Superpowers | A Memento-Like Movie With Leonardo DiCaprio?

I had some interesting dreams last night, but unfortunately I only barely voice recorded part of two dreams.

Dream 1

My voice recording for this dream was short and too unclear for me to make complete sense of, and so I am not sure what I said during parts of it.

All that I can make sense of from my voice recording is that part of this dream possibly took place during the night, and there was someone in the dream who had superpowers.

My voice recording said something about me trying to get close to the person who had superpowers so that I could either give them superpowers or get some superpowers or something that I could not make sense of because I could not understand what I said. 😀

My voice recording also said something about maybe getting too close to this person with superpowers could possibly cause their superpowers to activate and maybe possibly attack people, but I am not sure because I could not understand what I said.

And that is all that I could make sense of, there was more, but it got lost before I could voice record it all after waking up to use the bathroom first.

Dream 2

I think that this dream started as or was a Christopher Nolan-like movie that felt like maybe a combination of the movie Memento (which I have not seen yet) with a hint of the movie Inception with one thing that reminded me of something from a John Wick movie (I have only seen the first movie) combined with a detective / mystery movie.

MEMENTO – Trailer

I was possibly watching this at first and maybe somehow I ended up being in the movie / dream, but I am not sure what happened exactly other than I was in the dream at some point at least.

This movie / dream was very interesting because it started in a way that did not make things clear to the viewer or the main character, it left clues to make you and the main character assume what was going on without really knowing what was going on, and the entire movie / dream was like this as you and the main character slowly make assumptions while trying to figure out what is really going on.

This movie / dream started with what seemed to be a male detective with light-color skin who was the main character and who was walking to a somewhat secluded area in maybe a building or something, like maybe he was going to meet someone and / or was there to spy on someone for an investigation, and something happened that I can not remember where he got shot by someone I think.

There was a man there who the actor Gary Oldman who seemed to be playing the role of maybe another detective (someone who possibly worked with the main character and was possibly even his partner) who you assumed was a corrupt detective who was possibly running illegal activities on the side (maybe illegal drugs and maybe an organized crime group and maybe other things) or who was possibly just a high-level criminal running some of those illegal activities but those were just assumptions.

There was a jump in time and the main character had survived getting shot to everyone’s surprise, he had recovered, and the returned to work for the first time and he was played by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mr. DiCaprio’s suffered memory loss from his near-death experience so he could not remember what happened to him exactly, and so now that he was back he started investigating his attempted murder.

He was welcomed back by his fellow law enforcement officers, but Mr. Oldman and some of the other police officers probably looked either afraid and / or worried and / or not happy about Mr. DiCaprio’s return / survival like some of them were possibly involved in his attempted murder and / or just did not like him and / or something like that.

After talking to his coworkers about the investigation and going over the clues and evidence et cetera, Mr. DiCaprio left to investigate the crime scene himself, and then continue his own investigation into what happened to him.

Mr. DiCaprio felt that it was possibly an inside job, he felt that maybe one or more corrupt law enforcement officers had possibly tried to kill him or have him killed when he was getting too close to learning that they were possibly running some illegal activities on the side, and so he went with that assumption as he continued his investigation.

During his investigation he met, talked to, spied on, and joined up with several different people but I can not remember the details of this.

I just know that one of the people who ended up joining him was a woman who looked like or was the actress Radha Mitchell, there were several men and maybe one or two other women who joined him, and I was one of the people who ended up joining with him as well.

All of us ended up joining up with Mr. DiCaprio under various circumstances that happened randomly where we were somewhat forced to join him under each circumstance, like getting attacked and having to work together to survive, et cetera.

During one part of the dream Mr. DiCaprio went to spy on some people, there were several men with a transport truck, and Mr. DiCaprio ended up following them but some people attacked the truck.

During this situation at least one other person ended up joining Mr. DiCaprio, maybe me because I possibly witnessed this attack, but I can not remember.

Mr. DiCaprio and the others and me followed the attackers I think, maybe they escaped but I can not remember, but I do know that we gained some information to find a certain man who was at a bar so we went to this bar.

