My Former Classmate JC Becomes A Viking Traditionalist

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream, I had another dream after it that was related to this dream but I got out of bed too fast so I forgot the second dream, but I still remember some of the end of the first dream.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that the dream possibly took place near a college, I was possibly in the dream during some or all of it but I am not sure, and most of the end of the dream took place at and near some tennis courts that were near some one-story house-like apartment buildings that had house-like buildings that were divided into several separate apartments.

I possibly played some tennis during the day at the tennis courts, and nearby a group of people who probably all had light-color skin and who claimed to be descendants of Vikings were having a meeting because they had formed their own group for fellow descendants of Vikings.

My former male classmate JC was one of the Viking descendants and he was part of a faction in the group who were Viking traditionalists who wanted to return to some of the old ways (traditions) of the Vikings, another member of the group was a man with light-color skin who seemed to be friends with my former classmate JC who was also a Viking traditionalist, and another member of the group who stood out was an attractive and athletic and intelligent and independent woman with pale light-color skin with long yellow hair who was not a Viking traditionalist; and there were other members of the group (male and female), but those three stood out.

The Viking traditionalists were the smallest faction in the group, the others like the woman were the largest faction who wanted to remember and honor their Viking ancestors but they did not want to adopt too many of the old ways (they were okay with some, but they did not want to go as far as the Viking traditionalists), and so there were two factions in the group.

The Viking descendants group would meet up in this area at certain times, I am not sure how many days passed during this part of the dream, I just know that at some point in the dream the other male Viking traditionalist died somehow.

The Viking descendants group met up and had a funeral for him and / or a meeting about him behind the house-like apartments on a slight hill-like area that seemed to probably have an underground catacombs and some tomb-like structures above ground, and after that I remember my former classmate JC standing there alone like this death had really effected / affected him and probably reminded him of the death of his parent’s.

Later in the dream I was either at a distance or I was not in the dream, and I was watching the woman in Viking descendants group playing tennis alone.

I probably had finished playing tennis and was leaving and then she showed up, she seemed to be pretty good at tennis and she was attractive and athletic and smart and independent, and so I had stopped and I was trying to decided if I should go play tennis with her and talk to her to try to get to know her because I seemed to be a bit interested in her.

The woman lived in one of the house-like apartments nearby so she would just walk from her apartment to the tennis courts and to the Viking descendants group meeting when ever she wanted to.

I was about to walk back to the tennis courts to see if she wanted to play some tennis and talk, but my former classmate JC walked over to her first so I stayed back watching them from a distance.

My former classmate JC seemed to still be grieving the death of his fellow Viking traditionalist in his own way, he seemed to be even more extreme in his Viking traditionalism, and it seemed obvious that this was in reaction to the death of their fellow group member.

It also seemed obvious to me that the whole Viking traditionalism and being in the Viking descendants group was mostly his way of trying to deal with the death of his parent’s and some other issues, there were other reasons as well, but I felt that was the main reason.

They briefly talked about their fellow group member who died but then my former classmate JC started rambling and ranting about Viking traditionalism and what he thinks the group should do, he was also telling her what she should do, and he said that they should start having babies because there were not enough Viking descendants.

He told the woman that she was not doing her part and that she should start having babies as well, this and the rambling and ranting bothered the woman, and so she responded to my former classmate about his comments letting him know that he was out of line and she explained her opinions and she ended the conversation when he would not stop and she told him to leave.

My former classmate JC did not stop so the woman told him that she knew that he was grieving and she said something that I can not remember about that and she said goodbye and to leave her alone for now while he grieves and she started to walk back to her apartment, but my former classmate JC said that he would not stop and that he would follow her and keep bothering her.

It was obvious to the woman and I that my former classmate JC was grieving and suffering and that this was one of his stages of grief and trying to cope, we both felt sorry for him and wanted to help me, and so she told my former classmate JC that he could spend the next few nights sleeping outside behind her apartment in the above ground area with tomb-like structures above the assumed catacombs.

She knew that my former classmate JC was not going to stop bothering her and she wanted to help him so keeping him close but at a distance seemed like a good idea, she walked him to an open tomb-like structure with no top, and he was to sleep in there.

It was probably getting dark now so it was time to sleep so the woman got a mattress-sized seat cushion or a cushion-like mattress to put on top of the tomb-like structure to cover my former classmate JC while he sleeps because there was no top, and she told him that she would be watching him from her window and if he did not stay there that their deal was off and that he would have to leave.

My former classmate JC agreed to the deal and he laid down in the tomb-like structure, she covered it, and she went inside her apartment and sometimes she would look out of the window to check on him.

At some point she felt that he had cooled down enough, and she went to talk to him during the night.

The dream then quickly jumped in time showing short scenes of the woman talking with him each night, their relationship quickly grew, and they went from just talking to having sex in the tomb-like structure and / or in the catacombs.

I remember hearing the sounds of them having sex but I could not see them, I was either at a distance or I was outside of the dream itself, and so I could only see from an outside angle so I could not see inside the tomb and / or catacombs.

At first I was slightly bothered by this, before I could even talk to the woman my former classmate JC had moved in and was now having sex with her and was in a relationship with her, but I was happy for him and he seemed to be doing better now so this was a positive outcome so I quickly pushed any hint of jealousy aside.

I am not sure if they got married and had children or not, during this rapid jump through time, but I do know that the woman adopted some of my former classmate JC’s Viking traditionalism and he had became less extreme with his Viking traditionalism so they both helped to balance each other out.

My second dream was related to this dream, but I can not remember it now.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello Lost Truth,

I think that you are correct (well done) and that I am someone who often puts others before myself or at least heavily consider others, I do not have it as bad as my grandmother DE and my mom though fortunately, my grandmother DE put others before herself and let others use her so much that I think that is possibly one of the reasons that she died early.

I agree with you, and I see what you are saying.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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