Sleep Paralysis? | Semi-Lucid? | Fighting A Super Werewolf-Like Creature?

Early this morning I got so tired that I fell asleep on a couch in the living room for 3 – 4 hours, I woke up from one or more dreams without voice recording them, and then I stayed up until after 6 AM last night trying to catch up with everything from the previous day, and then I went back to sleep in my bed this time after barely setting the intention to lucid dream by way of a dream character telling me that I am dreaming.

I had an assumed sleep paralysis experience and several very short dreams that I kept waking up from, unfortunately I waited until later to voice record my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember some of the assumed sleep paralysis experience and only part of several of those dreams with maybe two of them being possibly semi-lucid dreams at some point, but it is not clear enough, so I will not count them as truly lucid dreams (Lost Truth still has the lucid dream trophy 😉 ).

Sleep Paralysis

Shortly after going to sleep in my bed I woke up into what I assume was sleep paralysis, but I probably kept my eyes closed because I was experiencing what I assume was an auditory hallucination.

I was laying in my bed with my eyes closed, and I kept hearing a sound that sounded like maybe a small creature making a sound, not a talking sound, but a sound like a scary little creature might make (maybe an open mouth semi-breathing from the mouth-like sound), but I can not remember how it sounded now because I waited too long between constantly waking up and going back to sleep from very short dreams after this experience before finally voice recording it.

I think that the sound sounded like it was coming from by the bedroom door, but I could be wrong, like the assumed small creature was by the door looking at me like it was waiting for me to open my eyes to scare me or like it could not get any closer to me for some reason, but I have no idea because I did not open my eyes because I did not want to make this situation any worse by adding possibly visual hallucinations to it.

I reminded myself that this was probably a sleep paralysis experience, so I should keep my eyes closed and relax, once I relaxed enough I then tried to move, and I was able to move.

I am not sure if I opened my eyes or not, I just know that I tried to ride this assumed sleep paralysis experience into a lucid dream like something that Lost Truth might try, but I failed, but I did have a very short normal dream and I woke up, and I went back to sleep like this several times having very short dreams before finally voice recording what I could remember before going back to sleep and having more dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside a modern multi-story building with many halls, I was walking among groups of other people, and we seemed to be on our way to leave the building when we suddenly heard the sound of police on a loudspeaker outside telling everyone to stay inside the building.

I am not sure if it was late afternoon or evening or night, I just know that some people ignored the warning given by the police, and then they went to walk outside anyway as I watched from inside the building through the glass doors that they walked out of.

Shortly after stepping outside the police shot and killed them from a distance (the police probably had riot gear and armored vehicles and a roadblock), people inside the building started to scream and panic, and they ran in different directions inside the building trying to find other exits down the various halls.

I heard the police at the end of one hallway yelling for some of the people to stop, and then I heard the police shooting them too.

I then heard the police at the end of another hallway yelling at another group of people to stop, and then I heard the police shooting them as well.

It was clear that the police were surrounding the outside of the building and were in the process of surrounding the halls inside the building, and so I would have to find another escape route or a place to hide instead of using the hallways.

I had no idea why the police were killing people like this, but I warned some of the other people near me that we needed to avoid the hallways but some of them did not listen to me and some did, but they ran in different directions leaving me alone.

I ran to a hallway on my far left where I found a small storage-like room with a vent that was big enough for me to fit through, so I unscrewed the vent cover, I put the screws inside the vent to hide them, I climbed inside the vent, I put the vent cover back on without screws but where it would look less obvious that someone had gone inside of it, and then I quietly crawled through the vents as I heard police shooting people and searching for people and surrounding the inside of the building.

Eventually the vent took me to a secret multi-story area at the center of the building on a middle floor part of it, the area that I entered from the vent was dark and rough-looking (I put the vent cover in this area back on to avoid detection), but some of the upper areas and lower areas were office-like areas and observation-like areas where some of the walls and mirrors et cetera in the building were designed where the people from the secret areas could see into other parts of the building without people realizing it, so there were some secret government-like agents watching what was going on inside the building using those hidden windows and hidden video cameras.

I was in the shadows, but I saw an upper room with a woman with light-color skin with medium-color hair wearing a female suit with skirt who seemed to be maybe a higher ranked person who was standing up by her window talking to someone either in person or using a communication device as she watched what was going on inside the building on several large screens, but then I heard some voices outside a door near where I was standing like some people were about to enter this part of the secret area.

