Treasure Hunting In Sewers?

Last night I woke up remembering at least one dream, I remembered it so well that I was confident enough to go back to sleep without voice recording it thinking that I would still remember it when I wake up again, and I went back to sleep and I had at least two other dreams and woke up at least two other times.

Each time that I dreamed and woke up again I lost more of that remembered dream until I can no longer remember it now, and so now I can only remember the end of my last dream. 😀

All that I can remember of the end of my last dream from last night is that it was either late in the afternoon or early evening, I was in a fictional city in an area that somewhat reminded me of a combination of the city of LC and the city of D and a fictional city, and I was following several people who seemed to be maybe treasure hunting but I can not remember what they were doing.

I just know that these people seemed to be looking for something, they possibly were filming themselves but I can not remember, and it felt somewhat like following a group of people on a television show like Finding Bigfoot combined with a real life version of the National Treasure franchise.

Everyone in the group had medium-color skin except for a man with light-color skin, everyone in the group probably spoke Spanish and English except for maybe the man with the light-color skin, there were at least three men and at least two women, most of the group seemed to be from Mexico and / or The United States (Mexican American) except for maybe the man with light-color skin who was probably just from The United States (American), and I seemed to just be following them but I am not sure how I met them or when I met them or if I was part of their group or not (probably not).

I remember following them around as they walked around outside looking for something around the city in back alleys, between and behind parking lots, side roads, and other quiet areas.

At some point I remember us crossing a parking lot that was like the parking lot of the shopping center in the city of D where the Dollar General Store is on Eastside, and they found a manhole cover that led down into a sewer so they went down into it to search for whatever it was that they were searching for.

Unfortunately members of what I assume was a probably Mexican drug cartel were down in the sewer, they held the group at gunpoint and threatened them (I can not remember if I was close enough for them to see me too or not), and they robbed the group.

It seemed that this assumed drug cartel was probably using this sewer as part of their drug and other illegal activities to hide and move illegal drugs and maybe weapons et cetera, and the group barely survived this encounter once the assumed drug cartel realized that the group was not a rival cartel or gang et cetera.

The group was warned to not tell anyone about what was seen and to never return again or they would probably kill the group, this was mostly or completely said in maybe Spanish, but I can not remember.

After surviving this encounter the group continued their search in other areas of the city to my surprise, and so I continued following them.

We walked along the right side of a street that reminded me of R Street in the city of LC, and then we went in an alley between two buildings where there was a small storage-like building.

They found another manhole cover and their was a manhole that led to another sewer, and so most of the group took off their clothes (clothing) in the storage building so that they could enter the sewer naked to avoid messing up their clothes but I was not going to follow them or take off my clothes especially after the assumed drug cartel encounter.

One of the women was an attractive woman with a somewhat compact body and she had maybe long dark-brown hair, and the man with light-color skin had two penises oddly that were side-by-side but I can not remember if he had another set of testes and a second scrotum or not; I thought that was strange that he had two penises, but I just assumed that it was a mutation so I did not question whether I was dreaming or not.

They climbed down into the sewer, unlike the previous sewer which was dry, this sewer had nasty-looking sewage in it.

I could not smell it from above ground but it looked disgusting, and I heard them making sounds and probably saying how nasty it smelled; I assumed that I could not smell it because I was above ground, and so I did not question whether I was dreaming or not.

This sewer was small compared to the last one and seemed like a dead-end, they did not find anything, and so they climbed out of the sewer and maybe took showers in the storage-like building.

While they were doing that I walked outside to see what buildings were nearby, and I saw a fast food restaurant across a parking lot that was possibly Wendy’s or Dairy Queen or a fictional fast food restaurant with similar colors.

This fast food restaurant had some signs showing that they had some new items and / or some sales, and so I was interested in going over there to check it out once the group was finished showering and putting their clothes back on.

I noticed a female employee standing in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant, and it was my female cousin TE so I wanted to go talk to her and ask her about the new items and / or sales but first I walked back to tell the others so they would know where I was and so that they could join me at the fast food restaurant when they finish.

I told them, and then I started walking across the parking lot to talk to my cousin TE but I woke up.

Later in the real world I saw and greeted my cousin TE at her fast food job and when I got home my mom told me that it was my cousin TE’s birthday or tomorrow will be her birthday so my mom made her a birthday cake, I had no idea about her birthday, and so I find it interesting that she was in my dream last night.

The end,

-John Jr

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Interesting how your dream was somewhat bizarre in the beginning, but then became perfectly mundane at the end. That is also interesting about your cousin. I had a dream with this person I knew once. It was the first time I had ever dreamt about her. She died
(in waking life) that night I had the dream. She didn’t die in my dream, but I still found it interesting. Since then she now visits my dreams often-ish. Even stranger, I was going on a road trip that day after the dream, I took a wrong turn and got lost, a couple hours off course. I ended up in the town where she had lived and died. It was all very odd.

I’m surprised you took a man with 2 penises so casually. It really is hard to remember those reality checks when in a dream. Somehow we just accept everything. I read this dream of yours last night and I think it somewhat influenced my dream, because there was randomly a naked man on a bed with his penis flopped over, but I thought nothing of it and walked on passed.

Thanks for sharing your dream John Jr 🙂


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Hello Lost Truth,

Thank you for sharing that, that was odd, and it is interesting how some people show up in our dreams sometimes while other people do not.

My reaction to the man with two penises was pretty realistic, I would not want to stare or ask the person about it to avoid offending them, and I would assume that it was just some kind of mutation so I would assume that they were born like that and I would not want to make them feel abnormal; and so for me it is not that surprising that I took that so well and did not question whether I was dreaming or not, which is unfortunate.

Did the man with his penis flopped over a bed in your dream stare at you as you walked past?

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hmm, well that is polite of you. I try to be polite, but I think I would probably exclaim something like, “holy cow! You have two penises! That is so kool!” Then I would have a lot of questions, but I would probably be polite enough to not ask them.

The guy on the bed did not stare at me. He was asleep. I thought I was walking into an empty house, but then I walked past a bedroom with the door open and he was lying on the bed sleeping naked. I took note of his naked body, but I just kept walking without pausing. It was not strange to me to see him there (my mind conjured up some story like he was back from college early or something), I was just jealous that he had had the empty house all to himself.


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Hello Lost Truth,

I can understand that reaction too, I would also be curious about that, but I probably would not ask of course unless I knew the person well enough. 😉

Thank you for answering that, I think that it is funny that your main thought was that he had the house to himself. 😀

-John Jr

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