A Rapper & A Drive-Through & Faye Reagan

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was walking in a fictional city, and at some point I entered a building where an event was taking place (maybe an awards show-like event).

At some point the host or whoever called someone on to the stage to maybe present something, and I think that this person was a fictional famous rapper wearing dark-color clothing and a baseball cap and a do-rag.

After the presentation / awards show / event / whatever, I ended up talking with the host and the rapper, and the rapper recognized me and the rapper seemed somewhat familiar to me.

The rapper told me that they were related to me, maybe cousins, and we started talking about that and about maybe the last time that we saw each other years ago and about their career et cetera but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a gray day or late afternoon in a fictional version of the city of LC or a LC-like city, and I drove to a fast food restaurant and I went through the drive-through.

At the drive-through window where you pay for and get your food was a female employee, she recognized me, and she possibly seemed somewhat familiar to me.

The female employee claimed that we were related, maybe cousins, and maybe I somewhat remembered her as being one of my family members or I was not sure.

I ordered my food and we talked but somehow we let the person behind me place their order before I got my food, my male cousin ME walked over and talked to us and we let him order his food, and at some point some food was brought to me and I gave the female employee my debit card to pay for the food.

The female employee told me that it would be $99 for my food, which made no sense, and so I told her that there must be some kind of mistake because my order should have been no more than $10.

She had already charged my debit card unfortunately, eventually we figure out the problem, and the problem was that they charged me for the food for the person who had been in front of me and the person behind me and my cousin ME and my food.

I asked the female employee to please fix this and remove those extra charges from my debit card, and then began a long process of her going back and forth trying to do this with me having to keep asking questions and reminding her and she would not answer some of my questions and it was taking too long for them to fix this.

I remember asking for a receipt and / or something else as evidence because I was going to check my bank account later to see if they really removed the charge or not, and if they did not I was going to return with my evidence to get this fixed but the female employee was not giving me any evidence.

After a lot of back and forth and waiting I either got a receipt and left or I just left, and I remember driving like I was going to leave the city.

At some point I noticed a woman driving a motorcycle, and eventually I realized that it was the Faye Reagan.

I remember us driving next to each other a few times and I had my window down, and we smiled and we waved at each other a few times and maybe we said a few things to each other as we drove.

There was someone else driving behind us, at some point I remember hearing Faye Reagan’s radio playing, and I heard a radio advertisement where there was a male voice talking about some rooms for rent that were cleaned regularly and sanitized by professionals and the male voice was naming other positive things about the rooms for rent in a way that made me think that they were hinting that those rooms would be good for sex workers (pornographic actors and actresses, prostitutes, et cetera) to rent.

At some point we reached a bridge where you had to stop and park your automobiles and get out to wait and maybe pay or something to get across, maybe we had to wait for the bridge to be let down or maybe we had to wait for a ferry, but I am not sure.

There were other people there including women with children, to my surprise Faye had two or more young sons with one of them being a baby in a baby stroller, and she pushed the baby stroller and her other son or sons followed her to the area where you had to wait and maybe pay.

I followed them, there was a man with light-color skin who seemed to be over this area who was telling us what to do and maybe you had to pay him or something, and we had to wait our turn to maybe pay or sign something or something like that.

Faye and her sons were waiting near several other women with children, I was standing near Faye and her sons, and at some point Faye son or sons started to play with the children of a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair, and that woman had only sons as well and one of her son’s had a flashlight.

Faye’s son or sons and the other woman’s sons started playing with the flashlight, at some point Faye’s son had the flashlight, and there was a struggle over it as one of the other woman’s sons tried to take it back.

Faye was either paying the man or signing something or whatever when this was going on, while she was gone I decided to watch out for her sons even though she did not ask me to, and so I paused for a moment trying to decide how to handle this situation.

The other woman’s son got the flashlight back and Faye’s son was sad and maybe started crying, I probably walked over to him, and then Faye returned and the woman started ranting at us about what just happened.

I explained the situation to Faye and I apologized to the woman and Faye, the woman was still angry, and we went back to waiting but I woke up.

The end,

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