Assassin(s) & A Boat Station & Nora (Norah) & An Obstacle Course?

Last night I got more sleep than any day this week and I slept pretty deeply, and I had some very detailed dreams but I am only able to remember some parts of some of them because of how deeply I was sleeping and how I went back to sleep several times.

Dream Fragments

I am not sure which dream or dreams that these dream fragments go with so I am typing them together in this section, but I do know that the second and third dream fragments were featured in at least the two dreams that I remember part of from last night but I am not sure where in those dreams did they take place.

One dream fragment took place during the day, and I remember being outside or inside a Burger King where I was close enough to see their new soda fountain.

A nice overweight female employee with dark-color skin and I were talking about the new soda fountain machine, I asked some questions about it and she answered them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

A second dream fragment took place in at least two of the dreams below, and a shotgun style house and / or building was involved, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

The third dream fragment took place in at least two of the dreams below, and the name Nora (Norah) and / or a name similar to it was involved but I am not sure if that was the name of a woman and / or a place and / or thing; but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

The fourth dream fragment was possibly connected to the third dream fragment and it maybe involved soil and / or plants, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was pretty long and detailed so I can not remember most of the important parts now and my memory of it is incomplete and partly damaged, and the dream took place during the day.

It involved driving around and traveling through a fictional version of the city of D and maybe some other city or cities, and at some point one or more people and I stopped our automobiles on the side of a highway to talk with my former male classmate JC and some of his family and some other people who were some of my and / or their family members and / or people we know.

As we were doing this something happened that I can not remember where there was an attack by one or more people (who I assume were assassins or professional killers of some kind, but I can not remember what I learned about them during the dream because I forgot) who probably stopped and drove by.

Most of us were standing outside on maybe grass and dirt near the highway further from our automobiles, but a woman and her baby (who were family members of someone in our group, maybe even my sister-in-law JC and my nephew CC, but I can not remember who they were) stayed inside one of the automobiles.

The assumed assassin(s) started shooting one or more guns at the automobile(s) and / or us, and the woman in the automobile was killed but I can not remember if the baby was killed or not.

I can not remember if the assassin(s) escaped or not, I just remember us screaming the woman and baby’s names and yelling no, and yelling at the assassin(s) as we took cover and / or ran to try to save them and / or stop the assassin(s).

I remember us being very angry and emotional and shocked, I do not think that they were the targets, I think that someone else in the group was the target but I can not remember.

The assumed assassin(s) were not going to stop we assumed, until their target was dead, and so we left to hide and come up with a plan to escape and maybe lure the assassins to us so that we can kill them and end this permanently and get revenge for the killing of one or more of the family members in our group.

There is a forgotten part of the dream after this that I am not sure when it took place or what happened exactly, I remember an assumed assassin who was a well-dressed woman with light-color skin with yellow hair who wore a cream-color suit with dress skirt, and maybe we lured her to a certain location so that she could try to kill us but we were going to capture and / or kill her instead.

We possibly captured her and maybe got some information and / or we killed her but I can not remember, and either way she was probably not the only assumed assassin so we were not safe yet.

At some point I remember us taking a back road that was like a fictional version of the road that L Binding Service should be on, and we drove to a fictional RV or small mobile home where my female cousin CE lived to temporarily hide while we come up with an escape plan and a plan to deal with the assumed remaining assassins.

We told my female cousin CE about the situation and how she would be in danger if we stayed long, she let us stay long enough to have our meeting, and I remember members of our group arguing as we tried to come up with a plan.

At some point we came up with a plan but I can not remember it, I just know that we were going to drive to a boat station and buy some tickets and leave by boat to another city, and so I assume that we were trying to escape and lure the assassins away and maybe some of us would try to kill them when they come to kill us (who ever their target was, which was not all of us) but I can not remember.

We thanked my cousin CE and we drove to the boat station that was near a body of water that seemed to be fresh water, there was maybe a riverboat-like ship there, and we probably bought our tickets and waited inside a gym-like building until it was time to leave.

I remember my former male classmate MS being with us as we sat in the bleachers, there was a screen that was playing video, but there was no sound or it was too low for me to hear.

There were other people inside the building, and some were outside either buying tickets or doing other things.

I remember there being a group of young men with light-color skin who seemed to be up to no good, their leader had short yellow hair, and I remember them flirting with some young women with light-color skin at some point.

At some point I needed to urinate so I went to look for a bathroom, the group of young men and women had left before me, and eventually I was outside walking around looking for a bathroom.

I saw people in lines waiting to get tickets and I saw some groups of people among them who were from different countries (some were from one or more countries in Asia like maybe China), and then I found a public outdoor bathroom on the right side where there were some short brick or concrete dividers with urinals or drains in the ground with urinal backstops to stop the urine from hitting the walls.

