Trying To Stop A Gang Rape At An Outdoor Cinema

I did not get much sleep last night and most of my memories of the dreams that I did have slipped from my mind except for part of the end of my next to last dream.

This dream took place during maybe late afternoon or early evening, I am not sure if I rode with someone else or how I got there.

I ended up out in the countryside in the wilderness (forest) in a clearing where there was a small area where a film was going to be shown, so it was probably an outdoor cinema.

The area where the screen was or where the film would be projected was on the ground, and it was not that big; and it was possibly under a slightly covered area that probably had concrete.

Slowly people were arriving and were standing around talking as they waited for the movie to start, there were mostly men there, but there were some women there as well.

Among the small crowd, I saw the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and I possibly talked with him briefly and / or I somewhat knew him somehow like we had met before, but I can not remember.

After that I remember seeing and talking with my former male classmate JC, I remember him noticing Mr. Schwarzenegger in the crowd.

He asked me if that was really him, and I remember telling my former classmate JC that it was really him.

I told him something about Mr. Schwarzenegger that I can not remember that I somehow knew from either being told by him directly and / or I heard it from someone else.

At some point, as we talked, it was almost time to start watching the movie, so everyone started to slowly move to where they wanted to sit.

I remember several women sitting on the concrete floor in front of the screen, and slowly some groups of rough-looking men started moving in behind them.

The mood and atmosphere of the dream changed suddenly and dramatically, I felt and sensed negativity and danger and ill-will et cetera coming from the groups of men moving in behind the women who had sat in the front; not all the women sat there, only some did.

I noticed that their facial expressions and body language had changed and seemed very rapey and I feared for the safety of all the women who were there.

The men started to smile and laugh and to make sounds, and probably said some inappropriate things to the women as they moved in behind them closely.

The women had their backs to the men, they looked happy and ready for the movie, so they had no idea of the danger moving in behind them; and the men got so close to the women that they were touching them.

I told my former classmate JC that I felt that something bad was going to happen and that I was going to start moving in to stop it if necessary.

So he started to move forward with me to join me in defending the women if necessary.

The men started touching the women and groping the women, the women told them to stop and started trying to resist, but the men did not care as more and more men moved in on them.

So they were completely surrounded and there were several rows of men around them, so they had nowhere to go.

I was too busy moving forward to help the women in the front, so I am not sure if the rest of the women behind me were being attacked or not as well.

I do not remember seeing Mr. Schwarzenegger at this point, but he was possibly further behind me, but who knows.

Furthermore, I felt that these men were going to rape the women, it seemed that most of the men there were joining in.

So maybe only my former classmate JC and me were going to try to stop them, we were greatly outnumbered, there were too many women for us to protect at the same time, so the situation was very bad.

I remember telling the men to leave them alone, but they paid no attention to me.

So I started pushing and pulling men out-of-the-way, trying to reach the women through the rows of men blocking my path.

There were so many men in the way trying to attack the women that I could no longer see the women.

I heard them screaming and yelling get off me and don’t touch me et cetera like they were trying to resist the attack.

The situation was very bad, and I started trying to reach them as quickly as I could as I fought my way through the crowd of men.

It reminded me of a scene from the film Inception when the character Ariadne started to get grabbed by the projections (dream characters) of the character Dom Cobb as Cobb tried to stop them:

Inception – Ariadne Learns How To Build Dreams

The situation was a worst case scenario now, there were so many men in the way that we would not be able to reach all the women in time.

Even if we could, it was not likely that we could fight all the men and protect all the women and even if we could, I probably did not have an automobile.

So I would not be able to get the women to safety, my former classmate JC had an automobile, but all of us would not be able to fit inside of it; and we were out in the countryside, so help would not arrive in time.

I woke up before I could reach any of the women in the front.

The end,

  • John Jr

2 replies on “Trying To Stop A Gang Rape At An Outdoor Cinema”

Hello Lost Truth,

In some ways it was, the mood changed quickly without reason, and this happened so fast.

Not really, I felt that the situation was becoming worse and worse, and I was trying to figure out any way to get the women and my former classmate JC and I out of this situation as safely as I could; and so I had to try to figure that out while pushing and pulling and fighting may way through the situation.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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