An Ancient Sexual Ritual With Anissa Kate? | A Lucid Dream Where Donald Trump Gets Masenkoed

Dream 1

At some point in this dream during the day, I was in maybe a fictional L-like city and the former President Of The United States Barack Obama and several other people were visiting the city, and at some point in the dream I was driving The BV.

My brother GC was with me as we were driving through this city, possibly trying to leave or to go somewhere else.

I drove through a back route through some small neighborhoods to avoid the crowds of people, and security for the Mr. Obama visit because I did not want to get blocked in from being able to leave or move across the city.

At some point when I was at a stop sign, Mr. Obama and the others with him and his United States Secret Service protection and crowds of people came walking along the sidewalk in our direction to our surprise.

Some Secret Service agents walked ahead of them to block our automobile from moving, so we were blocked in, and so we sat there watching as Mr. Obama & the others walked in front of us to cross the street as they walked through the neighborhood smiling & talking.

*Sexual Content Warning*

The next thing that I remember is being in a dark almost cubicle-like room that had a back & left & right wall but no front wall or door, and the front was open to a narrow hall & maybe the floors were carpeted.

There were other permanent cubicle-like rooms to the left and the right of me and beyond and along the hall, but you had to walk into the hall and in front of each room to see inside them.

I never got to see inside them.

I was wearing dress-like clothes sitting near the back wall facing forward toward the hall where maybe there was a screen or something that was possibly playing a video or something like that, but I can not remember.

I have no idea what this place was or where it was or how I got there or where my brother GC was.

Near or in the hall sitting on the floor, maybe looking at the screen, was a woman, but her back was turned to me.

Behind her, I remember seeing a maybe middle-aged man with light-color skin with maybe graying hair wearing a suit, and the man stared flirting with the woman from behind her.

She spoke back to him without turning around to see him.

The woman spoke English with a somewhat heavy French accent that might slightly remind you of Gal Gadot’s accent (even though Mrs. Gadot is from Israel (Israeli)), and the man was clearly trying to get her to have sex with him, and it worked.

The man walked away to maybe another cubicle-like room to wait for her, I assume, but the woman turned around and looked at me, thinking that I was the man.

I assume because during their talk, she never did turn around to look at him, so she did not see him leave or see what he looked like.

I saw that the woman was or looked like Anissa Kate, and she looked at me seductively.

She started to maybe crawl toward me, I was not sure what to do, and I probably started trying to tell her that I think that she had the wrong person.

As she got close enough to start examining me with her eyes and she started touching me.

It was like she was scanning me and like she was learning things about me just by looking at me and by touching me.

Like she was able to see deep inside me to where maybe she could even see some of my ancestry and details that you should not know just by looking at and touching someone, and this was all done seductively.

I think that I heard her quietly saying out-loud that I was not what she had expected, which seemed to interest her.

Because I was not the other man whose voice she had heard talking to her, I assume, and she started pulling my pants down and touching my legs.

I was not sure what to do other than say things like: “Umm, oh, are you sure about this, the other guy went that way, is this necessary, et cetera.”.

Anissa started to touch my penis to get it erect, like she was trying to see how large my penis could get.

Once it was erect, she quietly said something that I can not remember.

After scanning and examining and touching me seductively like this, I guess I passed her initial test.

She moved to some foreplay and / or the beginning of what seemed to be maybe an ancient Egyptian or Kabyle or Berber sexual ritual and / or some kind of other ritual.

I remember us making eye contact and various other kinds of contact and physical contact: hand to hand, feet to feet, maybe body to body, maybe kissing, et cetera.

This was all done nice and slow and seductively, like this was maybe phase two of her scanning and examining me and preparing me for the next step if I pass this test or whatever.

I remember I could feel coldness when our hands and feet touched together, I am not sure which of us had cold hands and feet, but I remember them warming up which is interesting and realistic, and it felt nice.

I was following Anissa’s lead and at some point the foreplay phase ended, I passed that test as well I guess, and I guess she gathered enough data about me or something.

It seemed that she learned something interesting about me that I guess made me worthy to have the ritual done to me, or whatever it was.

This ritual seemed ancient and to me, it felt like something maybe a future pharaoh would undergo to see if they are worthy to become pharaoh and / or  something a person would undergo to see if their ancestors and / or deity or deities and / or whatever find them worthy to receive a gift (power) and / or position and / or a place in the family (whatever).

