A Visit From Adande Thorne (Swoozie) & True George & An IED Attack?

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was inside a slightly fictional version of my parent’s house during the day, and some of my family and some of my family members and maybe some of their friends and / or family were there including some children (including one or more babies, and so my nephew CC may have been one of them but I am not sure).

I remember someone letting in a tall thin man with light-color skin who was an ice cream man / ice cream truck driver wearing an old style (maybe 1950s) ice cream man / diner uniform with hat and apron, the man probably claimed to need to use our telephone to call someone because of something that I can not remember that possibly involved something allegedly being wrong with maybe his ice cream truck or something like that (maybe it allegedly broke down on another street or something, but I have no idea), and he looked trustworthy but I did not trust him for reasons that I can not remember.

It was possibly something about his story, which I can not remember, and his actions that made me not trust him and want to keep a close eye on him but I needed to urinate first so I walked to the bathroom while the man disappeared deeper into our house to allegedly use the telephone.

I did not think that it was a good idea to let a stranger in the house and let them walk around without anyone watching them like that (especially with family members there including children), but I needed to use the bathroom first and I can not remember who let him in but I know that they were not watching him.

When I was walking to the bathroom my brother CC walked in the house through the front door, he possibly had my nephew CC and maybe my sister-in-law JC with him but I can not remember, and my brother CC told us that he had used a mobile app on his mobile phone that allows you to contact celebrities to come visit you.

He says that you use the app and if you are lucky a celebrity might come visit you, and he said that someone whose name started with an S was coming to visit in a few seconds thanks to the app but I could not hear the name he said because I was in the bathroom about to urinate.

Suddenly someone was at the door and my brother CC opened it, I had not urinated yet so I walked out of the bathroom to see who it was first, and to my surprise it was Swoozie (Adande Throne) from YouTube who was the celebrity responding to the request that my brother CC made using that app.

Swoozie smiled and looked around nervously while greeting everyone, we are lower class so the house and type of crowd (family) probably made him a bit uncomfortable, and he then said that he would only be visiting for maybe a few seconds.

Swoozie started shaking everyone’s hands, almost everyone was in the dinning room, and after he finished he briefly talked with everyone in the room and then I walked over and Swoozie said: “I have not shaken your hand yet, nice to meet you.” and he shook my hand as I replied.

Swoozie then started to walk to the living room to either greet the last few people and / or to leave, I still had not urinated yet, but I felt that it was more important to find the suspicious ice cream man so I went to find him but I can not remember if I found him and followed him or what happened exactly.

I just know that I walked past the living room which led straight into a shopping mall-like building, it was connected by an opening with no door, and this did not seem strange to me at all oddly.

I walked through this shopping mall-like building past stores and restaurants either trying to find the ice cream man and / or I was following him, and at some point I reached a room that looked somewhat cafeteria like and there were at least two long lines of people waiting to do something involving a job I think (almost like a job fair or job sign-up or job tryout or something, but I have no idea) and there was security there oddly.

At this point the dream is very unclear because of how dramatic things changed at the end, and so my memory is incomplete and flawed.

I am not sure when or how this happened but True George was either directly in the dream at some point and he gave me some advice and / or I thought of something he once said and / or I thought of something that he might say and / or I thought of what he might do and / or I thought of a post he once made and / or something like that, but I can not remember the specific circumstances or what was said exactly.

I just remember True George saying something to me and he gave me some advice and / or his opinion about something that possibly involved the ice cream man and / or the job thing and the strange security guarding it and / or something else, but I can not remember.

I got in line possibly still looking for the ice cream man and / or he was there too so I was following him, but I can not remember.

While in line looking around I noticed someone I knew who I can not remember (maybe a former coworker), and then my coworker Mr. CF from The BP Library walked over to talk to the other person I knew so I greeted them both because they were in line in front of me not too far away.

I then noticed that it was strange that there was security here, it was even more strange that there was more security than you would expect, and even more strange was that the security were wearing suits and acting more like government agents and / or secret service and / or private security who were possibly expecting something bad to happen.

I probably thought about what True George said, and I started to realize that he was probably right.

I remember seeing one male security person with light-color skin wearing a tan sports jacket looking like he was on high alert looking around and maybe talking in a hidden communication device, and then in my mind my attention was turned to an animated drawn reenactment / whatever that probably overtook my vision.

This animation showed both lines of people, not to far behind me it showed several people in line including at least two boys and one of them looked somewhat like the character Killua Zoldyck from the anime television show Hunter X Hunter, and one of these people (maybe the Killua-like boy) dropped something stealthily and kicked it further up the line where I was.

Then there was an explosion, and it seemed to be an improvised explosive device (IED) and maybe several IEDs were kicked and / or thrown among the lines of people when there was smoke and distraction from the first explosion to mask this.

It seemed that they were trying to set me and several other people up to make it seem that we were suicide bombers who carried out the attack, and they would sneak away but that was just my thought.

As soon as the animation ended I started to move before this actually happens and I maybe warned some of the others, that animation allowed me to know what would happen, and as I / maybe some of us were moving away someone in the back of the line started the attack so the IED exploded where I would have been.

They noticed that me and maybe several others had survived and seemed to know what happened, and so they started trying to kill us as they threw some more IEDs in the chaos as the security and then police were responding even though they were not sure who was attacking.

I remember running out of the room in the chaos being chased by the two boys who were desperate to kill me and maybe the few others, if they were still alive, and I ran through some aisles in a store to avoid them.

I then possibly started to use some dream powers where I could maybe jump higher than normal to jump over and on shelves, and this helped me avoid the IEDs that they were throwing at me.

I managed to briefly escape them when a bald male police officer with dark-color skin stopped me thinking that I was the attacker, I told him that he was wrong and that at least two boys chasing and trying to kill me were among the attackers, and they happened to be trying to kill someone else while still trying to find me so this police officer heard the explosion from their attack and he ran in that direction after realizing that he had the wrong person.

I then started to continue trying to escape so that I could survive to tell people the truth of what I saw and what happened, I possibly stopped to consider trying to stop the attackers, but I woke up.

In the real world I needed to urinate, just like I did in the dream but never got to do, but I still am not sure what happened to the ice cream man.

The end,

-John Jr


2 replies on “A Visit From Adande Thorne (Swoozie) & True George & An IED Attack?”

Is always interesting to me when a dream starts out mellow and then takes a turn for the crazy.

That’s interesting that True George was in your dream. Do you know him in life outside WordPress?

I’m beginning to notice a trend about needing the bathroom in your dreams 🙂 I wonder if there is any meaning beyond the obvious.

Thanks for sharing your dream

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Hello Lost Truth,

Yeah, and it can happen so fast.

I actually do not know him outside and I have never met him in real life, I sometimes have dreams with other bloggers in them (it may not be directly, but I will sometimes either think about them or communicate with them in the dream online (, chat, email, et cetera), for example I briefly thought of you in my last dream from last night; and so if I communicate enough with someone, there is sometimes a chance that they will appear in one of my dreams in some form, even if I do not know what they look like.

For the last two nights I know that I really did need to use the bathroom but there could be more to it, but who knows. 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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