A Baby Ritual? | A Lucid Dream & A False Awakening

I tried my lazy version of Lost Truth’s tips to increase your chances of lucid dreaming, and it worked again during my second dream even though I did not get enough sleep again, so thank you again Lost Truth.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was leaving out of a Walmart-like store during the day.

I am not sure if this happened before and / or during and / or after this point, but I remember something.

Maybe a partial vision or flashback or something that I saw and heard about earlier that involved at least one man and a woman with light-color skin who were possibly part of some group.

The group may have been in the background, but I can not remember, and I remember seeing a baby and maybe a slightly older child.

The baby was possibly killed like this was part of a ritual and / or sacrifice and maybe brought back to life to where maybe another spirit / soul / entity was inside the body now.

I have no idea because whatever I saw in my mind was literally unclear, and I had no idea what was going on exactly, so I could only make some wild assumptions (guesses).

As I was walking through the parking lot, I remember maybe my dad holding a baby as he walked to the same automobile that I was walking to.

I got in the driver’s seat as my dad put the baby in the middle passenger’s seat in maybe a baby car seat.

I then remember seeing a slightly older child in the automobile as well who possibly did not need a car seat, and my dad closed the door to walk to the front passenger’s seat door to get in.

When my dad reached the door it would not open and when I pressed the unlock button it did not open.

Immediately the slightly older child started attacking the baby almost like a zombie or like someone triggered this or was controlling the child.

My dad was trying to open the door to stop this and my mom ran over beating on the door and trying to open the door as well as I kept pressing the unlock button.

This happened very fast, and it was a terrible moment of panic, the child stopped attacking the baby when it seemed to be dead, and then magically the doors could be opened now.

It was like this was all a setup that was planned by someone.

I suspected that this was the same ritual or whatever that I saw unclear glimpses / visions / whatever of in my mind before this.

I wondered who was behind it and whether my parents were involved or not, and I wondered what this ritual’s purpose was.

The child was probably back to normal now, but I was not focused on the child, I was focused on the baby who looked dead, and now the assumed dead baby looked like my nephew CC.

I felt terrible, especially because I was not able to save him, and my parents were sad as well, but then my nephew CC came back to life to our surprise.

We were happy and relieved, but I was not sure if this was really my nephew CC anymore.

I wondered if something or someone else was inside his body now, maybe he was really dead and something or someone else was in control of his body now.

If this was a ritual than it had to have some kind of purpose and end result, and the next thing that I remember seems like a different dream, but I think that it was part of this dream.

I think that I walked along the sidewalk past the Walmart-like store to recover from and think about what had just happened.

There were several connected buildings, like a tiny shopping center.

So I walked into one of the small parts of it that seemed to be a small sewing factory where maybe people were sewing things, and it had something to do with fashion, maybe.

I remember seeing several men working there who had medium-color skin and dark-color skin.

The working conditions did not seem to be the best and the workers did not seem happy.

They seemed overworked, and one of them was a man with dark-color skin who was possibly from somewhere in Africa, but I can not remember.

He had hopes of rising higher in the company and sharing some of his ideas to help the company and to improve the conditions for the workers.

He told some of his coworkers this, and one of them who was a man with medium-color skin said that he had just gotten a higher position in the company.

The man who was possibly from Africa was shocked, he had worked there longer and harder, so he felt that he should have gotten that job, and he asked his coworker how did he get the job.

His coworker replied that either he was the son of one of the high level people or owners, or he was friends with the son of a high level person in the company.

He had asked for a higher position, and so they gave it to him.

He then replied that he also had ideas to improve the company and that he was going to start now.

He signaled to a strong male employee with dark-color skin, and then he grabbed one of the workers.

The man with the new job position said that starting today, things would be different now that he was in charge of this area.

He explained his plans of making the conditions worse and working the workers even harder to increase profits, and so this new power had gone to his head and he was going to abuse it.

He signaled for the strong employee to throw out one of the workers for some reason that I can not remember.

Then he had several strong workers start attacking some of the workers and throwing some of them out as well for various reason until he purges all the workers who do not agree with him or follow his new rules.

