Superheroes Competing For A Job At Rooster Teeth?

Source: Wikipedia

These two dreams were probably partly inspired by the Japanese anime (animated) television show My Hero Academia Season 2.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a building, I was in the dream, but I was more of an observer walking around listening and watching mostly.

Inside the building was Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth and maybe some other people who work for the company, and there were several people who seemed to be trying to get a job with the company.

I remember following two men who were trying to get a job and Burnie Burns as they talked, and as the two men were tested.

The two men had superpowers, one of the men had some kind of superpower that involved helping people, and the other man had some kind of superpower that involved the ability to make some object that looked like a water filter that he could attach to maybe water lines (pipes) or something but that was my wild guess in the dream.

The two men had their superpowers tested and maybe compared, which was part of the usual job testing, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

My sleep got interrupted several times because I needed to use the bathroom but I kept going back to sleep instead without voice recording my dreams, and there was a bad thunderstorm when I woke up one of these times and it sounded like the planet getting attacked by aliens or something. 😀

Dream 2

This dream continued from the previous dream and it took place during the day, the two men from the previous dream and maybe some other superheroes were competing against each other in a superhero / job competition for maybe a job at Rooster Teeth, and the competition was taking place outside and across the city which looked like a fictional version of the city of D.

This seemed to be a big event that many people were watching on television, maybe online, and maybe in person.

I was working at my shelver job I assume at a fictional version of The BP Library where I work in real life, I remember seeing my coworker Mrs. DT and she told me to do something that I can not remember, and I remember seeing and talking to my coworker Mrs. L who was sitting at her desk near the entrance of the employees only area.

In the main area I saw some patrons using the computers, the sister of my former male schoolmate N was there (she is also a former schoolmate of mine), and I remember talking with her and one or more patrons briefly as I worked.

I remember carrying some objects and stopping to pick up or clean up something, and then I possibly dropped something but I can not remember.

At some point I finished work and I left to drive home to my parent’s house, the superhero / job competition was still going on, and when I reached my parent’s street something happened where maybe one or more supervillains were about to attack when most people were distracted by the competition.

One of these supervillains was possibly passing through our neighborhood, the character Commissioner James W. “Jim” Gordon from the Batman franchises was the chief of police of the city but I am not sure if he was animated or not, and he also saw the supervillain because he lived on my parent’s street where either Mr. C’s house should be or the house next to Mr. C should be.

Mr. Gordon was off from work it seemed, he was sitting inside his house watching the competition on television, and he had his front door open but the screen door was closed and / or somehow I was able to see him briefly even though I could not physically see him.

Mr. Gordon decided to grab his revolver and go outside to stop the supervillain, which was dangerous alone, but suddenly backup arrived to my surprise with many police cars showing up.

I drove into my parent’s yard, still watching and thinking about this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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