Being Inside A Virtual Reality Empire Earth And Battlefield 2 Video Game?

Last night I woke up during the night needing to use the bathroom (I usually drink water too close to going to bed), I had remembered one or more dreams and in one of those dreams something happened that I wanted to tell Lost Truth about, but I went back to sleep without voice recording my dream or drams and I had some more dreams so now I can only remember part of several dreams that I will separate as three different dreams because I am not sure if these were separate or not.

Dream 1

There was more to this dream that would help it make more sense but I can not remember most of the dream, and my memory of what I remember is incomplete and possibly flawed.

The dream took place during the day, possibly at a college so maybe I was in college again and / or someone I knew and / or I graduated from college recently, but I can not remember the order in which the things that I remember happened.

I just know that there was a quiet area of this assumed college along a walkway, on one side of the walkway was a long somewhat dark hall with at least one room on the right side that was a bathroom, and further down the hall on the left side was another room that was at least partly a dorm-room-like room that was possibly combined with something else.

Someone was with me, maybe my brother GC, and I had to use the bathroom so I probably went down the hall to use the bathroom.

In the room on the left there was a man or male entity that you probably had to avoid, who was maybe somewhat like Jason Voorhees but I can not remember, and I can not remember when he showed up because I remember us possibly going into that room on the left side of the hall at some point so maybe he showed up after we left that room but I can not remember.

The bathroom was small and somewhat dark with maybe two bathroom stalls, at least one urinal, and at least one sink.

Someone else possibly was using the bathroom as well when I went to urinate, and after we left our dad possibly went to use the bathroom without following our warnings to be quiet and careful to avoid attracting the attention of the maybe Jason Voorhees-like man or entity.

Our dad was making noise and he turned on the bathroom light and left it on, which attracted the attention of the man or male entity, and so it walked to investigate the bathroom after our dad left back to the walkway with us.

I remember us being annoyed with our dad and telling him how dangerous and stupid that was, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

I am not sure if this part of the dream was a virtual reality-like experience like the next two dreams or if it was just part of the normal dream, I would know the answer to this if I could remember the important details of this dream, and if my memory of it was in order and not flawed.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point I seemed to be inside a virtual reality video game dream world that was like a realistic-looking version of the video game Battlefield 2, and it started with me being with a team of people at the opening of the bottom of a tan / orange maybe dirt and rock canyon.

We all seemed to be equipped as the special forces class from the Battlefield 2 video game except we had carbines with grenade launchers attached, maybe pistols, C-4 explosives, and our military combat uniforms with some body armor.

Things looked and felt pretty realistic, the bright sunlight and other things about the environment, and it probably just felt more realistic.

We did not seem to have any idea of what was going on and I was probably the first to notice that along the top of the canyon were enemy military vehicles including unarmored and armored vehicles in various areas, and they started shooting at us from above so we had to run through the canyon trying to reach the other side.

I remember us shooting grenades from our grenade launchers and returning fire with our carbines as we ran and I probably yelled out some commands to help my team survive, and I remember destroying and damaging one or more enemy vehicles as we ran.

Some of us reached the other side of the canyon alive but I can not remember what happened next, the next dream may be what happened next but I can not remember, and so I will type it as a separate dream.

Dream 3

This dream is possibly part of the previous dream but I can not remember, this dream also took place inside a realistic virtual reality-like dream world, and this time I was inside a realistic version of the video game Empire Earth (at least that is what I called it and thought that it was in the dream) but it seemed more like an open world role-playing (RPG) video game instead of like a real-time strategy (RTS) video game and maybe the previous dream was this same virtual reality video game but was just possibly a Battlefield 2 part of it but I have no idea.

This time I had no weapons and armor, the starting point was a somewhat dark area (like it was evening or just very cloudy or shaded or just darker for some reason) in a small rough fisherman-like tavern / pub / bar / restaurant -like building on a pier / dock-like area with a small bridge and stairs that led to land that was a bit higher than this area, and the closest area to the starting point was a small fairground-like area that was possibly also dark where there were various booths and vendors and activities and people.

Behind the bar or counter was a large somewhat obese but strong-looking man with light-color skin who had a bad attitude, and maybe I asked him for directions and / or some other questions trying to figure out where I was and he probably angrily mention what this building was and what they sell and the nearest areas so I thanked him and I walked away to the fairground-like area.

Along the pier / dock / bridge-like area I glanced around for weapons or armor, not very long, and then I walked through the fairground-like area quickly before going to a grass and flower field that was bright and nice-looking like a nice day unlike the previous two areas.

I found a road and / or trail across this nice bright-looking area which was most of the rest of the dream world it seemed, along my journey I looked for weapons and armor and threats, and at some point I found my brother GC who had just entered the video game I assume and he did not have any weapons or armor either.

As we were walking and talking along the road or trail we saw two men with light-color skin with yellow hair who were traveling too, they had book bags and I realized that I had one too, and they cross a hill next to the road that went down to some water where we could not see them.

Then we heard what sounded like a mirelurk king from the video game Fallout 4 using its ranged sonic projectile attack, it was coming from the area that we could not see by the water on the other side of the hill where the two men went, and then we saw the ranged sonic projectile attack flying from that direction above the hill as the two men ran back over the hill like they were under attack.

Instead of being afraid I was excited, this virtual reality video game dream world seemed to be very realistic (probably even more than the previous one) and I recognized the sound and attack and I was just curious to see it for myself, and so I ran to the hill for a better look at the two men ran away and my brother GC followed or stayed back.

I reached the top of the hill and down below near the water running toward my direction was a mirelurk king, I was excited that I had guessed correctly and I laughed and smiled and told my brother GC that I was correct, and then the mirelurk king used his ranged sonic projectile attack at me while still running toward me.

I started running away to dodge it but part of the attack hit my book bag, and the sonic attack was so powerful that it sent me flying in the air a bit but I landed on my feet laughing and smiling and even more excited as my brother GC and I ran away back to the starting point because I wanted to look for some free weapons and armor.

I remember being excited as we ran and I said this to my brother GC:

“Did you see that? Did you see that? That was amazing! That attack sent me flying in the air even though it only barely tipped my book bag! That was fun! I am glad that I dodged that though. That was a stupid thing to do, but I just wanted to see if I was correct or not. I did not think that attack would be that powerful, I could feel the wind (impact) from that attack.”

We reached the starting point and we started looking around for weapons and armor, and I found a basket somewhat below the bridge in the air against a building or structure so I had to jump down to it.

In the basket were some free mêlée weapons like baseball bats, screwdrivers, tomahawks and other small to medium axes, and maybe a few other disappointing weapons.

My brother GC did not want one but a few other people stopped to grab some, and I tried to decide which weapon to take.

I remember considering a tomahawk or another axe and maybe something else, I wanted to have a weapon until I could find something better weapon, I did not want to buy a weapon and I felt that we would find better weapons and some armor eventually but I woke up as I was trying to decide.

The end,

-John Jr

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