me, except that I also think that I can often feel a difference between the fluff dreams and the ones with some meaning.

          I think that someone actually came up with a sort of an idea for a religion or world view called dreamism based around dreams, anyway, I think that your dream and bible comparison makes sense.

          You are welcome and thank you, and it is good that you remembered a dream last night.

          Maybe one day I will finally have a lucid dream again. πŸ˜€

          -John Jr

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          1. Thanks for your response John Jr.

            I’m glad you are able to see a difference between your fluff dreams and ones with more meaning. I’m not surprised.

            I’ll have to google “dreamism”. Thanks for sharing the concept with me.

            I had an idea yesterday to instead of doing reality checks throughout the day and asking, “Am I dreaming?” To just continuously say, “This is a dream. I’m dreaming”. Maybe that thought will then filter through to the dreaming state. I have a feeling if I actually think, “I’m dreaming” in a dream I will immediately know that it’s an accurate statement. We’ll see how it goes.

            No luck last night, but despite sleeping well I did remember 3 dreams. I was angry in all of them, which helped bring awareness to the fact that I am more upset about something from waking life than I care to admit. I’ll see that as a win in it’s own way.


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            1. You are welcome Lost Truth.

              Unfortunately I could not find the website about the idea of dreamism, and so I guess it is gone now.

              I think that is a good idea that is worth trying, and I have tried this a few times today. πŸ‘

              That gives me another idea, I would be curious to try listening to a video or audio of someone else’s intention to lucid dream, instead of my own to see if that works better.

              I think that if someone who is more successful with lucid dreams were to share their intention (or one made to help other in general) to lucid dream in video / audio form, that could possibly help people increase their chances of lucid dreaming, and they could just watch / listen to it before going to sleep.

              You remembered 3 dreams and saw what they had in common, impressive, I also see that as a win.

              Thank you for replying,
              -John Jr

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  2. That’s an interesting idea. I’m not exactly sure what you have in mind though. What would you be thinking this video/audio would contain exactly? I wonder if there already is something like that out there.

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    1. Hello Lost Truth,

      There is probably definitely something like that out there.

      What I was thinking is basically other people who are successful at lucid dreaming sharing their intentions that they say to themselves before they go to sleep.

      For example: They might repeat things like this several times: I want to have a lucid dream, I will have a lucid dream, I will realize that I am dreaming, remember to do your reality checks, this is a dream, remember your training, et cetera.

      It can be in written or audio and / or video form, and others can use that and listen to it and / or repeat it to themselves before going to sleep.

      Thank you for replying,
      -John Jr

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