Only one was open because the others were in use by the young men, on the divider to my left was one of the young men urinating while two of the young women stood by him facing in my direction, and the dividers were so low (especially in the middle) that they could see part of your penis depending on how you stood and the people in line behind us could see us from behind.

I did not like this lack of privacy and having people hanging out to my left so I tried to position myself the best that I could, and right when I was about to start urinating a man crawled from under a sink or something near the urinal or drain in the ground that I was about to urinate in.

This surprised me and the man apologized, I told him that I am glad that I did not start urinating before he crawled out, and then he walked away but I decided to go find another bathroom on my way back to the building.

Some of the young men and women were hanging out ahead of me, I saw two of the young women arguing, and they separated.

The leader of the young men with the short yellow hair seemed to be interested in getting those two young women to talk to each other again, he seemed to be interested in one or both of them, and to my annoyance he stopped me and he tried to get me to help him with this situation.

I did not trust or like him or his group, I felt that they were up to no good, and I needed to use the bathroom and get back to the building before I miss the boat so I was not going to help him and I politely declined to help him but he kept trying to convince me.

I then realized that too much time had passed and that I needed to get back to the building, and so I started running and I saw some of the people from maybe China running toward the building as well.

As I ran past the ticket lines I heard one of the male workers with light-color skin saying that the boat was leaving, and that it was too late to buy tickets and that they would have to wait for the next boat and buy tickets for it.

When I reached the dock-like area the boat was already leaving and it was in the middle of the body of water, I saw my dad (who seemed to be working there now oddly, I do not remember him working there earlier, and maybe he had been with us but I can not remember) near the dock area letting people know that it was too late and that the boat would not turn around, and that they would have to buy a ticket for the next boat.

My dad told me the same thing.

I was devastated and angry and annoyed that I had missed the boat and that the leader of the young men had wasted that much of my time and I still had not used the bathroom, and so now the others were leaving to the other city without me so they would be in even more danger and this could ruin our plan if the assassins started coming after me instead of being lured after the others where we could face them together I assume.

This bothered me so much and I was so much more emotional about this because one or more of us had been killed already and we needed to stop the assassins and get our revenge, and this was going to possibly stop me / us from being able to do this.

I was so angry that I started complaining out-load and punching and maybe kicking in the air trying to let the anger and frustration out, and I was so angry that this accidentally caused me to wake up in the real world with my body making a strong jerk like it was trying to punch or kick but had been mostly paralyzed because I had been sleeping.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that someone else (maybe my brother GC) from the first dream and I were driving during the evening or night from maybe a fictional version of the city of D to a fictional version of the city of L, and when we reached the fictional version of the city of L we stopped in the parking lot of a shotgun-style building.

We thought that we needed to pass through the inside of the building to reach the area behind the building to continue our way to where ever we were going, I can not remember where we were going or what we were trying to do exactly, but it probably involved Nora (Norah) and the soil and / or plants that we needed to maybe get and / or get information about and / or from maybe but I can not remember.

The building had different areas inside like a bar / club, restaurant, recreational area with arcades and games et cetera, and down the middle of the entire building was an obstacle course.

We assumed that we needed to cross through the middle of the building to reach the back of the building to cross outside, and so we went through the obstacle course.

As we made our way across the building using the obstacle course we reached part of it that some children and their mother were trying to cross as well, they all had dark-color skin with black hair, and this part of the obstacle course was in the air so there was a drop and you had to cross balance-like beams.

The mother was sitting on one of these beams while the children were trying to cross another one, one of the children was a girl who was holding a baby trying to cross, and the mother had a terrible attitude and was mean at first.

I remember helping the girl by holding the baby with one arm while using the other to help myself crawl across the beam to reduce the chance of me falling with the baby, the baby was wrapped up pretty good in a blanket and clothing and had a baby cap (hat) so I did not get a good look, but I think that the baby was a boy who probably had dark-color skin like the rest of the family.

The mother still had a bad attitude at first but after I successfully crossed the beam and gave her baby to her, her attitude started to improve, and she even thanked me.

We continued our journey across the building using the obstacle course until we reached the back of the building, I remember seeing some bathrooms, and a thin man with dark-color skin with long black dreadlocks walked out of the bathroom so we asked him where the exit door was.

The man told us that the only exit was an emergency exit on the left side of the building near the back, but it was for emergencies only and the alarm would probably go off if we went out of it.

We also learned that you did not have to cross inside the building to reach the other side behind it, you could walk and / or drive.

We thanked the man and we looked around, he was correct it seemed, and so we did all of this for nothing.

Now we had to do it all again to get back outside, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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