T-Nonc: The Cajun Environmentalist

What is it?

The 1995 children’s book T-Nonc: The Cajun Environmentalist that was written by Elvis J. Cavalier and illustrated by John Robert Cornes.

What is it about?

This how this book is described on the back cover of this book:

T-Nonc is a special kind of Cajun.

He is an environmentalist, in touch with his wetlands home and the animals who live there.

Readers of this gentle book learn of the impact humans have on swamp life and gain an appreciation of the role T-Nonc plays in protecting the environment.

The book features fine pen & ink illustrations by Thibodaux nature artist John Robert Cornes.

Final Thoughts

My coworker Mr. CF at The BP Library gave me this book after it was discarded by our library, he is a speaker of Cajun French and this book is in English and a bit of Cajun French is used in the book, and so he saw it as an opportunity for me to learn a few Cajun French words because of my interest in the French language; and so I would like to thank Mr. CF for giving me this book.

At the beginning of this book there is a list of the Cajun French words used in the book along with their English translations and how to pronounce them, which is helpful, and I was able to look back at it as a reference while reading this book.

I think that more books should try this approach to help promote and teach other languages or at least teach some words and phrases in other languages.

The end,

  • John Jr

4 replies on “T-Nonc: The Cajun Environmentalist”

Hello True George,

I have never seen a full episode of Swamp People before but I have seen part of several episodes before, and my youngest brothers used to watch it sometimes.

I agree that someone could probably learn a few things about how some members of the Cajun social group live from watching that television show.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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