Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) And Me Teaching Military Combatives To A Toddler

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be on vacation with some of my family, and at some point I temporarily separated from my family to go do something else.

I ended up being inside a house that looked almost like The E House, and I remember being in a bedroom on the hallway to the left where I remember talking to Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) and playing with a toddler who was possibly Angry Joe’s child.

The toddler was strangely wise and intelligent and mentally developed for his or her age, the toddler had light-color skin with curly brown hair and looked somewhat like my nephew CC, and the toddler could talk well for a child that age to my surprise.

At some point Angry Joe and I decided to teach some military combatives to the toddler, we wanted to pass on some helpful knowledge that could be used for defense and fitness et cetera, and so we started training the toddler in the bedroom.

What is the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)?

I was not sure if we would get interrupted or not or how much time we had, so I decided to quickly go over several techniques and strategies, and then go back to teach and practice those things in detail for a longer period of time.

But before I could finish Angry Joe became angry, he wanted to go over things slowly and teach and practice them in detail, and so he complained that I was going over the techniques too fast.

He was angry and yelling at me and complaining, I tried to explain to him that was what I wanted to do as well, but that I decided to start by going over them quickly to give an overview first in case we got interrupted or ran out of time so that the toddler would have an overview that they could use to practice for now until the next training session.

So we had a bit of an argument until Angry Joe calmed down enough to hear what I was trying to tell him, after the cooldown we started talking, and during this talk I learned that Angry Joe and I were possibly related so if the toddler was his child then the child was possibly my relative (a family member) as well (it was a possibility, but we did not know for sure).

If they were family members of mine then that meant that we would probably see each other more often, and so I would have a chance to teach the toddler more military combatives and pass on some other helpful knowledge; and I would finally have some family members to practice and train with and pass on more knowledge to.

The next thing that I remember is that I was with my family again, we were driving during the day (late in the afternoon), and we seemed to be trying to leave to return home from our assumed vacation.

As we were driving across a bridge-like street we got stopped by a police roadblock, there were other automobiles on the street, but they were all empty like the drivers left because the street would be blocked for a long time.

We waited in the automobile at first, across the street was a neighborhood that looked similar to the street that The E House is on, and we saw a woman who is one of our new neighbors arguing with someone and the police were questioning people (including her) and searching the area.

Some kind of drama was going on, not sure what though, and after waiting a while we decided to get out of the automobile and walk around.

At some point it seemed that the situation would never end, and so we decided to walk into the neighborhood to a street that looked like the street that my parent’s live on.

There was a house that looked a lot like my aunt JE’s house, one that looked a lot like The E House, and my parent’s house was on this street so it was a slightly fictional version of our neighborhood.

We decided to spend the night at The E House to have one more vacation-like night, and then the next morning we would return home.

I assume that we would get our automobile once the roadblock ended.

Oddly the city in this dream seemed like a different fictional city at first, but the Angry Joe part of the dream and the end of this part of the dream was like we were back in the city of D or like the city of D was combined with a fictional LC-like city but I did not notice this during the dream.

The end,

4 responses to “Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) And Me Teaching Military Combatives To A Toddler”

        • Hello True George,

          One thing that I do remember is the feeling of wanting to pass on knowledge that may be helpful to a younger generation (especially family), military combatives happened to be one of those things, I may not remember whose idea it was or why but I do know that.

          The child seemed more wise and ready even though the child was a toddler, it was very unusual, and so by dream logic that probably helped make it seem okay to start teaching someone that young something like military combatives.

          -John Jr

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