My Cousin ME Gets Sick And Attacks A College Like A Zombie?

File:Shimer College conversation with students 2010.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a fictional college during the day, I seemed to be there for college registration and / or college orientation and / or something like that, and there were other people there among the students like some of my coworkers from The BP Library and my male cousin ME.

We were inside a one-story building, I remember that there were several people there having some relationship drama, and a woman like the character Kelly from the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror (Season 3) was among them.

While they were having their relationship drama I probably briefly talked to a few other students, some of my coworkers, and my male cousin ME.

Some or all of my coworkers seemed to be among the people handling the college registration et cetera, and at some point I remember my male cousin ME saying that he felt sick and he looked sick.

I remember my cousin ME walking away but then something strange happened where in his sickened state he suddenly started attacking people like a zombie, he looked and moved mostly normal except that he looked sick, and I think that when he would attack someone they could get turned sick as well and they would probably start attacking people as well (I assume that they had to bite you, but I can not remember).

There was chaos during this attack as it probably spread so there were people running, screaming, hiding, getting attacked, et cetera so I remember running and hiding mostly so I avoided most of it.

I remember my cousin ME passing me once to attack someone else, he did not attack me oddly, which even in the dream I thought was strange.

At some point in the dream I am not sure what happened but it seemed that the attack and chaos ended somehow almost like it did not even happen, there was a cooldown period where we waited, and I remember some of my coworkers going to another room to have a meeting.

During this cooldown period the people who had relationship drama earlier finally resolved that situation, and I remember sitting on the floor in a hall outside the room and I possibly lost consciousness from going to sleep or something but I have no idea what happened.

I just remember suddenly being conscious again and I said something that I can not remember, like when you wake up saying the last thing that you were saying in your dream, and what I said possibly contained the word n####r among the words that I said but even I was not sure because I regained consciousness or whatever saying this without consciously knowing what I was saying or what had happened.

I remember being confused and wondering what had just happened and why and what had I said, I hoped that word was not among the words that I had said because I do not like that word and I do not use that word and I do not think that people should use that word, and I wondered if what I had said were lyrics from a song or part of a poem or part of a line from a film / television show or what it was.

The possibility that I had said that word bothered me and it bothered me even more that I was not sure if I had said that word or not or why, after trying to figure this out without success, I just rebuked myself and apologized such in case I did say that word and I got up off the floor.

I walked to the room where my coworkers were having a meeting, I walked in on the meeting but I can not remember the details, and I just remember that after their meeting they started giving people parking permits for our parking spaces outside our dorms.

I was among the first group of students to get a parking permit so I left to find my parking spot in the parking lot outside of the dorm where I would be staying, I walked until I got outside the building, and I got on a bicycle and I started riding to the dorm parking lots.

I reached the parking lots which were outside the multi-story college dorms, each parking spot had letters and numbers (like B-1 and A-2 et cetera) painted in yellow like the parking space lines that indicated who each parking spot was for and that letter and number combination was possibly our dorm room number / letter as well.

I slowly rode the bicycle by looking at the numbers / letters until I possibly found my parking spot, I was hurrying because I wanted to find and see my dorm next, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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