Defeating Oscar De La Hoya For A Championship Belt

This was a long interesting and detailed transitioning dream that kept transitioning to different things without me noticing, unfortunately this caused me to forget a lot of the dream because too much was going on and it was so long and detailed, and so what I do remember does not do this dream justice because it was an interesting dream compared to what I will share below.

Part 1

At some point in this dream (I am not sure how I was seeing this in the dream) during maybe the day the actor Will Smith was with the actress Jada Pinkett Smith, I could be wrong but this possibly took place in the past when they were younger than they are now, and they were talking like maybe they were going to have sex but something that I can not remember happened that led to them arguing instead.

During the argument Mr. Smith said something that really hurt and angered Mrs. Smith, which caused her to get quiet like she was done with this argument and she was going to ignore him, and so there was going to be no sex and there was possibly even a chance that they might end their relationship or marriage over this.

Mr. Smith realized this and he immediately began to apologize trying to reverse this situation and possibly save their relationship or marriage, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that I was inside rectangular maybe metal one-story building that was mostly just one large room with a hard floor, there were a variety of people around, and I was talking to a male soldier with light-color skin with maybe medium-color hair who was a bit taller than me and who was wearing civilian clothing.

At some point we were probably talking about hand-to-hand combat and the soldier offered to teach me some knife fighting and defending against knife attacks and some military combatives, and so I accepted his offer and to my surprise he took out two real combat knives and he threw one to me and I caught it.

I could tell that they were real combat knives so I told him that it is probably not safe to use real knives like this, he wanted to use them anyway, and so I told him that I could not use this because it was too dangerous so I gave him his knife back.

He then said something like: “Okay, have it your way, I guess we will try some defending against knife attacks first then.”.

He still had his other combat knife and he told me that he was going to really come at me with it, and that I would have to really defend against his real knife attacks.

I told him that this was dangerous and crazy and unnecessary, but he got into his attack stance and he started trying to attack me with his knife anyway so I had to dodge his attacks.

Eventually I was able to block some of his knife attacks and counter attack with hand-to-hand combat and use my grappling and clinch fighting skills to disarm him, at this point people started watching our fight, and the crowd slowly started to get excited as more people started watching us.

Now the fight was a hand-to-hand fight with punches, kicks, knees, elbows, locks, throws, takedowns, submissions, et cetera.

It was a pretty good fight and the crowd was getting excited, and then the dream transitioned without me noticing to where the building looked different now and there were two male ring announcers with light-color skin wearing suits commentating the fight and this was a professional either mixed martial arts (MMA) match or a boxing match now.

The soldier looked different now and he was the professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya now, he was wearing mostly black trunks and his muscles were very toned and oily and he was sweating because it was an intense fight, and we were having a good fight with sweat and blood and fatigue.

I am not even trained in hand-to-hand combat so I knew that he had the advantage in striking, speed, footwork, et cetera so I used my clinch fighting and grappling skills and varied striking to try to win this fight.

I clinched a lot to stop him from moving and getting strikes in while I get my strikes in up close, I used clinches that a boxer like him would not be used to, and I probably used strikes that he was not used to.

I remember hearing the ring announcers saying that Mr. De La Hoya looked slower and more fatigued than usual, they assumed that he must have had some family problems during his training that led to him not having his usual endurance and speed and footwork, and they said that he looked terrible out there compared to his usual self.

I saw that Mr. De La Hoya was breathing hard and was sweating hard and he seemed tired, I had a chance to win this fight, and so I continued my strategy which was working to neutralize his advantages and I was getting some good attacks in on him in the clinch.

Eventually Mr. De La Hoya was just too tired and I dropped him with one or more strikes, he fell to the ground on this back breathing very hard while sweating and bleeding, and the male referee who had light-color skin and wore a black and white striped referee shirt with black pants called the fight so I won.

I was given a championship belt for winning this fight to my surprise, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

In this part of the dream I was at a professional wrestling event that was taking place inside a small building, I had my championship belt on my shoulder as I walked around near the ring and by the crowd, and I saw and heard some male retired professional wrestlers talking in the crowd about their old wrestling days et cetera and all of them were still muscular (but it looked like they were probably on steroids or something like that) and Scott Steiner was one of them along with several other former WWE professional wrestlers.

I continued walking like I was leaving, I was happy about defeating Oscar De La Hoya and winning the championship belt, and I wondered if anyone recognized me.

I reached the oddly dark lobby that leads to the exit, at the back of it was a championship belt on display, and a group of men with light-color skin who were possibly about to head in my direction to maybe use the bathroom or something saw me and they saw me holding a championship belt so they assumed that I had stolen it.