The worker from Africa was angry, and he rallied the others to fight back, and everyone started fighting.

The entire time I sat there watching and listening, I still had not recovered completely from what had happened earlier in the dream, and I saw a young girl walking among the fight.

I decided to leave, but as I was walking toward the door, the police arrived, and a male police officer with light-color skin looked at me.

I looked at him and I smiled and he signaled for me to sit down, so I did, and he told everyone to stop and sit down, so they did as more police entered the room to stop the fight.

A female police officer with long dark-color hair started talking to everyone, explaining that they would question all of us and that we had to stay seated.

She seemed nice, she noticed the little girl walking around and her and the other police made a comment about this that I can not remember.

She started talking to the little girl like she was good with children as the other police officers started questioning people.

I woke up as this was going on.

Dream 2

Now this dream is interesting and had a lot going on that I can not remember now because of what happened at the end.

It was a dream that became a lucid dream at some point that I can not remember (maybe in the classroom-like room) for reasons unknown.

I probably did not try to control the dream because enough interesting things were going on already, so the dream was probably barely lucid, but I remember saying or thinking or feeling that I wanted to be surprised.

Maybe I yelled out to the dream world itself to surprise me, but I can not remember.

After becoming lucid, I eventually woke up into another dream (a dream within a dream maybe) thinking that I was awake, so it was a false awakening dream.

In this false awakening dream I told some dream characters about the previous dream which caused me to forget more of this dream, and eventually I woke up in the real world.

During the night me drooling several times, because of the SnoreDoc anti-snoring device and sleeping on my side and / or stomach, effected / affected my dreams and caused me to wake up from one or more dreams.

Which is probably why I woke up from the lucid dream into a false awakening dream.

I woke from that into the real world.

Because of me not really trying to control the dream and because I woke up into a false awakening dream, I actually forgot that this dream had gone lucid at some point until after I voice recorded it.

I remembered as I was walking back to bed, and then I voice recorded that the dream had gone lucid.

This dream is unclear now and most of it is forgotten now, but I possibly talked with True George in the dream at some point.

Maybe we talked about his dreams and / or my dreams and / or dreams in general, or I simply thought about his most recent dream that I read last night called The Party.

In another part of the dream I possibly talked to the character Qaletaqa Walker from Fear The Walking Dead (Season 3), which I watched an episode of last night, and maybe we talked about ancestors or something like that.

Throughout the dream, I was moving around and meeting different people.

Most of the rest of the dream possibly took place inside and maybe partly outside a multipurpose multi-story building.

At some point, I was with my parent’s walking inside the building when we reached a medical clinic-like area that is sometimes in my dreams.

I remember telling my mom that I need to finally pick a doctor (either a general practice doctor or dentist or eye doctor) so I was considering picking a doctor in this clinic.

I remember walking to the front desk, and there was a male doctor with light-color skin with long hair wearing a white doctor’s coat standing looking at some objects on a shelf or something.

I was waiting to ask him about signing up but by the time he noticed me I had changed my mind, and I decided to ask my mom which doctor did she think that I should sign up with.

I can not remember what she said.

The next thing that I remember is being on an upper floor in a long narrow shotgun-style classroom-like room with a somewhat diner-like feel to it because the desks were possibly booths on both sides of this narrow room.

It was dimly lit, outside it was dark, and I remember saying that it was night and the dream probably went lucid during this part of the dream at some point.

The windows were on the right side of the room mostly, and you could see down below to a street.

It seemed that we were across the street from where the C Elementary School should be but instead of the school it was possibly the building from before or still part of this building, but I can not remember.

Many of my former classmates and others were in this room hanging out and having a good time.

I remember talking to a variety of people, and I am not sure if this happened during this part of the dream or earlier in the dream or when the dream went lucid.

I remember maybe talking to the character Clarissa Darling from Clarissa Explains It All or the actress Melissa Joan Hart who plays that character.

I remember hearing the theme song to the television show, so maybe we even saw part of an episode.

Clarissa Explains It All Official Theme Song | NickRewind

This was possibly a bit like being in a time warp or something, maybe she was about the age she would have been back when the television show still aired.