I climbed down into a little area above a room to hide, they entered talking without noticing me, the area below me was like an office that connected to other offices, and if I stood up some people in some of the upper areas would possibly see me if I was not careful so I stayed crouched mostly as I looked for a better hiding spot.

I wondered what was going on here, who were these people and who did they work for, and why were they spying on and watching what was happening without doing anything.

The police were murdering people, and they did not care, some were even joking and laughing and talking about other things like nothing was going on, while some were serious and were watching the situation.

After some of the people walked through this area I wanted to jump down in the room below, but it was risky and there was something strange where I felt that something was not right with the physics, I felt that maybe the room below would tilt or like the floor and the ceiling would possibly switch places or something, and I possibly remembered (in the dream and / or after waking up) part of Lost Truth’s last dream that I read yesterday in her post called Information Download? Dream Sharing? and Shifting Perception, so I decided to not jump down.

It almost seemed like maybe they set this up, like maybe they watch to see how people react to various situations, like this is some kind of simulation or experiment, but I woke up before I could learn anything.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it almost seemed like a continuation of the previous dream, but I am not sure, and I was outside now in the evening or night, there were modern multi-story buildings around this area, and I was on a sidewalk next to a street and there was a gathering taking place in the street where people were supposed to talk about something and there were police around the area as well.

My brother GC was possibly with me at this point, or I met him later, this was a nice clean somewhat downtown-like area in a modern city, and I walked toward where the groups of people were gathering, and the police were there too.

As people waited for the talking to start, several groups of people started arguing about the Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Conor McGregor fight, I am not sure if the fight had already happened or if they were just arguing about who might win et cetera, and they argued about some other things as well I think.

Suddenly during the arguing some fighting started between groups of people, and then I heard gunshots, there was panic and chaos with people running and screaming and fighting and shooting, and the police trying to deal with the situation.

Some people ran down the streets and some ran into buildings et cetera, a male dream character with light-color skin told me to follow him, and he led me down a back road that went down a hill until we entered a building and some other people went this way as well.

I had no idea who this dream character was, but he seemed to be there to help guide me to a safe area, or he was leading me into a trap, I stopped for a moment trying to decide if I should trust him or not because it was a bit odd that some random person would single me out to help me, and he was acting a bit strange because of his quiet somewhat robotic friendliness and smile, but the dream character asked me to follow him again, and he signaled for me to follow him into a room on the right side of a hallway.

I went to follow him, and he continued walking, but then I saw my brother GC on the right side of the hallway, and so I stopped to tell him to follow me and the dream character and I possibly called the man a dream character like maybe I realized that I was dreaming somewhat, but I can not remember if this is correct or not.

My brother GC did not trust the dream character, I told him I was not sure if we could trust him or not either but that we should probably follow him for now, but that we should be on guard.

My brother agreed to follow for now, and so we went to the hallway on the left side to follow the dream character, but he had gone ahead already without realizing that we had not been following him, I assume.

At the end of the room were some steps that led down into another area, I saw a man walking down the steps, but I was not sure if it was the dream character or not, and then I started hearing what sounded like zombies entering the building chasing people, so I told my brother GC to run ahead I think, or I waited for him so that I could tell him to run ahead.

The zombie-like sounds were getting closer to me, I sat on the floor trying to prepare for one of them to run into the room, and I laid on the floor like maybe I was trying to avoid getting scared to avoid waking up like maybe I somewhat realized that I was dreaming or possibly dreaming.

Maybe I also did not want to try to control the dream or use any dream powers to avoid waking up, but I am not sure.

I just remember laying on the floor and then closing my eyes as the zombie sounds got closer, but I accidentally woke myself up when I did this.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place outside during the evening or night outside in a slightly fictional version of the area where The PH Trade Days area at the fairground should be combined with the yard of The E House and several fictional areas, I was possibly in high school again and was possibly younger again, and I was with some real former classmates (like my former female classmate FS and maybe my former male classmate BH and several others) and fictional classmates like maybe we were on a field trip or something and my coworker Mr. CF was working as a security guard helping to watch us.

We were hanging out in this outdoor area, at some point one of my fictional classmates who looked like a younger version of the actor Tobias Menzies got into an argument and something else that I can not remember with one of my real former male classmates, and I got involved in the situation.

I am not sure what happened or what Mr. Menzies did, but I know that he was very annoying, and I got so angry that I lost control briefly and I punched him in the face with a warning punch.

Mr. Menzies threatened to report me and possibly get me kicked out of school, I assume that we were maybe seniors in high school, and so I apologized, and I made a deal with him offering to let him punch me in the face if he does not report me, and he agreed.

