Getting Paralyzed By An Alien?

Last night I was so tired that I went to sleep before I wanted to go to sleep, I fell asleep on a couch in the living room, and I woke up after 3 AM to get in bed and then I went back to sleep.

I woke up from my first dream below feeling some things that I felt in the dream, paralysis and fear et cetera, and I woke up in a strange sleeping position laying on my stomach with my hands at my sides (like someone who is planking, which is not a sleeping position that I usually use) feeling like I was shivering (shaking or vibrating like maybe a static or distortion-like feeling or something like that, it felt strange, whatever was happening) from fear and / or like I was trying to break out of the paralysis and my right arm was very numb.

Later I woke up from my second dream with a feeling of being under very deep sleep and / or sedation, and I could not hear that well out of my right ear (I cleaned my ears out with warm water using a bulb syringe, and there was some ear wax and / or ear fungus or something in them).

It took a while for me to break out of the sedation-like feeling today and I did not feel like sharing my dreams, I think that some of the things that happened (things remembered and not remembered) in the first dream bothered me enough that I did not feel like typing my dreams, and I was bothered and felt off for most of the day today because of that first dream.

The feelings and fear that I felt in that first dream were familiar, primal, subconscious, and deep; and made me somewhat feel like a helpless kid again, and like it felt like some familiar past trauma that I can not quite remember.

These two dreams were very detailed and long, especially the second dream, but I went back to sleep without voice recording them so I can not remember a lot of the details now unfortunately; and if I did remember them it would take a very long time to type all of those details.

Dream 1

This dream has bothered me throughout the day, but unfortunately I can not remember most of it and even what I remember is unclear and possibly contain some errors.

The end of this dream possibly took place in the evening, I remember being in the city of D walking along a sidewalk or the side of the road near The BP Library where I work, I did not start here but at this point in the dream I was walking past here.

I remember seeing some other people, at least two of them were women with light-color skin with one possibly having long yellow hair, and the woman that I remember the most clearly had short brown or black hair and I focused more on this woman.

I started walking in the direction of the volleyball court but as I walked in that direction I started to feel afraid for no clear reason, I felt that something was down that road, and that I should not go that way.

The feelings of fear were a strong, deep, familiar, subconscious, and instinctual fear like something that was familiar to me like it was something from past trauma of something that I can not remember but I knew that I wanted to avoid it.

I can not remember if I saw or heard anything after this, I probably stopped to try to figure out why I felt this way but I can not remember if I saw any evidence of what I felt this,  I just know that I decided to turn around and not go that way.

I remember the two women starting to walk in that direction so I warned them to not go in that direction, the woman with the short hair was not afraid and she did not listen to me, but I can not remember if the other woman stopped or not.

I just know that the woman with short hair kept walking in that direction even after warning her again that it was probably dangerous and that something was probably down there, I feared for her safety, but the danger I felt was strong enough that I was probably not going to risk going down there to protect the woman.

I can not remember if I walked in that direction to protect the woman or not, my memory of this part is destroyed now, but I know that something happened but I am not sure what (maybe I followed the woman and maybe we both felt and / or heard and / or saw something proving that I was correct, and maybe we or I escaped but I can not remember).

The next thing that I remember is also unclear, I remember going to maybe a very small quiet store-like place that was possibly inside or in an indoor / outdoor area almost like something behind a stadium seating area or something but I can not remember, and possibly several people (possibly including one or both of the women and at least one man with light-color skin with dark-color hair) were there too.

We were inside the assumed store when suddenly I felt the same feelings of fear that I felt down that road, and so whatever I sensed then seemed to have possibly followed us here but I have no idea.

I possibly went to warn the others but it was probably too late, when I stepped forward it possibly saw me and I possibly saw part of it, and I remember getting paralyzed and I could not move so I just stood there.

The others probably go paralyzed before I did, they were on different aisles so I probably could not see them now, and I can not remember what happened as I stood there paralyzed.

I do remember maybe thinking or having a feeling of, oh no not again, like this has happened before in the past (not exactly like this, but I have been paralyzed before by what I assume was an alien in a dream).

The last thing that I remember is seeing what I assume was an alien, somewhat like a grey alien but somewhat different and maybe a light pinkish color and maybe slightly taller but still shorter than me like a similar alien that I saw in the last dream where an assumed alien paralyzed me, and the feeling from it felt negative just like in that dream.

I had those feelings of fear that I described earlier, I felt a bit helpless like a child, and like a feeling of a trauma that happened to me in the past that I can not remember.

I probably tried to break the paralysis, I can not remember what happened other than seeing the assumed alien running away in a different direction and I saw it from behind and it did not have any clothes (clothing) on that I can remember, but I can not remember what happened before that.

