John Crichton And / Or I & A Spaceship & Outer Space & Aliens

I had several dreams last night but I only voice recorded part of one dream, and so that is the only dream that I can remember part of at this time.

My memory of this dream is very incomplete and confusing, this is a wild guess based on my incomplete and unclear memory of this dream, but I think that maybe several aliens from several different alien species (I may have not been the only human, but I can not remember so I was possibly the only human) and I were possibly captured and being held prisoner by one or more species of aliens on maybe a spaceship and / or a planet and maybe we fought back and / or escaped in their spaceship or another spaceship but I can not remember.

The spaceship was a large probably mostly black probably metal rough lower class transport-like or utility-like spaceship that looked a bit like a spaceship version of Howl’s Moving Castle:

During our escape or journey through space in the spaceship some or all of us possibly went to sleep or something because I possibly remember waking up once we reached a planet that might have been Earth but I can not remember, and I just remember everyone going outside to have a meeting.

The character John Crichton from the television show Farscape or someone like him and / or I seemed to be the captain now, maybe I was John Crichton and / or maybe sometimes I was him and maybe sometimes I was myself and / or we were separate characters and / or I was seeing things like I was there without actually being there, but I can not remember.

John Crichton and / or I walked out of the spaceship that we landed on this planet, we were in an area that looked like where the R Trailer used to be next to my aunt JE’s house and it was daytime, and John and / or I had no shoes or socks on.

John and / or I went to lead the meeting but he and / or I noticed strange green grass-like / hair-like growths on his and / or my toenails and toes, it looked and felt like grass that was a bit hair-like, and none of us knew what it was.

We had no doctor among us but some of the aliens had some basic medical knowledge so they ran some basic tests on John and / or I, the tests showed that John and / or I were in good health and things seemed normal, but those were just basic tests so we would need a doctor and more tests to know for sure.

Most of the aliens looked and acted very human, there were various non-human skin colors with various unique non-human features among them, and there were males and females of various sizes and shapes et cetera but I can not remember any of them specifically because of my incomplete memory and because I was unconscious during the trip and I was mostly focused on my feet once we reached the planet.

After the feet situation John and / or I started the meeting where we talked about various things including our plans to travel to another planet, and John and / or I went over the plan and rules and safety precautions et cetera that we needed to take.

After the meeting we got back on the spaceship and we traveled to an alien planet, I remember us hovering the spaceship next to the edge of a cliff where we were slightly below it to avoid detection, and there were some alien soldier-like people patrolling on foot who looked like they were possibly of the alien species called the Kree.

Some of us were probably supposed to sneak on land to scout the situation while other we to stay on the spaceship and stand guard while avoiding being seen, but some of the aliens on my crew did not follow the plan and rules and recommendations that John and / or I gave them.

Some of the aliens in my crew hovered our spaceship too close to the cliff and they did not hide, and one of them started to climb over the edge of the cliff for a closer look as a guard / soldier was about to patrol that area.

They were about to get detected or they got detected but I can not remember, I just remember finding out and being annoyed and complaining about it, and I probably ranted to those who broke the rules and I probably warned the others.

As I was trying to figure out how to deal with this situation I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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