The Room And Mrs. S

This morning I had technical difficulties that prevented me from being able to voice record my dreams, and so now I barely remember part of my last dream.

Some of this dream was inspired by this Double Toasted video that I watched yesterday, but now I can not remember how this dream was related to this video:

All that I can remember of this dream now is that at some point in the dream I was at my former male classmate SS’s parent’s house, I was on the second floor in a bedroom that was probably a fictional version of my former classmate SS’s bedroom, but I have no idea why I was there or what I was doing.

I just know that my male coworker Mr. JM from The BP Library was there working on a computer trying to fix something that was probably wrong with the internet (network), and even though he looked like my coworker Mr. JM in the dream I recognized him as the father of my former classmate SS even though he is not really his father in real life but for some reason I knew that this was Mr. S even though he looked like my coworker Mr. JM.

At some point Mr. S (who looked like my coworker Mr. JM) left the house to go somewhere else, he was not finished trying to fix the computer / internet / network problem yet, and then Mrs. S (the mother of my former classmate SS) entered the room to use the computer that Mr. S was trying to fix.

I just remembered that I was on another computer, probably my own, and I remember Mrs. S saying that the internet was not working so I told her that Mr. S was trying to fix it before he left but that he was not finished yet.

I walked over to see if I could help figure out what the problem was so I started asking her what she was trying to do and what was not working so that I could try to troubleshoot the problem (I assumed that maybe it was a router or modem issue), but something happened that I can not remember where I needed to return home to get something that I can not remember and use the bathroom so we both left in The BV to drive to my parent’s house but I have no idea why Mrs. S went with me.

This was supposed to be a short trip and I was going to return to Mrs. S’s house to try to help them with their computer / internet problem, it was possibly a wet and gray and dark day, and I drove to my parent’s house and I parked under the carport and Mrs. S stayed inside The BV.

I quickly went inside the house to use the bathroom first but my brothers TD and KD were using the bathroom, my brother TD was taking a bath, and my brother KD was on the toilet defecating so I was going to have to wait for them to finish first which was going to waste more of my time.

I remember going to the living room to maybe get whatever I had come for and to wait for my brothers TD and KD to finish using the bathroom, I remember stressing about wasting Mrs. S’s time who was still outside in The BV waiting on me, and so the entire time I was worried about wasting time.

At some point my brothers TD and KD were done using the bathroom, I went to use the bathroom but there was some feces on the toilet seat and under the toilet seat and on the toilet rim, and this annoyed and disgusted me so I complained to my brothers TD and KD and out-loud as I tried to clean the feces up with toilet tissue and all-purpose cleaner.

My mom heard me complaining so she walked over to see what was going on and so I told her what I was complaining about, and eventually I cleaned up all the feces but I can not remember if I used the bathroom or not.

I just know that I was even more stressed about the time and wasting time, these things getting in my way were really stressing me, and I was stressing myself because I felt that I was wasting Mrs. S’s time.

Eventually I left outside to The BV to leave to drive us back to her house to help try to fix their computer / internet problem, but my dad had two automobiles blocking the carport so we had to wait for him to move them out-of-the-way.

I continued stressing about the time and wasting time even more, and I was very annoyed so I apologized to Mrs. S and I probably started to complain.

I possibly said something implied that I was dreaming, I stopped complaining when I realized this, and I remember asking myself if that means that I am dreaming.

The next thing that I remember is waking up in the real world because of the alarm on my mobile phone, but I tried to go back to sleep to see if I could return to the dream and make it a lucid dream.

I kept returning to the dream but I kept getting blocked by things preventing me from leaving the yard or going lucid and that kept making me wake up again, some times I was dreaming and sometimes I was semi-dreaming and somethings I was daydreaming, and something kept stopping me and it was very annoying.

Something did not want to let me go back to sleep either so eventually I could not even briefly go back to sleep, and I had to finally get out of bed.

This battle and not being able to voice record my dreams because of technical problems caused me to forget more of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “The Room And Mrs. S”

Hello Lost Truth,

Yes, it was definitely frustrating.

Thank you for reminding me, in my most recent post I forgot to mention that I almost had a WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream) that night, I will probably add that at the beginning of that post.

Not that I can remember, I know that often happens to you, which I find interesting because that does not seem to happen to me.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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