People Play Fighting In A Movie Theater

I had some more dreams but I forgot them all, and so now I can only remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was traveling with some of my family, by automobile I assume, in a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

I remember one of my eyes bothering me like maybe something was in it and I probably needed to urinate, and so we stopped at the fairgrounds outside of a fictional version of The TD Building so that I could go inside to the bathroom to clean out my eye and urinate.

Sitting outside in front of the building were several active duty and retired soldiers (they were wearing normal civilian clothes, but I knew that they were soldiers), one of them looked like a younger version of Sergeant B back in his old military days when he was thinner, and they were talking and it also seemed almost like you had to have their permission to enter the building like maybe it was currently restricted to military only.

I greeted them and I explained that I needed to use the bathroom to clean out my eye because I felt that something was possibly in it, and I asked for permission to enter the building to do this.

The Sergeant B-like man told me that I did not have to ask permission, I am not sure if this was because we know each other or if I was wrong about this being restricted to soldiers only at this time, and he said that I was free to enter the building so I thanked him and I walked inside.

The building was on a slight hill and when I went inside there was a line of people at a front desk that reminded me of where you would buy tickets for a movie except it was open, and I took a right down a hall that went downward like it led underground.

Down this hall I saw several lines of people, many of them were former classmates of mine like my former male classmates KA and EC and AH more, and so I greeted them as I walked by.

I remember my former classmate KA saying that he beat our former classmate EC at something that I can not remember, and he started joking around and making fun of him in some way that I can not remember and I remember replying with a sound effect like: Ahhh or however you spell that.

I forgot to mention that they all seemed to be younger again, maybe 18 – 21, and after briefly talking with them I possibly went to the bathroom and then I continued down the hall or I just continued down the hall but I can not remember which (I assume that I went to the bathroom and washed out my eyes, urinated, washed my hands, and then decided to watch a movie with my former classmates but I am not sure).

My former classmate AH and some other people happened to be walking near me at the same time, and we entered a movie theater room that was mostly dark except for some dim lighting.

It seemed that the lines of people were for people waiting to watch a movie, slowly people were arriving to the movie theater room, but when we entered the room there were many people possibly play fighting or fighting at the front of the room near the screen and the rows of seats closest to the screen.

Some of my former classmates were among them, my former classmate AH and a young woman with light-color skin with yellow hair and I stood back waiting for the play fighting or fighting to end before moving forward, and so I talked with my former classmate AH as we waited.

I can not remember if they stopped play fighting or fighting or not before I woke up.

After waking up I did need to urinate, but my eye was not bothering me.

The end,

-John Jr


London Brawling

London Brawling

What is it?

Thanks to Super Jan, I ended up looking back at some older, not very old, just some that I saw in the past from the RocketJump era RocketJump videos on YouTube.

Their video above called London Brawling was among them.

What is it about?

This is how RocketJump describes this video:

Freddie’s vacation in London takes an unexpected turn…

This video was made possible by #Kingsman, which comes out Feb. 13 – get tickets here!

Directed/Edited: Clinton Jones (@pwnisher)
Written by: Clinton Jones, Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold
Executive Producers for RocketJump: Matt Arnold, Dez Dolly, Ben Waller, Freddie Wong
Action Designer: Yung Lee (@iamgak)
Producer: Ashim Ahuja
Director of Photography: Lauren Haroutunian
Original Music…Maxton Waller

1st AC: Alicia Valera

Key Grip: Dominic D’Astice

Wardrobe Stylist: Layne McGovern

Sound Designer: Kevin Senzaki
Sound Mixer: Ian Wellman

Office PA/Banana Wrangler: Michael Tenango
PA: Chris Higgins
Behind The Scenes: Nathan Koepp
Photography & Social Media: Benji Dolly
Production Accountant: Jamie Lukaszewski

Freddie Wong, Kevin Kemp, Reuben Langdon, Billy Bussey, Donald Rudiger, Patrick Hannigan

Visual Effects by: Playfight

For licensing and usage inquiries, please email:
Caption author (English)
Caption author (Russian)
Caption authors (Vietnamese)
A.Khang Ngọc


An American Werewolf In Paris

What is it?

The 1997 comedy horror film An American Werewolf In Paris.


What is it about?

This is how Metacritic describes this movie:

On the loose in Europe, three wild college grads from America bring their “Daredevil Tour” to Paris in search of some serious fun.

There, Andy (Scott) falls for the beautiful and mysterious woman of his dreams (Delpy).

The only problem is … when the moon is full, Andy’s dream girl turns into a total nightmare!

(Buena Vista)