Michiko & Hatchin

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What is it?

The 2008 Japanese animated (anime) television show Michiko & Hatchin.

What is it about?

This is how Wikipedia describes this television show:

In a fictional South American country of Diamandra, the criminal Michiko Marandoro has escaped from prison and rescues her former lover’s daughter Hana Morenos, who she nicknames Hatchin, in the process saving her from her abusive foster parents.

The two are about as opposite as they come, but their fates become intertwined through the connection of Hiroshi Morenos, Hatchin’s father.

On the run from the police and Hatchin’s abusive foster family, the unlikely duo set out to find this Hiroshi and ultimately discover their freedom.

Final Thoughts

I remember seeing the trailer for this television show on television maybe almost two years ago or more, it looked good, it had a nice and unique concept, and it was made by some people who have made some good animes so I was expecting to really like this television show.

This anime had good visuals, good music, a unique and interesting concept, diversity, varied locations and characters, good atmosphere, a good English dub, et cetera but it had a terrible ending that was so bad that it really hurts the entire television show in my opinion and it ended in a way that is a slap in the face to the audience in my opinion so my brother GC and I left with a negative opinion of this television show because of how it ended.

I liked this anime better than my brother GC did, it had more potential and it was not as good as I had expected and the characters did not grow as much as I felt that they should have and it ended on a terrible note, but looking at the trailer and opening credits et cetera again while preparing this post made me want to watch it again and it brought back some positive feelings and memories for this anime so maybe we were too harsh on it because of how it ended.

There were some beautiful moments in this anime where the music and visuals et cetera all came together to create something wonderful that really connected with me in a way that was like watching a beautiful sunset while daydreaming, but it is a shame that it did not reach its full potential and that it had possibly one of the worst endings of a television show that I can think of.

I still respect this anime for having an interesting and unique concept with diversity that focuses on a mother and daughter relationship as the center of the story and as the main characters.

I think that this anime is worth watching at least once, I get the feeling that I will probably like it better if I watch it again one day, because there are some beautiful moments scattered around through this anime.

Here is a review of this television show by TALKISOBA:

The end,

-John Jr


6 thoughts on “Michiko & Hatchin

    1. Hello Bruno,

      I am glad that you enjoyed it at least, there were some positive things about it, especially one scene where they were at the runway waiting to board the airplane.

      I did not like how everything was building up to the moment that they finally found Hiroshi and he was such a big disappointment and in the end the journey seemed almost pointless except for the relationship built between Michiko and Hatchin (which was a good thing), and I did not like how it seemed that Hatchin ended up making some of the same mistakes that Michiko did when she got older.

      I just think that this show deserved a better ending that did not make the journey seem pointless mostly to the audience, except for the mother daughter relationship, and where both characters grew more as people in the end.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr


      1. I understand your point of view, though I do not think Hatchin repeated the same mistakes that Michiko made in part yes, but not at all. She as the mother had an affair with someone who left her however unlike Michiko, she never at any time shows wanting to find that person who left her. That is, she learned during the search for hiroshi not to look for someone who does not want you. So she does not complain about the end of this relationship especially because thanks to him, she ended up having a child. There was only thing that afflicted was the lack of michiko and not her condition of teenage mother without husband or his work of cook in a snack shop. That is, despite all these mishaps of life, yet she is happy, without resentment, of the people who left her behind.

        And the part where Hatchin goes after his mother after unraveling the clues sent by her, shows that the hatchin situation has reversed. If at first she called for a savior to rescue her from an abusive family, now she herself as an independent person goes out to meet michiko after a few years.

        What leaves a certain bitter taste is that in the end the story that ends is not that of Michiko and Hatchin, but of Michiko’s illusions about Hiroshi, since the two still have a long life ahead of them only this time she (Michiko) knows what really matters!

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        1. Hello Bruno, welcome back.

          I never said that she made all the same mistakes, only some, but I agree with the rest that you said actually so thank you for sharing that.

          Like I said there were some positives things about the ending, and what you explained were some of them so thank you for sharing those in more details.

          If I ever get to watch this show again one day, I think that I will like it even more the second time, I actually kind of miss it in the current Toonami lineup.

          Thank you for replying,
          -John Jr


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