Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex End Credits [720p BluRay X264]

Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. ED [720p,BluRay,x264]

What Is It?

The YouTube video Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex End Credits [720p BluRay X264] by the YouTube channel Animunex.

My Thoughts

Watching the end credits for the Japanese anime (animated) television show Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex on Saturday nights (actually Sunday mornings at that point) on television at the end of the current Toonami lineup often brings back some memories from back when this television show first aired in English; and it brings backs some older memories.

The slight brightness to the images and the images themselves and some other factors (like it being very early in the morning, it being the last anime of the current Toonami lineup so at that point I have finished watching 4 or more hours straight of anime, the music, et cetera) seem to help bring back some memories and feelings (emotions) from certain parts of the past (college, and a few other things).

Oddly, this does not really seem to happen now while watching it online during the day, and so maybe this is situational and happens under those conditions.

The song Lithium Flower used during the end credits seems to be heavily based on or inspired by or stolen from the song Whatever by Imogen Heap:


Lithium Flower by maybe Scott Matthew and Yoko Kanno and Tim Jensen:

Lithium Flower

Do you hear the similarities?

Anyway, I hope to do some more posts in the future about intros and end credits for different things.

The end,

  • John Jr

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