I have no idea what this ritual was for (maybe I needed to past it to have sexual intercourse with her and / or that would be the final part of the ritual, but who knows).

Anissa explained a few things during each step of the ritual, unfortunately I can not remember what she said.

I can only remember part of one of the steps of the ritual.

I think the steps that I got to partly go through possibly involved: preparation, cleansing, presenting (presentation), and then maybe judgement by the ancestors and / or deity or deities and / or whatever would be next.

I did not get to undergo all the ritual, I wish that I could remember the steps of the ritual, what Anissa told me about the ritual, and what she did to me during each part of the ritual.

I can only remember part of the last step that was done to me.

I was sitting in a chair, I can not remember if candles & incense & other things were involved (maybe).

I think that Anissa maybe said some words during this step to maybe her ancestors and / or deity or deities or whatever, but I am not sure (maybe she was just explaining things to me or both).

I remember her preparing some items.

Anissa had a black object in her hand that was possibly charcoal or black chalk or something like that, and at some point she started drawing with in on my head.

I could not see what she was drawing, but it felt like she was just spreading the black charcoal or chalk-like or whatever it was all over the top of my head & part of the sides of my head.

After that she took another object that was rectangular maybe and standing up vertically.

She started scratching it over my head like she was making a design, like this object could create lines or spaces in the black stuff on my head.

Maybe she was making vertical lines in a certain pattern, but I could not see, while maybe also cutting the hair and / or scratching the skin to clear away stuff that was on it.

I felt that this step of the ritual was possibly getting me ready to be presented for judgement and / or examination and / or testing by her ancestors (maybe they were some of my ancestors too, but who knows) and / or deity or deites and / or whatever.

I have no idea what would happen if I passed or failed that step of the ritual.

It possibly felt like, or I thought that maybe I would possibly be considered worthy and given maybe a gift (power), maybe a place or position or acceptance in their family (whatever), and / or I would be reborn / changed to a more powerful form or something like that.

So maybe it would end up being something like this if I passed the ritual:

300: Rise of an Empire | “Reborn a God” Clip | Warner Bros. Entertainment

I was not sure if this object had a blade or not but at some point I felt it cut me a bit, Anissa stopped, and she apologized, and she said that it gashed me and that I was bleeding.

She had some brown paper towels, so I started to wipe at my head and I saw some blood on the paper towel.

I thought that it was just a small cut because it did not really hurt, and Anissa asked me if it hurt, and I said no, but she looked concerned like it was worse than I thought.

Then an older woman walking through the hall stopped and walked in because she heard us.

She looked at the cut on my head, and she said that it was bleeding bad, and so I got some more paper towels and I wiped my head and there was even more blood, so she was right.

The older woman said that the gash looked pretty deep and bad, I was not hurting, but I could see that the blood was starting to get worse, so she was right.

This was not good, and it would stop the ritual, but then I woke up in the real world.

When I woke up, I touched my head to see if I was bleeding, but I was not.

I wished that I could have remembered the other parts of the ritual and the details about it, and I wished that I could have finished it to see what would happen.

Lucid Dream

I finally had a lucid dream again thanks to Lost Truth.

I finally tried part of her lucid dreaming method for the first time.

I had been forgetting to try it each night since she shared it in her post called A Couple Tips On Initiating A Lucid Dream, and it worked!

Thank you, Lost Truth! 🙂 🎉

Last night before and during, and after I got in bed, I did a lazy version of Lost Truth’s method where I simply kept repeating things like:

I will see my hands in a dream, and I will realize that I am dreaming.

During a dream, I will realize that I am dreaming.

I will have a lucid dream.

Et cetera

I repeated these things out-loud while sometimes looking at my hands as I walked to the bathroom, while in the bathroom washing my hands while looking in the mirror, and then I said these things in my mind on my way to bed & when I got in bed.

This lucid dream was the last dream that I had because I was so excited that I finally had a lucid dream that I voice recorded it immediately.

I could not stop thinking about it, I could not go back to sleep, so I eventually started preparing this post and typing it, which took up all of my morning before work.

I still did not get to finish it until after work.

