John Jr Is Now On Facebook And Twitter

The other day True George suggested that I create a Facebook (Fakebook) page and / or Twitter (Switter (which comes from the word Swit from the video game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)) page, I use(d) to have an account on both of those social networks years ago and those social networks did not meet my needs or expectations so I deleted my accounts on those two services, but I had been considering creating accounts on those two social networks again one day so that I could connect them to my account using the Publicize option so that an excerpt of my posts can automatically be sent to those services when I make a post.

So the other day I finally created accounts on both of these social networks again, and so thank you True George for giving me some extra inspiration.

Things have changed since I last used both services so I am a bit lost, especially when it comes to Facebook, and I do not even know how to make my timeline visible to non-Facebook users or what the timeline really is exactly (I know where it is).


Here is my Facebook Page:


Here is my Twitter Profile:


You can also find a list of some other services that I use on my Gravatar Profile:

The end,

-John Jr

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