Waking Up From A Coma In The Future?

I had several dreams last night but unfortunately I can only barely remember part of two dreams because I did not voice record the other dreams that I had when I went to sleep on a couch at first.

Dream 1

This dream was probably inspired by an animated short video that I saw on YouTube yesterday for the video game Overwatch called Overwatch Animated Short | “Rise and Shine”.

I wish that I could remember more of this interesting dream because I am very interested in learning what happened exactly.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that something happened that I can not remember, and I assume that I ended up in a coma or something like that for probably many years.

I woke up in the future, probably many years later, and I was laying on my back on a table in a small windowless room that seemed like a back room because the door led to another room that then probably led to another room and the room that I was in probably had a somewhat rough sturdy lower-class futuristic look to it.

There was a small floating robot in the room next to its charging station I assume and some computer equipment that was possibly monitoring my vitals and doing some other things I assume, and the floating robot looked somewhat like the robot in that Overwatch animated short.

I woke up feeling weak and strange and maybe there was some pain in a somewhat realistic way, my body was thinner, and my skin looked like fresh burn victim’s skin or something with my top layer of skin being all messed up and torn and reddish with dark spots like it was burnt-looking where you could see the next layer of skin and maybe some muscles and so were my clothes which looked burnt into my skin or like my skin and clothes had decayed after so many years and there was sticky stuff that was probably from my body or that sticky stuff and reddish and dark stuff was something else but I assumed that it was my damaged skin and clothes.

My body had been laying there so long that I was stuck to the table because of the sticky stuff, and so I had to peel myself from the table by sitting up which hurt a bit and I could feel the stickiness and I could hear the sounds and I could feel the pull et cetera so it felt pretty realistic.

I am not sure if the robot woke me up or if I had finally awakened on my own, I just know that the robot and I started talking, and I started asking it questions and it spoke in a male robot voice as it answered my questions and explained my situation.

The robot told me what happened to me, how long my body had been there, maybe what year it was, that it had been taking care of my body and keeping me alive during that time or some of that time, what condition my body was in, that my skin would heal, where some food and water and maybe medicine et cetera was that I needed to take, where the bathroom was so that I could take a shower, where some new clothes were, and more.

I sat on the table at first talking to the robot while trying to recover enough to stand up, I probably got to stand up but I can not remember, and I was amazed that I was still alive after all of this time and that I was alive and expected to heal even though my skin was in such bad condition on the surface but I did not get to see my face because there was no mirror.

This all felt pretty real so my mind and body felt somewhat like how you would think it would after waking up so many years later, which is what made this dream so hard to remember, and which is why I can not remember most of it now.

The robot was very helpful and he shared so much with me in a short amount of time, he answered all of my questions, but unfortunately I can not remember any specific details that he gave me or why I was kept alive et cetera.

I possibly went to take a shower or bath, maybe I did but I can not remember, and I was going to eat and drink and maybe take my medicine et cetera before asking more questions and exploring to see how much had changed in all those years that I had been unconscious.

The news and / or a television commercial was possibly playing on the screen of one of the computer or television-like devices when the robot was talking with me, I think that it was local news showing the weather and other news, I wanted to focus on it to learn more details but I had to focus on what the robot was telling me so I can not remember the details of what I saw or heard unfortunately.

And that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately,

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at what I assume was my shelver job at The BP Library except it looked like a slightly fictional version of The E House combined with a slightly fictional partial version of The BP Library and there were no patrons there and I only saw one of my real coworkers and two fictional coworkers there, and it was a Thursday.

I remember walking up a hallway toward my coworker Mrs. SG’s office when I saw my coworker Mrs. C, we started talking as she walked into Mrs. SG’s office, and then I walked into the office to continue talking to her but I saw that she was on the telephone now so I walked to the garage to wait a moment until she finishes talking.

My coworker Mrs. C’s conversation was taking too long so I walked away, and I walked into the areas that looked like The E House and I saw a fictional female coworker with light-color skin who looked like a thinner version of my former coworker Mrs. J.

This fictional female coworker asked me to get two guns that were in the building and she wanted me to bag them up and put them in a storage building outside because guns should not be in the building, and so I said okay and I went to do this while she continued walking into another part of the building.

I walked into the living room to look for the guns when a fictional male coworker who looked like the YouTuber Adande Thorne (Swoozie) walked into the room, it was not Swoozie but he looked very similar to him, and we started talking.

I told this fictional coworker about the guns and then we looked for them and we found them, one was a Red Ryder BB Gun-like BB gun, and the other was a loaded shotgun.

We bagged both guns and we walked outside into the back yard, it was day time outside, and we looked around to make sure that no one was looking and it was clear so we put the guns in the laundry building and I took the shotgun shells out of the shotgun and I put them back in the box with the other shotgun shells.

We walked to the middle of the yard to talk when I noticed a truck reversing toward the yard, and the truck was pulling a trailer with a riding mower et cetera on it.

At first I thought that it was my uncle CE but then I realized that it was an unknown slightly older man with dark-brown skin wearing a baseball cap, and then I noticed some new neighbors in the alley behind my aunt JE’s house and where The R Trailer used to be.

The man in the truck did not back into the yard like I had expected, and he drove forward like he was trying to reverse his truck somewhere else to park it so that he could get out and cut the grass somewhere (maybe the new neighbors yard).

Some of the new neighbors were possibly from Mexico (Mexican), there were several girls and other children with light-to-medium color skin with dark hair, and I remember seeing an old woman with light-color skin with white / gray hair wearing a bandanna watching them play.

They had one or more clothes lines set up with clothes on them, and they were on the land that belonged to my mom’s family.

They seemed to be using the entire alley behind other people’s houses et cetera to play, do their laundry, hang out, et cetera without asking for permission from the people who owned those yards.

The kids were about to play soccer or American football it seemed, and I assumed that these new neighbors were probably going to be a bit of a problem but they seemed to be having fun at least.

Our other female coworker walked outside, she said that it was almost time for work to end, and maybe I looked at my watch or something and it was about 4:45 PM and I was to get off work at 5:00 PM so we decided to relax and maybe find something to do outside until it was time to leave work for the day.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Waking Up From A Coma In The Future?”

Hello True George,

You could be on to something there, I can not remember what happened before all of this, the table was not a normal table, obviously something unusual happened to me, there was some advanced technology, et cetera so it is possible. 😉

Wait until you read Lost Truth’s latest post.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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