I woke up in a plank position oddly feeling like I was shivering (shaking or vibration or something), it felt strange and so I am not sure what was happening there, and like I was paralyzed but was breaking out of it now and my right arm was very numb and I still felt the feelings that I felt in the dream.

Dream 2

This dream was super long and detailed, I ended up forgetting some of it, and I will try to not waste too much time typing this because I have already taken too much time typing so I will try to type a lazy overview.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I went to or was at a fictional version of The BP Library where I work as a shelver and I was working.

Some of my coworkers were there like Mr. JF, Mr. CF, Mrs. MH, Mrs. C, and several other real and maybe fictional coworkers.

The building was completely different, the library parts of the building were modern and somewhat maybe industrial and shotgun-style(d) with more windows for natural lighting, and there were several open connected parts to the library including an entrance lobby.

There were some patrons in the computer area, and at some point I remember walking to the back of the library parts of the building to maybe find a bathroom.

I ended up finding another part of the building that was connected to the back left side of the library parts of the building, and it looked like a nice somewhat older-style somewhat upper class hotel and / or resort whose style somewhat reminded me of the style of the Overlook Hotel from the film The Shining.

Everything was clean and furnished but was empty, like maybe this entire building or set of connected buildings used to be a resort until it was closed and then sold to the library, and I was amazed by this and I had not known that this even existed.

I walked around exploring and looking for a bathroom, there were many rooms and halls, and I walked through different parts of the building or different connected buildings, and some teenage(d) patrons found these parts of the building as well and some of my coworkers did also.

Some of the teenagers were doing something that caused me to tell them to please stop, and maybe I told them to please return to the library parts of the building because this area was off-limits probably.

I continued exploring the building, at some point I found a lobby-like area, and I found a small upper class hunting-like lodge style hotel room that had an open bathroom when you first enter the room and the bedroom was in the back of the room which was very strange.

I was not comfortable with using this open bathroom like this, I explored the room while trying to decide if I should use it or find another, and I noticed that other patrons were now exploring the building and were crossing the lobby outside this hotel room.

This probably caused me to not use the bathroom here but I did relax there a bit, and then I continued my journey around the building until I found a security-like room and some parts of the building with many halls and many rooms.

Eventually my coworker Mr. CF who is the security guard at The BP Library went to the security room, he was telling me that it seemed that someone had been in there, and that something was moved or messed with.

It seemed like maybe he suspected me and he telling me a story, and I felt that someone was sneaking around the building and had probably messed with something in the security room.

I probably sensed someone or something sneaking around the building, possibly a government agent or Men In Black-like person or maybe even the assumed alien from the first dream but I can not remember, and so I went to investigate to see if I could find if this was true or not.

I remember seeing an older man with light-color skin and white and / or gray hair walking around, I was not sure if he was the person I sensed or not, but then I remembered that I was at work so I went back to the library parts of the building.

One of the assistant directors, maybe Mrs. C, seemed to suspect that some of us employees had left the library area and did not clock out so she was somewhat angry because she assumed that we were not working still.

No one said anything, they just let her talk, and then everyone went back to what they were doing and I was going to explore the building again after I finish work and try to investigate some more but I woke up.

There was more to this dream but that is all that I can remember now.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Getting Paralyzed By An Alien?”

Thanks for sharing your dream John Jr.

Your first dream is interesting. There are 2 paths. One leads to fear. Maybe this is the way you should have gone. Maybe the woman was trying to lead you that way. Help you face your fear. Maybe you chose not to go down that way (you said you don’t remember), but then your fear showed up again where you were (the alien). You cannot escape your fear, you will be forced to face it.

You said you were feeling helpless like a child and maybe feeling trauma of the past. Maybe you should try to think about this.

I had a very interesting/disturbing dream last night. Maybe it was a hypnagogic/falling asleep dream, but I wasnt didn’t remember it until the morning. I was a baby /toddler. But at the same time I was also me observing the experience of my youth. It was an alleged memory. In it I am the baby, I’m in a crib, and am absolutely terrified. It’s dark and a monster is coming. The observer me says, screw this. I do not want to experience this. I want to know what happens, but I do not want to experience what happens.

There is a voice that says, maybe I must experience in order to heal. But the observer me says, hell no. Get me outta here. I wake up.

So maybe I am projecting some of my dream experience onto your dream.

Oddly enough, in a separate dream last night, I was using the bathroom in a public space where others could view me.

These two parallels are interesting

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You are welcome Lost Truth.

That makes sense to me, I was actually thinking of something pretty close to that, and so thank you for sharing that.

Thank you for sharing your dream, I think that there are parallels between our two dreams, so well done.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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