An Undercover Special Forces Operation | Trying To Trade-In Some Video Games

Dream 1

This dream was probably inspired by a blog post by True George that I read last night before going to sleep called: Landstuhl.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day possibly in a country in The Middle East, and I remember being with some soldiers who were probably special forces soldiers who were probably on an undercover operation and cover operation inside this country, but I am not sure if my brother CC was among them or not or how I ended up being with them.

These soldiers were from another country, probably The United States, and they were pretending to be tourists who were going to be staying at a small bed and breakfast / hotel-like compound on the outskirts of a city I assume where maybe you would expect some tourists to stay at.

They were possibly going to use this small compound as their base of operations and / or to spy on their target(s) from and / or to just hide there until they could begin their operation (mission), but I am not sure.

The soldiers needed to be undercover, so they were not wearing their uniforms or body armor (unless they were wearing armor under their clothes) and they did not have visible weapons, but maybe they had their gear and weapons packed up and / or waiting to be moved to them at the hotel / bed and breakfast-like compound.

I remember us driving in a small old local car down some dirt and rock roads because we were driving to the outskirts, the soldiers were in a good mood and were having some fun, and eventually we reached the compound but something seemed to be wrong.

I am not sure if the compound had been attacked or if they feared that it would be attacked, I do remember that they were worried that maybe their operation was compromised and that maybe their target(s) knew that they were here, and so I remember the mood changing and then probably trying to contact headquarters and maybe clearing the compound and setting up defensively.

They were in enemy territory now, this area was supposed to be safe because it was not somewhere the enemy would think to look for soldiers, and so they did not want to take any chances because if the enemy knew then the situation was bad because there were only a few of them and they were in a country and area where the enemy operated from so there were many of them.

They had expected to hide and relax at this compound as they waited and / or prepared and / or did their operation, and so if their fears were correct they would possibly have to begin immediately under terrible circumstances and / or abort the operation and maybe call for an emergency evacuation out of the country if necessary.

But I woke up as they were trying to figure out and assess the situation.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a small video game store during the day that was probably in a small shopping center where you could drive up to it and walk inside so it probably had a sidewalk in front of it, and it was maybe a GameStop or EB Games; but I am not sure.

My female coworker Mrs. T from The BP Library was behind the front desk, I think that we were the only two people in the building, and I was trying to trade-in some old video games that I assumed that my brothers and me had bought from them years ago.

At some point my coworker Mrs. T said that some video games were not showing up on their records, so those video games did not seem to have been bought from them, and so she would probably not be able to trade them in.

I asked her if she was sure, and she looked again as I tried to remember where I bought those video games, I could not remember, but I remember us finding maybe: Shurdog Games written or stamped somewhere on one of the video games, but neither of us had ever heard of that name before, so we tried to figure out what that name was for.

We assumed that was where those video games were possibly bought from, we assumed that was possibly a typo and that maybe it was supposed to be Sherdog Games, but we were not sure (we possibly found something that said Sherdog Games, but I can not remember).

My coworker Mrs. T kept looking into this for me but it seemed that I would only be able to trade-in some video games, I was okay with that, but I woke up as we were still trying to figure this out.

The end,

-John Jr

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      Good luck,
      -John Jr


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