On Vacation With My Family & Matthew McConaughey

I had several similar and / or connected and / or continuing dreams, I kept waking up from these dreams and going back to sleep without voice recording them, and so now I can only barely remember part of them which I will type as one dream because it is not clear where the dreams starts or ends.

All that I can remember of these dreams is that at some point I had some form of communication that I can not remember with my former male classmate DH, maybe online and / or by mobile phone and / or in person, and at some point I remember going to his parent’s house to visit him but I am not sure if I really went there or if that was a daydream.

The next thing that I remember is that most of my family except for maybe my brother CC and his family went on a vacation it seems, I think that this part of the dream showed the drive there, and we went to a fictional city to a nice modern one-story hotel with large house-like suites and one or more indoor swimming pools et cetera.

The actor Matthew McConaughey was with us but I am not sure if he rode with us there or if he met us there, and I remember us moving our stuff into our rooms.

I remember using my mobile phone to call my former male classmate DH to invite him to join us, but he probably never did answer his phone or respond to my messages.

Our hotel suite was so big that everyone had their own room, including Mr. McConaughey, and some of this part of the dream took place at the hotel and maybe some parts took place around the city but that is all that I can remember of this part.

I am not sure in which dream this happened or which part of the dream it happened or where it happened, maybe at the hotel or maybe in the city of D or maybe in the fictional city or maybe somewhere else, but I remember talking with my former female classmate LC who was also in my dream from the previous night.

In both dreams my former female classmate LC was acting like she did when during one of my last memories of her when I saw her in real life many years ago when we were in high school, it seemed like there was something bothering her that she was keeping to herself and that she was thinking about and she seemed a bit numb and neutral-negative, and I wanted to ask her if she was okay but I did not want to bother her.

In my real life memory she was walking toward the front student parking lot, she was near the bus stop and I was headed in the same direction, and my wild guess about how she was looking and acting was that she was probably having relationship problems with her then older boyfriend so that is possibly what was bothering her in that moment.

In my dream from the previous night she seemed very numb and negative-neutral, but she was hiding it even more because she was at work in that dream.

In this dream she did not seem as numb and she was not hiding it as much as that dream or from my real life memory, and she actually opened up to me somewhat during our conversation.

In this dream we had a conversation in person and she was probably telling me about some of her problems, I can not remember the details, but I remember her being vague about something that I interpreted to mean that her boyfriend or husband was probably abusing her but she never did say this but I felt that she was hinting it vaguely; but that is all that I can remember of this.

The next thing that I remember is being back at the hotel during the day, I think that my family left somewhere (maybe somewhere in the city or somewhere else in the hotel building), and so only Mr. McConaughey and I were in the hotel suite.

We both decided to go driving around the city to get some food and maybe do some other activities, and I drove.

Mr. McConaughey was being very philosophical and we talked about various topics and he gave me advice and various words of wisdom and we had some debates as we drove, and he was acting like how he does in those Lincoln Motor Company television commercials.

There was a shopping center that I drove past at least three different times during these various dreams, in each dream I would always see a father and son with light-color skin getting out of an automobile in the parking lot to go inside the same store, and each time it would be a different father and son but they always had light-color skin and the son was always high school age(d).

The father and son would always say something to each other and maybe get something out of their automobile, I recognized that I had seen a father and son doing this same thing each time that I have drove past here, and so I told Mr. McConaughey about this oddity.

I slowed down so that he could see them, I described what they did each time et cetera, but I can not remember his response.

We continued driving and at some point either while I was driving or while I was parked somewhere I tried to call my former male classmate DH again to invite him to join us on vacation, my memory is unclear but I remember the feeling of an argument and anger and a misunderstanding between maybe my former classmate DH and / or Mr. McConaughey, but I can not remember.

I just know that my former classmate DH finally answered his mobile phone, he sounded numb and neutral with a hint of anger and he responding to me by saying a quote, but I can not remember the quote.

I just remember being confused and wondering why he was sounding and acting and responding like this, he did not answer my question of whether he would accept my invitation or not and it seemed that he was probably angry with me about something like maybe he blamed me for something but I had no idea what, and his only response was him repeating some quote as I tried to ask him what was wrong and what does that mean and what was he saying et cetera.

In my mind I saw him holding his mobile phone to his ear with a neutral-negative facial expression and repeating a quote almost robotically with a hint of anger, like maybe he felt abandoned by me or something and like he no longer considered me a friend now, but I had no idea what was going on and his only response was a quote or what sounded like a quote.

He either hung up the phone or the connection was lost before he finished his quote, and I tried to call and message him back several times but I got no response.

I was very confused by this and it bothered me, one classmate had opened up to me and the other had closed themselves to me, but I drove Mr. McConaughey and me back to the hotel.

I wanted to do various activities at the hotel when we returned, but Mr. McConaughey only wanted to relax and maybe swim so we did that.

My family had not returned yet, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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