Once inside we possibly found the man and he went outside so we followed him, but some men who I think were male United States Marines and / or skinheads with light-color skin with shaved heads wearing tucked in military T-shirts and military pants followed him outside before we got outside.

Once we got outside the Marines and / or skinheads were bullying the man by some automobiles, they had him bent over a car with his pants pulled down like they were going to rape him after just beating him up or they were just humiliating him, and so we told them to stop.

The Marines and / or skinheads responded very aggressively to us, they spoke American English and they probably referred to each other with military ranks so they were probably really United States Marines, and they started to threaten us even as we tried to calmly and peacefully resolve the situation.

Our attempts failed and the Marines and / or skinheads attacked us, they acted all tough and macho and military-like and aggressive, but surprisingly we were winning but one or more automobiles with more Marines and / or skinheads arrived to help them.

We were outnumbered now and they were going to start fighting dirty (weapons et cetera) so the situation was bad, we continued fighting, and something happened where an old man with light-color skin (who was possibly the man who we were trying to help, but I can not remember) pulled out a revolver and pointed it at our group bringing the fight to a stop as he held my group at gunpoint.

Mr. DiCaprio managed to disarm the old man but now that there was a gun involved, we feared that the Marines and / or skinheads would pull out their guns, and maybe they started to get their guns but I can not remember.

Suddenly a van drove up quickly, a woman with light-color skin wearing a female suit with dress skirt got out with maybe an assault rifle pointed out while yelling for everyone to drop their weapons and get down and keep their hands where she can see them, and so everyone followed her commands.

Then the woman opened the back of her van which was full of guns and ammunition et cetera, and she walked over to Mr. DiCaprio with some measuring tape and she wrapped it around his head measuring his eyes horizontally first and then vertically.

She knew Mr. DiCaprio and he got up, it seemed that during the fight he had called her, and then she gave him some recommendations on which weapon to get.

I thought of this woman as a gun tailor, and this part of the dream reminded me of something from a John Wick movie.

This woman seemed to sell weapons and ammunition et cetera, and could be called up when needed.

The woman would measure your eyes, ask you a few questions, quickly observe the situation that you were in and who your enemy were et cetera, and then she would make recommendations on which guns you should get and ammunition and she would even sight your weapons for you.

She knew that Mr. DiCaprio usually used pistols and so she recommended a certain pistol for him, and he picked that one and she gave him some ammunition.

Mr. DiCaprio was paying for this, and so all of us in his group were going to get guns and ammunition et cetera.

The woman went to me next, she measured my eyes and asked me a few questions, and to my surprise she correctly guessed that I would probably want an assault rifle or a personal defense weapon (PDW).

She recommended something more compact like a carbine or a PDW, because of the environment that we would likely fight in and because that would be easier to conceal, and so I asked her if she had a FN P90 and she said that she did and she showed one to me.

I asked her a few questions and she recommended that I use a modern sight like a red dot sight et cetera, and so she handed me a FN P90 with maybe a red dot sight so I took that and some ammunition and she moved on to the next person.

While she was doing that Mr. DiCaprio started interrogating the old man, after that we walked about the investigation so far, and Mr. DiCaprio started to realize that we possibly had been making incorrect assumptions this entire time.

During the investigation Mr. DiCaprio had met people who feared him, some people who seemed to not like him, some people who wanted him dead, et cetera and the clues and evidence was starting to paint a different picture that seemed to suggest that Mr. DiCaprio was possibly the corrupt detective who was possibly running illegal activities on the side and that maybe Mr. Oldman was investigating him and trying to stop him and either tried to kill him or have someone kill him because he felt that Mr. DiCaprio would get away with it or he just happened to be there when Mr. DiCaprio got shot.

If this was true then maybe someone tried to kill Mr. DiCaprio because of that or maybe a rival wanted to take over what he was controlling.

The gun tailor was possibly even more evidence to suggest that this was possibly true because what she was doing seemed illegal and like a service that criminals would use, and she knew Mr. DiCaprio’s preferences like he had used her services before.

We were shocked by this possibility, Mr. DiCaprio was especially shocked, and he possibly started to remember a few pieces of what happened the day that he got shot.

He was starting to get some of his memory back, and he was trying to put the pieces together but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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