A Businesswoman Wants Joel Osteen To Reverse Engineer & Mass Produce A Wristwatch?

I remembered three dream fragments from last night that were possibly part of the same dream but I am not sure, but I forgot the first one before I could voice record it so now I can only remember part of the two other dream fragments which I will type together.

The first dream fragment took place inside a building that was possibly a bit office and house and something else that I can not remember-like, and I was inside this building along with several other people.

I remember walking into a room where some people were talking, one or more of them spoke English with an accent like they were from Mexico (Mexican) but were living in The United States (Mexican American), and at least one of them was a bald or very short-haired man with light-color skin wearing stereotypical Mexican American gang-like clothing with possibly a blue and white bandanna and plaid and / or checkered shirt and white A-shirt and jean shorts.

I heard them talking about dreams, the stereotypically dressed man who was probably from Mexico and / or The United States (Mexican American) who spoke English with an accent of a Spanish speaker said that most of his dreams take place in the same dream worlds and some of the same dream scenarios and topics et cetera, and I joined the conversation because I was interested and it was great to hear people talking about dreams.

I was so interested in hearing and joining this conversation that I did not even stop to consider that I was possibly dreaming, and so I did not realize that I was dreaming.

I told them that while that is true for some of my dreams, that I often have more variety than that in my dreams, and I joined the conversation after that but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment unfortunately.

I am not sure if I was in the next dream fragment or not, the stereotypically dressed man and possibly several other people from the first dream fragment was / were possibly working far in the background during part of this dream fragment, but I can not remember if that is correct or not.

All that I can remember of this second dream fragment is that it took place inside a church that I think was Lakewood Church, it possibly took place inside the main worship area or somewhere else, and the Christian pastor Joel Osteen was standing in this area having a conversation with a businesswoman with light-color skin with long yellow hair wearing a female suit with a business skirt or whatever it is called.

They were both standing next to a small end table or something, and on it was / were one or two rectangular steel or partly steel digital wristwatches.

The watch or watches were possibly Casio watches and the watch or one of them was possibly the wristwatch that I have which is a Casio A178WA-1AV, but I am not sure.

The watch or watches were partly disassembled so the back cover and possibly part of the casing was off, but the watch that I remember seeing was still on possibly.

The businesswoman had brought the watch or watches to pastor Osteen, I remember her asking if he could do something with it or them, and sometimes they spoke vaguely like this was a backroom deal that was probably illegal so they were speaking vaguely and coded to protect themselves sometimes.

Pastor Osteen seemed to have some knowledge of watches, he studied them with his eyes and by touch, and he asked her some questions about them while pointing out some of the details of the hardware like the materials and serial number and model and the parts and some of the things needed to manufacture them.

In my opinion it seemed like this businesswoman wanted pastor Osteen and / or some of his people at his church to reverse engineer this watch and then mass produce it for this businesswoman’s company (she was possibly just representing the company, but I am not sure), in the dream it felt like Lakewood Church probably manufactured some of their products that they sell for / from their church and that they had church members with experience in many different job fields, and so this businesswoman probably hoped that someone at his church could figure out how to reverse engineer the watch and that they could mass produce it for her but that was my assumption in the dream because they never revealed this because they were being cautious and smart during their conversation.

After studying the watch and asking question about it and after asking what all did the businesswoman want and need, pastor Osteen told the woman that he thinks that they can do something with it, and that he would get with his people and he would let her know for sure.

They probably shook hands, and then I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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