One of these men was my former male classmate RM, they could not see who I was because it was too dark, and I heard them yell: “Hey!” and I walked further into the shadows and I told them to follow me and I said this in a somewhat scary way to prank them and to get them to follow me because I wanted to surprise my former male classmate RM and let him know that it was me and that this was the championship belt that I won.

They ran into the darkness after me, and then I revealed who I was and that it was my championship belt and that I was just joking with them.

After a briefly conversation I left the building.

Part 4

This part of the dream took place during the evening or night, I think that I was narrating at first as I drove an automobile down a quiet road on my way to my assumed house, and this seemed to be a television commercial (I can not remember for what or who though) so I guess winning that championship belt allowed me to get even more money and job offers and sponsors doing things like this and it was like one of those Lincoln Motor Company commercials with Matthew McConaughey (here is a parody because Lincoln keeps deleting the original for some strange reason):

It even matched the mood of those commercials, it was pretty cool, and I seemed to be controlling the direction of the commercial so I added some interesting things to it that I can not remember other than one part where one side of the road started to show different colors and move like water and you could barely see a hologram of my head projected in water narrating which looked pretty cool and trippy and unique with the slight waves of the water and the dim colors so you were not sure if that was really water or land that was somehow moving like water.

At some point I reached a nice neighborhood of mostly large multi-story stucco houses, this neighborhood and road did not have many people on it, and so it was on the outskirts so there was mostly grass and things around instead of a city or a lot of buildings which was nice.

Maybe the commercial ended because I was no longer narrating, a female’s voice was narrating, and I parked my automobile at one of the nice houses like this was my house now so I guess I was making some good money after winning that championship belt and doing commercials and getting sponsors et cetera.

There was an attractive woman with dark-color skin with long black hair wearing a tight short dress who I think the female narrator called Nancy, Nancy seemed to be my neighbor who lived in the house to the left of mine, and her house was very close to mine and neither of us had fences (no one seemed to have fences).

The female narrator did not like Nancy, Nancy was on her mobile phone talking to someone while walking toward the side of my house toward the back like maybe she was going to use my swimming pool or something, and it seemed that Nancy was probably an annoying neighbor who will use your stuff and walk on your property without permission.

I was surprised by this nice house and I wondered if it was really mine, was I really making this kind of money, but I did not seem happy but this was possibly part of an act if this was still part of a commercial but I am not sure if it was or not.

I walked to the back left side of the house where Nancy was walking, in the back I saw a raised wooden patio with maybe a swimming pool and some chairs on it, and connected to the back of the house was a long Olympic style swimming pool with its own glass building over it and it was all lit up and so was the house.

I saw people swimming in the indoor Olympic style swimming pool, I did not know who they were, if I did own this house then they were probably some random people I knew using my stuff but I was probably not really friends with them (just people using me and hanging around me because I was rich and famous now) but if I did not own this house then they were probably family of the owners.

To my surprise Nancy did not go on my property, I stopped for a moment looking at this nice property and maybe the female voice stopped narrating, and I did not feel happy and I was a bit numb.

I had all of this stuff and there were all of these people but that does not magically make you happy and the people were not real friends, and I am just a simple man who does not really need this much and longed for a more simple life with real family and friends and spending more time outside.

I possibly went inside the house but I am not sure, and then the dream transitioned to where it was day now and I walked past the house to were there was a river between a sunken area behind my house and a neighbor’s house on the right side.

Maybe my brother GC and / or someone else was with me, this person possibly changed one or more times between different people without me noticing, but I am not sure.

Walking outside by the river with a real family member or real friend was something simple and something that I felt would make me feel happy, and I saw three neighbors (a tall thin mother with short yellow hair who somewhat reminded me of the actress Julie Andrews in her younger days, and a young son and daughter) with light-color skin who seemed rich possibly swimming in the river or in a swimming pool near it.

My brother GC or whoever and me walked to the left to avoid being seen, and we walked and talked down by the river walking along it.

I remember talking about memories of doing things like this when I was younger and how I miss those days, and would like to experience some things like that now-a-days.

I remember watching out for snakes so we were walking carefully, and I was giving advice on what to look for to avoid them and other threats.

Being outside in this quiet area walking by the river talking to a real family member or friend definitely made me start feeling better, I probably mentioned how I was more happy doing things like this with them than hanging out in the large house with random people, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

4 replies on “Defeating Oscar De La Hoya For A Championship Belt”

Wow! You might win the award for longest dream ever.

I like the end of your dream. How you had all that money, house, car, and stuff, but all you wanted was to go for a walk and talk by the river with a friend /family member. The true, simple value of life.

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Hello Lost Truth,

And that was not even all of it. 😀

Me too, I think that was interesting how that happened out of no-where, it seemed like a clear message to myself (a reminder if you will).

Thank you for commenting,

-John Jr

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