I can not remember, but I remember feeling the 1990s during this if that made sense and maybe remembering some old memories from that time period.

It was probably partly like being back during that time, almost as we probably talked, but I can not remember.

If I did yell to the dream world to surprise when the dream went lucid, then maybe she was one of those surprises along with some parts of the 1990s being brought into the dream, but I have no idea.

Clarissa or Melissa was not the only interesting person I met and talked to, I talked with some of my former classmates, and I noticed various details of the dream world itself that I can not remember.

Because the dream was lucid things felt different from the usual normal dream.

I was able to enjoy and focus on various details of the dream itself, and various things happened that I can not remember, as I was just amazed by the constant little surprises.

I remember looking out of the window, and then I saw a woman enter the room and walk to the back of the room.

I only saw her from behind, but I thought that it was my former female classmate RB, and so I went to talk to her.

I greeted her by name, and I said something that I can not remember exactly.

It involved being surprised that I had not seen her earlier, and how I saw her enter the room.

When she turned around it was not my former classmate RB instead it was a younger version of her mom Mrs. EB who was a teacher at the D High School back when I was there, and she was over the Quiz Bowl team / club when I was in it.

I remember smiling and laughing, this was another surprise for this lucid dream, and it was funny seeing Mrs. EB this young because I had never even seen a photograph of her being this young (maybe 18 – 20-something years old).

At this age Mrs. EB looked a lot like her daughter RB, I told her this, but I can not remember her response or if she even responded.

As I was talking to her, I probably woke up, maybe because of me drooling in the real world.

But instead of waking up into the real world I woke up into a false awakening dream, I did not realize that I was still dreaming.

So I thought that this was real, and I woke up in the same classroom-like room.

I woke up saying the last thing that I had said to the younger version of Mrs. EB.

I lifted my head from a table, and it seemed that I had been sleeping at the next-to-last booth-like desk on the left side of the room, next to where Mrs. EB and I had been talking during the lucid dream.

My former female classmate MW was sitting at the booth-like desk behind my booth, but we were facing each other, and my brother GC was sitting at a booth to the right of me.

They both were looking at me, my former classmate MW asked me who was I talking to, and I explained that I had just had a dream.

It had gone lucid at some point and that I was talking to a younger version of Mrs. EB, and that I woke up saying the last thing that I had said to her in the dream.

They both looked at me like I was a bit crazy, and then they shook their heads, whatever.

I started telling them about my dream and maybe when and how it went lucid, and I talked about my conversation with Mrs. EB in detail.

Then I woke up in the real world because I was drooling again, probably.

When I am in a dream and I think that I have recorded or shared my dreams already.

That usually tricks my mind into thinking that my dreams are already recorded, so it is now free to start forgetting them or something.

So that usually causes me to forget many details, and that is what happened to this dream and lucid dream.

Waking up into the false awakening dream felt real.

I was a bit confused and groggy at first, like someone really waking up.

I was excited about my lucid dream and the non-lucid parts of the dream.

I was ready to share it, so that prevented me from realizing that I was actually still dreaming and the fact that I got distracted by my former classmate MW and my brother GC staring at me and asking me who I was talking to.

I wish that I could remember when and how the dream went lucid and the other interesting details of this dream and lucid dream and false awakening dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

2 replies on “A Baby Ritual? | A Lucid Dream & A False Awakening”

Had some experiences with false awaking I will eventually reveal them in the journal. There is a dude called Robert Bruce who used to post stuff on dreaming as well as out of body experience. He said that you can test to see if you have a false awakening. He said if you are lucid and fell like you are awake all you need to do to test is to jump up. One of two things will happen. If you are really awake when you jump up you will land as normal. If you are still asleep when you jump up in the air instead of landing as normal you will float. Trust me when I tell you that this technique works……

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Hello True George,

Good, I look forward to that.

Thank you for sharing that, that is actually one of the reality checks that I sometimes do in the real world, but I do not think that I have used it in the dream world yet except maybe by accident when I sometimes am running from something in a dream and I try to jump and then I jump higher than normal and / or can fly; so it can work.

This possibly the second time recently that you may have been in one of my dreams in some way, the other recent time was:

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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