A Large Aircraft Flying Low And Parts Of Myself Share Their Typed Dreams?

Unfortunately someone interrupted me in the real world (my brother GC) and in my last dream (my dad) as I tried to organize my memory of my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream which also includes part of a now forgotten dream and possibly includes a continuing dream or semi-dream or semi-daydream after this dream.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the morning as I was possibly getting ready for work after waking up, in this dream I had recently graduated from college so I assume that I finally went back to college and finished after all these years, and my dad was sitting at the dinning room table and my brother GC was in the living room.

I went into the living room to probably voice record the dreams that I remembered, these dreams were the real dreams that I had last night before this dream (the ones that left my mind when my brother GC woke me up and / or interrupted me after I woke up to go over these dreams in my mind before getting up to voice record them, but my brother GC started talking to me while I was trying to do this so I forgot them and went back to sleep), and so I did not realize that I was still dreaming so I thought that I was in the real world.

Before voice recording these dreams I decided to tell my brother GC about them, but I got interrupted by my dad who was still sitting at the dinning room table.

My dad did what my brother GC had done in the real world before this dream, he started talking to me, and so once again my memories of my dreams started to fade away which annoyed me even in the dream.

After that interruption I went to try to remember and share my dreams with my brother GC again, but then I got interrupted by a loud noise in the sky that sounded like a very loud aircraft flying too low over the neighborhood.

I was standing near the window behind my computer and I saw the largest aircraft that I have ever seen flying this low over our neighborhood, it was very loud, and it looked like a huge military aircraft that was possibly an olive drab color.

There was something under it that was either one or more bombs or cargo (possibly even another aircraft) or it was refueling an aircraft, but I could not tell because the trees were in the way because it was flying so low over the neighborhood.

I immediately remembered that one of my previous dreams during the night was about something like this, and so I started telling my brother GC about that dream:

In that dream I also saw a large aircraft in the sky, possibly not as big and possibly a different color but still possibly military, and it was flying low possibly over the neighborhood and there was something under it as well.

What ever was under the aircraft possibly dropped so I was not sure if it was one or more bombs or something else being dropped from it, and I can not remember if I remembered more of this dream or not.

As I was telling my brother GC about this other dream I stopped as I looked out of the window trying to get a better view of the aircraft trying to figure out if it was a bomber or military transport aircraft or aerial refueling tanker aircraft and trying to see what was under it, but the trees were in the way but I possibly saw something drop from under it.

It seemed that previous dream had predicted that something like this would happen, I was hoping that it was not one or more bombs being dropped so I was worried, but I was also excited because I remembered Lost Truth talking about precognition (prescience) and dreams recently and I wanted to tell her about this if I survived. 😀

I can not remember what happened next exactly as I waited to see if there would be explosions that possibly destroy the neighborhood, and I am not sure if what I remember next is part of this dream or not or if it is another dream or semi-dream or semi-dream that continued where this dream left off.

Either way, the next thing that I remember is still being inside the living room, and I was thinking about what just happened and I was trying to remember my previous dreams.

I am not sure when I saw him or what he did or if we talked or not, but at some point I remember seeing the character Raylan Givens from the television show Justified.

The next thing I remember either happened after that or before that or during that, my memory is very unclear, but I remember there being possibly several (maybe 5 or more) clones or shadow clones or copies or versions or look-a-likes or parts of me (I could be wrong, but I think that they looked like me) standing around me in a circle; and they all had at least two pages (maybe more) of typed dreams which were the dreams that I had during the night that I forgot.

I think that they were parts of me because they each had their own set of typed pages of the dreams that I had last night, and each had typed what they remembered of each dream.

I glanced at each of the typed pages that the parts of me had, I was focused on this instead of what they looked like, and so I could be wrong about them looking like me because I did not really focus on them.

The typed text on the papers was readable like it usually is in my dreams, I saw that each part of me had typed the dreams with slight differences in what was remembered, but they also all had similarities where they all recorded the same dreams but just with some slight differences with most of it being the same other than those slight differences.

As I glanced over their typed dreams I tried to compare these differences and similarities, and compare them to what I remembered of those dreams.

I was happy that they had recorded what they had remembered of the dreams that I had, and I thanked them for this and I congratulated them on doing a good job.

But I woke up before I could finish and organize my memory of those dreams so that I could voice record them and / or type them.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “A Large Aircraft Flying Low And Parts Of Myself Share Their Typed Dreams?”

That is a lot going on in one dream. It sounds like the beginning of your false awakening was pretty in tune with your actual awakening. I don’t think I have ever had a false awakening last that long before.

You had a random item trigger the memory of a dream inside a dream. That is very kool. I’m glad you thought to tell me about the precog dream. And that you survived to relay it as well. That’s two dreams in a row where you have had a dream thought of other bloggers.

The end of your dream with the 5 copies of you makes me think about different perspectives. How five people can witness one event, but all their stories will be different and similar at the same time. How our perception shapes our reality. And about the idea of truth. Is there really any universal truth when everyone’s account of it is tainted by the filters of their own minds?

Thank you for sharing your dreams. Recently you have been having some intriguing ones. I look forward to reading your posts and am glad you take the time to post everyday.


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Hello Lost Truth,

I did not even think of it as a false awakening dream, I can not remember if I got to see myself wake up in the dream or not, maybe it was a false awakening dream.

Yeah, I am too, and you are right.

Different perspectives, exactly, thank you for saying that; and that is a good question because various things effect / affect what we perceive as reality so in a way one could possibly say that we each have our own version of reality at times.

You are welcome and thank you for the compliment, and for taking the time to read my dreams. 🙂

-John Jr

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