Trying To Arrest Dom Cobb

All that I can remember of this dream is that throughout the dream I met and sometimes joined up with various dream characters, and I think that the dream took place mostly inside a multi-purpose college-like / school-like building that had different types of areas (restaurants (cafeterias, diners, et cetera), halls, gym, stores, and more).

I can not remember the beginning until after the middle of the dream now (some of these parts of the dream probably took place outside), I just know that at some point I was in a large cafeteria-like place sitting down where there were other people, and my dad was there too.

The line was a bit long so I was sitting down talking with my dad waiting for the line to shorten, I think that my brother CC (who was possibly carrying my nephew CC, but I am not sure) arrived because he was back on a break from the military after being deployed, and he probably was getting some food so maybe I said a few things to him as well.

I possibly saw and said a few things to some former classmates of mine like my former male classmate MT, and at some point my former male classmate LT arrived carrying a plastic bag with a small dead pig in it that he wanted the cafeteria / whatever to cook for him.

My former classmate LT and I sat down and we talked, he saw my Casio A178WA-1AV watch that I was wearing and he asked me about it, and so we started talking about watches and I asked him about his old favorite watch that he used to have (as far as I know this was a fictional memory and not one based on real life, but I could be wrong).

I told him that my old Casio watch was better than my current Casio watch but that my current Casio watch is pretty good, and that I thought that it would be a nice budget watch to replace his old favorite watch.

Eventually we got in line and behind the counter there was a somewhat older female cafeteria worker with dark-color skin wearing a plastic headcover to prevent hair from getting in the food, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream is too unclear at the beginning to make much sense of, I think that there was a man on the run and people were after him because he was a suspect in a case, and maybe he was trying to prove his innocence by investigating whatever it he was a suspect for while he was still on the run.

I am not sure if I was one of the people trying to catch him during the earlier parts or not, I just know that the man was somewhat like a combination of the character Lucifer Morningstar from the television show Lucifer (which I watched an episode of last night) combined with the character Dom Cobb from the movie Inception combined with someone else, and he was good at talking his way out of situations and escaping so he kept getting away from the people who were after him.

I think that I was still in the multi-purpose building and at this point in the dream I was in a sitting area along a hall where you could watch television and / or movies et cetera on a large screen like an eating and relaxing area combined with a semi-cinema but without darkness, and I was with my mom and my brother GC and at least two men and / or young men with light-color skin who were some dream characters who I had joined with at this point in the dream.

We were sitting down talking and something was playing on the screen that involved the actor Oscar Isaac staring in something that involved being Jewish and maybe ancient Rome and also a modern police procedural, it was something that I had wanted to see and that I wanted my brother GC to see, and so I pointed to the screen and I started telling my brother GC this.

While I was talking I think that we saw a man pass through, we probably greeted him and we briefly started talking when I recognized him as the man who was on the run, and he possibly told us that he was innocent and we told him that we needed to take him in for questioning.

We possibly told him that he was important to the case and that him talking with investigators could help prove his innocence if he really was innocent and that it could help them solve the case because him being on the run was making things worse for everyone, and so it was in everyone’s best interests if he turns himself in.

We were calm and polite to him and he probably pretended to surrender, but he ran before we could get close enough to him so we chased him down a hall.

We lost him so we ran to a gym to look for him, we split up, and at some point I heard my mom yell that she found him so I ran to help her.

As I was running down the hall in the direction where I heard my mom’s voice I started to hear a man talking with someone like he was explaining something to someone and was trying to convince them of something, and I saw my mom standing in the hall outside of a small diner-like area where the man was sitting at a booth.

The man now looked and sounded exactly like Dom Cobb, throughout the dream it is possibly that his appearance and / or personality would change each time that people found him and he would escape, and he was talking with Mal Cobb who was acting happy and dumb and child-like like she was just a projection (a dream character from his mind who was in the dream).

He was so focused on Mal as he talked to her that he did not notice my mom and I standing outside the diner looking at him, it reminded me of a scene from the film Inception except that Dom was more frantic, and I either summoned or found or had an object that I used as a shield so that I could block Dom from escaping.

I walked over to Dom and I blocked him in with my shield while my mom sat next to Mal blocking her in, I told Dom that I was sorry but I needed to take him in for questioning, and once again he tried to talk his way out of it but I had him pinned against the wall with my shield.

Dom put his hands in the air once again pretending to surrender while saying: “Okay, okay, I am not going to run, I am going to help you, I am going to help you!”.

Mal was still smiling and acting happy and dumb and child-like as she glanced back and forth at Dom and us while happily repeating like a child: “We are going to help you, we are going to help you, we are going to help you!”.

Mal seemed to believe Dom but I knew that he was lying, Dom had his hands up and was pushing them forward trying to get me to give him more space or to make more space so that he could run while pretending to surrender, but I was not going to fall for that because I knew that he was good at escaping so I was not going to end up in another chase again.

I recognized Dom and Mal from the movie Inception, I recognized that Mal seemed to be a projection or dream character f rom Dom’s mind, and I thought that this was cool and I was probably about to realize that I was dreaming or I started to realize that I was dreaming.

I am not sure if this music started playing before and / or during the previous chase and / or at this point while Dom was trying to create an opening to escape but I remember hearing the music from the Mombasa chase scene in the film Inception:

But before I could completely realize that I was dreaming and before I could finish the dream I got awakened because I was drooling again when sleeping on my side using the SnoreDoc anti-snoring device.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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