Preparing To Fight Frieza (Freeza)

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Last night I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream again thanks to Lost Truth (thank you again Lost Truth), I got almost 5 hours of sleep, and at some point I woke up and I was going to voice record my dreams but I felt so comfortable in bed (sometimes your bed and / or body just feel more comfortable than normal) that I went back to sleep before I could voice record my dreams.

I then had a dream and during the dream I probably still remembered my previous dreams and I was probably trying to save them during the dream so that I could record them later but I did not realize that I was still dreaming, but eventually I got distracted by other things in the dream and slowly my previous dreams faded away until they were forgotten and replaced by the current dream.

This dream was partly inspired by an episode of Dragon Ball Super (which I do not like, and I only watch because it is part of the Japanese anime schedule / lineup on that day) that I watched last Saturday on Toonami where the character Frieza (Freeza) was wished back to life but he was in pieces, and so Frieza was put in a regeneration tank that would resurrect / heal him and return him to normal again.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day.

I remember hearing and / or seeing a news report and debate about women (maybe female video game characters, superheros, other types of female characters, and real life women et cetera) that I think involved something like: are women tough enough / strong enough / powerful enough et cetera to defeat and / or equal men in various areas (combat, et cetera), to be superheros, et cetera.

After that I remember being inside my parent’s house standing in maybe the dining room talking with an unknown fictional woman (but I can not remember what she looked like) about a trip that we were planning to go on together I assume, but we were interrupted by the character Frieza (Freeza) who was possibly animated even though the rest of the dream was in live action but I can not remember if he was animated or not.

Frieza was in pieces but he could still talk to us somehow, and his pieces were floating in the air as he talked to us.

Frieza was in the process of regenerating / healing, his pieces were reconnecting and were regenerating slowly, and after that he was going to fight the woman and then maybe attack and conquer the planet and then universe I assume.

We could not let Frieza do this so I was going to help the woman fight Frieza, I have no idea how we were going to do this, and so I assume that the woman must have had powers and was maybe a superhero or something like that who must have been pretty powerful and maybe I was as well but I have no idea.

I think that I assumed or knew that the woman was more powerful than me and I was not confident in my ability to defeat Frieza or to be of much help to the woman, and I was not sure if we could defeat Frieza or not but we were going to try.

For some reason instead of attacking Frieza as he was regenerating, we decided to wait and let him regenerate and then fight him in a fair fight (well I would not call it fair because we should not stand a chance) so maybe the woman and Frieza made an agreement to let him regenerate first or something but I can not remember (whatever the reason, that was stupid of us, we should have attacked him while he was still in pieces), and during that time we or I prepared for the fight.

The woman stayed in the dining room with Frieza, maybe she did not need to power up or anything like she was already ready to fight, but I told the woman that I would be outside powering up and preparing myself for the fight because I was going to need all the power and preparation that I could get and even that would probably not be enough so I walked outside through the back door not sure if this would be my last walk outside ever.

I wanted to get some sunlight, fresh air, quiet, and enjoy nature as I walk around powering up and preparing my body and mind for the fight against Frieza because if we failed the planet and maybe universe would probably not stand a chance against him.

Unfortunately this was interrupted as soon as I walked outside by the sounds of arguing coming from the back of The G House where I saw some of our neighbors who live on the street on the other side of the field in front of MZ Church, it was Motorcyle Man and one of his young sons arguing with a fictional boy with dark-color skin with short black hair, and they were arguing because the fictional boy said that one of Motorcyle Man’s sons stole a large rock from his yard and threw it somewhere.

Motorcycle Man and his son were arguing back, it seemed that they were living at The G House oddly, and Motorcycle man told the boy to leave so the boy walked over to me.

All of this arguing was interrupting my powering up and preparations for my fight against Frieza so I was annoyed, and I was even more annoyed as the boy walked over to me.

The boy told me what had happened and he wanted me to help him, I told him that I would go inside the house and tell my mom to see if she could help him, and so I went inside the house but I started washing the dishes in the kitchen first for some odd unknown reason like I forgot about everything else.

I then remember the boy and I went to my parent’s room to tell my mom, my mom was laying in her bed looking tired like she was trying to sleep, and she told me to tell the boy to talk to his parent’s and let them handle the situation so I went to tell the boy this.

All of this was interrupting my powering up and fight preparations against Frieza, and when I walked outside I did not see the boy so I assumed that he was walking back home so I went to walk around to the front of the house to give him my mom’s message but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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