A male classmate who I trusted enough followed us to a side street by where The FF Bank should be, this classmate was going to be the witness, and once we got there Mr. Menzies started to prepare his punch and I stood there ready to let him punch me.

Mr. Menzie punched me on the left side of my face with a right hook, he put almost all that he had into it, and my head turned to the left and the punch was hard enough to slightly stun me for a second or two, but I shook it off.

I pretended that it was a harder punch than it really was, and I complimented Mr. Menzie’s punch to make him feel good about himself, it worked because he seemed worried about his ego et cetera, and then I went to let my other classmate know that I resolved the situation.

After that I walked to some front steps of a building near the road next to a small body of water where my former female classmate FS was fishing from, I started talking with her, and something happened that I can not remember where someone possibly found a skull or a head of a strange creature, or they found an old corpse of a burried sealed away creature who attacked us once the seal was broken, and maybe I decapitated it with a scythe-like tool we found, or it was just a head at first, but I am not sure which.

I just remember the skull or head of the creature bouncing around and jumping at us trying to bite us until we trapped it in something, we moved it maybe across the street to a yard to find some other weapons to kill it with, and we found some hatchets and the scythe if we did not have it already.

We moved the skull or head of the creature from the trash can or whatever we had it in to cover it with a plastic top so that we could kill it with our weapons, I remember hitting it through the plastic and something broke into pieces it felt like, and so we lifted the plastic top to see pieces of something thinking that it was dead.

Either it regenerated like it had a healing factor or it had hidden under the dirt, either way it jumped out and started attacking us while quickly growing a body and changing into what seemed to be a werewolf-like creature that could stand on two feet, and it grew hair and muscles, and it grew taller than most of us, and our weapons were not working against it.

The werewolf-like creature chased us around as we fought it, and we ran to the yard that was like the yard of The E House.

The situation was bad, and it got worse once the werewolf got the scythe, and it started using it to attack us, I decided to sacrifice myself by distracting the werewolf while the others run, and so I told them to run while I fight the werewolf.

But to my surprise my classmates and my coworker Mr. CF did not run, they started to surround us, and they started to tell me that I could win, and they started to cheer me on and give me encouragement.

I once again told them to run and save themselves, that we probably could not win, but they believed in me.

The werewolf could talk now, and he was taunting me and telling me that I could not defeat him as he chased me around trying to kill me with the scythe and / or bite me as I dodged and jumped and blocked.

I started trying to gain some courage while powering up as I continued to avoid the werewolf’s attacks (I possibly somewhat realized that I was dreaming or was close to realizing it), my plan was to try to build enough courage to go on the offensive and after powering up enough to put all of my energy into a super punch to see if that could destroy the werewolf because the other weapons were not hurting him, and so I hoped to punch him with a powerful punch like something that All Might (Toshinori Yagi) from the animated (anime) television show My Hero Academia might do.

My Hero Academia English Dub – All-Might vs. Noumu (Plus Ultra!)

But I accidentally woke up while I was trying to do all of that and stay alive.

The end,

  • John Jr

2 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis? | Semi-Lucid? | Fighting A Super Werewolf-Like Creature?

  1. Police not caring about who they shoot. Sounds about right unfortunately.

    Sounds like you had a lot of almost lucid dreams. I’m glad you also got to try to lucid dream from a sleep paralysis situation, even if it didn’t work, just remembering to try is progress 🙂

    Sounds like my dream somewhat affected your dream. That happens to me a lot with your dreams and other people’s. I think it’s pretty kool.

    Interesting that when you closed your eyes in the one dream you woke up. Maybe that is a trigger for both of us.

    Too bad you did not get a chance to see if your super charge punch would work on the wearwolf type thing.

    Thanks for sharing your dreams!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Lost Truth,

      And in my first dream is was even worse, they seemed to be intentionally killing everyone.

      Yep, though I am not sure if I was fully lucid or not, but I agree that it is progress. 😉

      Yes it did, and I also think that is pretty cool.

      That was the early method that I used to use to wake up from dreams, laying down and closing my eyes like I am trying to sleep, and so that is probably a trigger for both of us; plus I was bracing myself for a zombie possibly running into the room so that probably had a part in it. 😉

      Yeah, I was close to gaining enough courage, it was strange and nice to have people cheering me on and encouraging me during that but it is unfortunate that I did not get to continue the dream a bit further.

      You are welcome, and thank you for commenting. 🙂

      -John Jr

      Liked by 1 person

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