Unfortunately, I can not remember how or when did I realize that I was dreaming, and I also can not remember how or why the struggle at the beginning started.

Those important details of this lucid dream are missing, unfortunately, which causes the beginning to lack proper context to make sense of it.

*This was a lucid dream, I do not wish harm on Donald Trump, the events in this lucid dream happened under specific circumstances, so please do not add me to a terrorist watch list, do not add me to the United States Secret Service watch list, and please do not be offended by my actions in this lucid dream*

All that I can remember of this lucid dream is that I was inside a windowless carpeted central hall-like area like the second floor of the D High School.

There was a wider than normal central hall-like area that various halls connected to, and there were various people walking around and through this area, including some former classmates of mine.

I am not sure why or how this was happening, but I was involved in a situation where I was grabbing The President Of The United States Donald Trump from behind by his shoulders.

He had no United States Secret Service agents protecting him, oddly.

He was physically & verbally resisting, he was trash talking me, he was being loud & obnoxious toward me, and maybe someone else as I tried to get him to stop whatever he was doing.

I am not sure if the dream was lucid before this or during this.

I just know that at some point I realized that this was a dream and the dream went lucid, so it was a lucid dream now, and I started asking the physically & verbally resisting President Trump if he was:

An independent dream character.

An independent character.

An independent actor.

A dream character from my mind.

A dream character from someone else’s mind.

A part of me.

A part of someone else.

An important dream character.

Et cetera.

But President Trump kept being loud and obnoxious while still physically and verbally resisting as I tried to calm him down and get him to answer my questions.

I was losing valuable lucid dream time and there were other things that I wanted to do, like to explore the first dream again, and so I decided to remove him from my dream.

Because President Trump was resisting my questions & still trying to physically resist me stopping him from whatever he was doing, I felt that maybe making him disappear from the dream by asking him or saying it would possibly not work.

So to save time and to make sure that he was removed from my dream, I quickly and quietly powered up.

I probably apologized for what I was about to do, and I threw President Trump in the air toward the ceiling using two hands.

I yelled Masenko, and I blasted him with a Masenko energy wave from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Which caused him to explode I assume, and there was just some smoke & maybe some ashes or tiny particles left of him in the air with the smoke.

Gohan-Masenko ! [Test sound]

Yep, that really happened in this dream.

I do not think that any of the other dream characters really reacted to this oddly, but I could be wrong.

I possibly briefly tried to summon some dream characters, which probably did not work.

I did not try hard, though, so I did not put both hands on the ground when I was trying to summon them.

I stopped this to avoid wasting lucid dream time.

I then yelled to get the attention of all the dream characters, they all stopped and looked at me, and I told them to please gather around me.

I told them that I wanted them to please: share something with me that would help me learn more about myself, reveal something about me that I do not know, share something that would help me, share something that would help me improve myself, share some special knowledge or information, share a forgotten memory or something from the past, share some advice, anything like that, et cetera.

My goal was to see if I could talk to my subconscious through the dream characters or something like that and learn things about myself to help myself.

I waited as the dream characters all moved in close around me where everyone was touching and maybe had one arm on each person in a semi-side hug or something.

Then they started smiling and swaying side-to-side like a slight dance, like they were spreading love and happiness and acceptance or something.

They were acting regressed like kids in a self-esteem program for kids or something.

It was goofy and corny, but I went along with it, hoping that this was just them warming up and thinking and preparing to answer my questions.

Some of the people in the crowd included: some of my former classmates like my former male classmate BH, the actor Adrian Grenier, and Michael Jackson or a fake Michael Jackson who was really dancing instead of swaying side-to-side.

It was ridiculous, but I was focused on waiting on them to respond to my questions as I swayed back and forth with them as Mr. Jackson or the fake Mr. Jackson danced in the background doing various dances that he might do.

None of them said anything, so I pointed to one of them and asked them if they had anything to share.

They looked confused and dumb and said not that they could think of, so I tried another person.

I got the same result, and so I told everyone to sit down or to stop the circle to see if getting them away from the love and happiness circle would help them focus better.

Some sat on the floor, and some sat at a long rectangular table that was like a larger version of the dinning room table at The E House & the area where it was looked somewhat like the family room at The E House where the dinning room is.

