Bastille Day (The Take)

File:Bastille Day (film).png

What is it?

The 2016 action film Bastille Day which was renamed to The Take in North America that was directed by James Watkins and stars Idris Elba and Kelly Reilly and Richard Madden.

What is it about?

This is how the IMDb describes this film:

A young con artist and an unruly CIA agent embark on an anti-terrorist mission in France.

Final Thoughts

This film was probably not known or seen by many people because of several factors such as the 2016 Nice Attack, which caused this film to be delayed in some places and not shown in other places and advertising for this film was removed in some (many) places, and so this film suffered greatly from that terrorist attack unfortunately.

Last year my brother GC and I watched this film on a rainy day one day after work, and we had fun watching it and we had some laughs.

This film is a fun little action film, it is not the greatest or anything, but we enjoyed watching it more than we had expected.

The end,

-John Jr


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