An Old Memory Of Shopping At A Walmart After A Medical Procedure

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday while I was shelving books in the non-fiction section at my shelver job at The BP Library, a memory from my past when I was younger suddenly came to my mind for no clear reason, and so I decided to share it on my blog.

The memory was of me going to a Walmart in the city of MB (this Walmart no longer exists now) years ago when I was a younger, my parent’s were with me and maybe my brother GC if he was born yet (if he was born then he was probably a baby or a very young kid at this time), and we had just left from maybe a hospital in maybe the city of LC where I had a medical procedure done on me.

I thought that I was put to sleep and that they took a stomach tissue sample (did a biopsy) but my mom thinks that they did an upper GI (took an x-ray of my upper gastrointestinal tract) after they had me drink some thick nasty chalky white liquid (maybe Barium Sulfate) so she is probably correct and I am probably wrong, I can not remember why exactly and my mom can not remember either but we both believe that I was having some stomach problems at the time, and I can not remember the results but my mom says that the doctor did not find anything wrong exactly but he felt that I possibly had something that my mom can not remember where I would need to take a certain medication (medicine) for the rest of my life.

Because there was not enough evidence of there being something wrong with me, my mom refused the option where I would have to take medication for the rest of my life.

I was probably still wearing a hospital bracelet, and I remember looking in the toy section (which was my favorite place in stores when I was a kid) and going around the store with my parent’s.

I can not remember if I was in a wheelchair or a buggy (shopping cart) at first or if I was walking at first.

I remember some of the layout of the Walmart, it was the small Walmarts that they used to have back then, and I remember some of the rows and how the toy section was in the back of the store near almost the middle and how the lighting was darker than it is now in the modern Walmarts (I prefer the darker lighting in the old Walmarts, it made things feel more comfortable and private, now you feel like you are in the spotlight and everything is too bright and too public).

I have no idea why this memory came to my mind at work, but there it is.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello True George,

Yep, I never did figure out what unfortunately, maybe it was one of the books but who knows.

I am curious to get some opinions about which of these themes should I test out on my blog?

1. Independent Publisher 2 (

2. Dyad 2 (

3. Baskerville 2 (

4. Intergalactic 2 (

Thank you,
-John Jr


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