Maybe Mr. Jackson or the fake Mr. Jackson was possibly still dancing in the background, but I was focused on trying to get these dream characters to be serious and stop playing around. 😀

I pointed to my former classmate BH and I asked him if he had anything to share.

He looked confused and dumb, and he shook his head no, and so I sat down at the table once again, asking various questions and giving examples to help give them ideas.

Finally, someone responded, it was the actor Adrian Grenier who was sitting at the head of the table at the front.

I was sitting at the other head of the table on the end.

He somewhat goofily said: “Maybe you should try something creative.”.

I responded: “Thank you, that is a start, but can you be more specific and give me some clear advice (I gave some examples like: what can I do to help myself overcome my problems with anxiety, et cetera.).

He did not know, so he went back to trying to think of something and most of the others were still smiling and acting dumb and child-like, so they were probably not even thinking much either.

I was losing lucid dream time and this was not working to my disappointment, so I tried to reword my questions and examples before maybe considering giving up and then doing something else entirely.

Then I started to feel my body in bed starting to drool, or somehow I knew that it was starting to drool.

I was probably sleeping on my side, and the SnoreDoc anti-snoring device causes me to drool sometimes if I sleep on my side.

I knew that I would wake up soon, then a female dream character went to say something.

I woke up drooling in the real world, disappointed that my stable lucid dream was ended because of me drooling before I could learn anything or even try something else like explore the first dream and / or flying and / or using some other dream powers.

The end,

  • John Jr

9 replies on “An Ancient Sexual Ritual With Anissa Kate? | A Lucid Dream Where Donald Trump Gets Masenkoed”

Wow! That is a lot of intense dreaming! Congratulations on the lucid dream! I’m really glad the technique worked for you.

Your first dream is interesting to me. Specifically because just yesterday I was wondering if you ever have sexual dreams. That might be a weird thing to wonder. But I’ve been reading your dreams for a couple months now and there is never anything of a sexual nature (except for one of your old lucid dreams I read). So I wondered if maybe you keep those dreams for yourself. I know I do 🙂 I think there is at least some sort of kissing or something in my dream once a week. So I was just surprised the same would not be true for you. But I can see from this dream, that you have not been keeping those dreams private. I am impressed at your full disclosure in this dream. I definitely have some dreams I would not feel comfortable posting on the internet. So good on you.

As far as the lucid dream – Congratulations Again! That’s so awesome. And you remembered a goal to work on once lucid. I’m impressed by your ability to stick with your goal throughout the dream. That’s a shame that no one had any answers for you. Though I am impressed but the way it seemed you were able to control all the people. (Get them to gather around you and then all sit down). Maybe that was part of the problem. They were more like your puppets than independent dream thinkers. Robert Waggoner suggests in one of his books to try asking your question into the dream space opposed to directed at the dream people. I haven’t had the opportunity to try this yet.

I do have a separate thought about how all the dream people responded to your request. Is it possible that through their actions they were telling you to lighten up, not take life so seriously, and have a little fun? Also depicting this could be the person telling you to do something creative. Like just be creative, non-sensical, don’t worry about the purpose or point, just have fun.

Oh, and nice one on Trump. No need to apologize to the masses. He was in your way. Good job on getting him out of your dream. I have not heard of a technique quite like that before. And your write up about not being on a secret service watch list was pretty funny. Thanks for the laugh.

—–> passing trophy to you—–> until the next lucid dream 🙂


Liked by 1 person

Hello Lost Truth,

Yes, thank you, and I am glad that it worked as well and I am glad that I finally remembered to try it. 🙂

I definitely have not been holding out on you there so when they happen you will get the details 😉 , I just very rarely have sexual dreams oddly and even when I do I rarely get to have sexual intercourse and when I do I usually get interrupted by something or someone at the very beginning just as the sex begins (in the first dream it was only foreplay, and not sexual intercourse), I used to joke that my dreams often censor themselves. 😀

This maybe be too much information but having uninterrupted sex in a lucid dream is one of my goals, I did not want to be stereotypical and put it at the top of my list, and so I put it further down my list. 😉

So you have been holding out on us on some of your dreams 😉 , I can understand though, even I feel uncomfortable sharing some things but because they are dreams I feel just comfortable enough to share them anyway.

When it comes to people who have had sex and people who have never had sex, which do you think usually dreams about sex more on average?

Thanks, I am also amazed by how stable it was and how easily I remembered my first goal, and I think that you are correct about the dream characters being more puppet-like there (except for President Trump of course, RIP 🏴); I was probably going to ask the dream world itself after trying with the dream character maybe one more time, but I got awakened by the drool but I hope to try that next time. 😉

I was thinking something similar because I remember what you had said about one of my older lucid dreams, I possibly even thought this in the dream, and my thought was maybe they were showing me to love (accept) myself or something with their love circle or whatever it was. 😀

Thanks, I put that disclaimer there just in case because you never know 🚀 , and I am glad that you got a laugh out of that. 😀

Thank you and I look forward to our next lucid dreams. 🙂

-John Jr


Hello John Jr.

You didn’t seem like you would hold out. Maybe I am more an oddity in all my sexual energy type dreams. Though I have been reading Dayna’s blog ( and she seems to have some type of sexual energy (not sex) dream often as well. Maybe it is a woman thing? Though I would have thought it would be more the opposite. Who knows?

I never really planned on sharing my non-lucid dreams on this blog. I think your blog inspired me to start doing so. I typically have an average of 3 dreams I remember each night, but I usually only share the ones that really stand out the most or that I am able to make some sort of since of in relation to my life. But I have had some bizarre sexual type dreams (no actual sex) that were strong and with messages that I have declined to share. I am always amazed by your blog and other dream journal blogs I’ve read where a person so freely recounts dreams I would not feel comfortable sharing. Maybe one day I will work up to it.

It is not too much information. For me the TMI, is where the more interesting topics lie. I do not typically dream of actual sex either. Maybe kissing, making out, or just strong sexual energy (flirting or something). Though when I was younger, a virgin and in my first few years of having sex, I used to dream of actual sex all the time. Both in lucid and non-lucid dreams.

In terms of who dreams of sex more, people who have had or not had sex, I have no idea. It is not a topic I discuss with people. I can only speak from my own experience. The most interesting, and maybe embarrassing?, thing to me is when I was still a virgin, I used to dream that I was a man, with a penis, having sex with a woman. Always. Never sex as a woman. Then after having sex for the first time that changed. My dreams were always as a woman having sex with a man. The even more interesting thing is how it felt to be a man having sex with a woman (giver), which was completely different than being the woman (receiver). Feeling on the outside vs. inside. There is a little ‘too much information’ for you. I don’t think I’ve ever told this to anyone before, so now it is out in cyberspace 🙂

I think flying and having sex in dreams is typically at people’s top of the list. I don’t think that is so wrong. It’s ok to be stereotypical. Plus it is an easy place to start and find your bearings.

I like your interpretation about the dream characters telling you to love and accept yourself. I have definitely found in my life, if there is something about me I don’t like/want to change. I have to first accept myself and appreciate myself as is, before I can change. How can we ever grow if we are constantly down on ourselves? It is hard to stand up when we are being kicked down (especially by ourselves).

Congratulations again. I look forward to your next lucid dream 🙂


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Hello Lost Truth,

😉 , I thought that it would be the opposite as well.

I think another thing that helps is that not many people seem to read my dreams, and so that helps 😀 ; but taking the safer approach makes sense. 😉

Wow, that is interesting and not something that I have experienced myself, I am honored to be possibly one of the only people to have heard that information so thank you. 🙂

I agree. 😉

Thanks, that makes sense to me.


I think that my comments on one of your posts may be getting caught as spam so they might be in your spam folder but I could be wrong:

Thank you,
-John Jr

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Hmm, I wonder, you seem to have a lot of followers on your blog. The potential is there. But I guess you are pretty anonymous.

I wonder how many other people have experienced something like that. Makes me question the whole idea of past lives.

Your comment was not spammed. I think I was reading it, got interrupted, and then forgot about it. But I appreciate the heads up just in case 🙂

Liked by 1 person

Hello Lost Truth,

I think that most of them are probably fake followers or something, but I could be wrong. 😀

I am curious about that as well, and it makes me question the possibility of ancestral memories.

For some reason only our first two comments are showing on the post itself, but I can see your reply in the notification area but not on the post itself which is strange.

Thank you for replying,
-John Jr

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