Outer Space & Going To A Future Earth?

Dream 1

This was the most interesting dream of the night but unfortunately I can not remember most of the important details, and so this dream lacks proper context because the beginning half is forgotten.

I am not sure what happened exactly (possible time travel or waking up in the future) but I assume that maybe I was awakened or I woke up on my own, maybe I was in suspended animation or something but I can not remember, and it was the future (or I somehow time traveled to the future) I assume on either a spaceship or another planet but I can not remember.

I am not sure if I was part of an experiment or if I was part of an ark sent into outer space in case Earth was destroyed or if aliens had abducted me or something, I can not remember at all, I just know that I was either awakened or I woke up on my own.

I am not sure if someone woke me up or if I woke them up after I woke up or if we all woke up and / or were awakened at the same time, I just know that at some point I ended up being with a woman with light-color skin with maybe short yellow hair, and a man with light-color skin.

I am not sure if there were more people who were still in suspended animation or not who were still asleep.

I am not sure if we fought some aliens to escape or if we sneaked away from some aliens to escape or what happened exactly, I can not remember unfortunately, but if there were aliens then they were probably not like your usual aliens but I can not remember if there were aliens or not.

I can only remember that we left in a large spaceship, I am not sure if we were already in space or if we left from another planet, and I am not sure if the spaceship was one that we were possibly already in.

I just know that we left in a large spaceship and we flew to another planet but we stopped our spaceship in space near the planet, and we took a smaller spaceship that looked slightly like a spaceship from The Jetsons except more practical and realistic to the planet.

We flew down to the planet which possibly was Earth in the future but I am not sure, I could not tell if it was morning or afternoon or evening because the coloration of the environment was different from Earth so it was not clear or blueish and it was a more hazy maybe red / orange color but I can not remember.

We slowly flew over multi-story apartment-like buildings with balconies and other building, but we were not seeing any people or signs of animal life even though things did not look destroyed or anything.

Eventually we landed our spaceship on either the top of a building or on a balcony, and we walked along the balcony cautiously and we were ready to run back to the spaceship if necessary because we had no weapons or armor to defend ourselves and our spaceship had no weapons.

This felt real, it really felt like being on either another planet or a future Earth, and I could feel and hear the emptiness and the weather and the temperature and the air and the moisture level of the air and more.

It looked like almost everyone on the planet had left or disappeared or died or hid or got taken or something suddenly, things were abandoned but were in pretty good condition, and the only life that we saw at first were some cockroaches walking around on the balconies et cetera so I remember stepping on some as we walked.

It was very strange having a planet be so empty like this, I remember feeling like something was not right and I felt afraid, and so I told the others this and that we should leave this planet now.

The woman and man with me thought that I was overreacting, but I managed to convince them so we went back to our spaceship to leave the planet back to our large spaceship.

As we were started to fly we noticed some rats on the ground, the woman wanted to land, but I did not think that was a good idea so I flew over the area instead so that we could safely watch the rats from a distance.

We started noticing more rats and the woman once again wanted to land, and so I decided to land briefly so that we could get out of the spaceship for a closer look briefly.

At this point the woman either reminded me of or was a younger version of my coworker Mrs. LF at The BP Library, she thought that the rats were cute, and as we looked at the rats on the ground I looked around and I started to notice more and more rats and there were way more rats than cockroaches.

Those were the only two forms of animal life that we saw, and we wondered what happened to the people.

I started to noticed waves of rats climbing over buildings and from various areas, I warned the others that we needed to get to our spaceship immediately before they reach us, I was not sure if they were coming after us or not.

As we ran back to our spaceship to avoid the swarms of rats, there was so many that one multi-story building was covered by them so I was very worried about them possibly killing us if they reached us, the woman stopped when she noticed a large rat-like animal (it was not a rat, it was bigger, and it looked more like a nutria rat (coypu)).

I yelled for her to keep moving because the swarm of rats were getting closer, but she thought that the large rat-like animal was cute so she was trying to pet it or something.

It started walking toward us and so I kicked it in a bit of a panic because I was not sure if it was going to attack us or not, and the swarm of rats were getting closer.

The woman got mad at me and so I told her and the man that I was going to leave without them if they did not hurry up, and I ran to the spaceship and I got inside and I started it up to leave.

I paused a moment and the woman and man finally ran and got inside, and we flew into the sky before the rats could reach us.

I was not sure if any rats had gotten on the outside of our spaceship or not, and I did not want to bring any of them to our larger spaceship.

I wanted to leave the planet immediately but they probably wanted to fly over the area to look for any survivors and that would also be a chance for any rats to fall off if there were any on the outside of the spaceship, and during this I am not sure if we found a young woman or girl with light-color skin with yellow hair or not or if we flew back in to space to our large spaceship.

There is a possibility that we found a girl or woman but I am not sure, and if so maybe she led us to some other survivors but I am not sure and if so we probably helped them and if so we probably flew them to our large spaceship to take them to another planet or a different part of this planet but I can not remember.

So basically I am not sure about the survivor part, but I am definitely sure about the flying away from the rat situation.

There was more to this dream before this and during this and after this, it was a more detailed and interesting and clear dream, but unfortunately that is all that I can remember which if very unfortunate.

This dream felt very real and it was pretty amazing and a bit scary, I am not sure if that planet was Earth in the future or if it was another planet, and I wish that I could remember the earlier part of the dream so that I could understand our situation and whether aliens were involved or not.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly partly continued from the first dream, maybe we returned to or still were on the planet from the first dream and / or left to another planet, and maybe we either picked up some people to take them to another planet and / or some of us landed and went inside a building where some of them were staying on that planet and / or another planet that we took them too but I can not remember.

I just remember some multi-story apartment-like buildings with balconies like in the first dream, I remember several people who were possibly from Mexico (Mexican) and several other people being on the balconies, and we helped them in some way.

The next thing that I remember is being inside a building, maybe one of those buildings, and there were several other people there but I can not remember the details.

I just remember that some areas were somewhat like maybe the living room and family room of The E House combined with a fictional building / apartment, in this area I found some old stuff that looked familiar, and some of it contained things from my past (maybe yearbooks, photo albums, videos, et cetera).

My former male classmate BH walked over and he found a photo album with photographs that we recognized, at first I thought that it was one of my photo albums which made no sense, but then we found the name of the owner written on it and some photographs that I did not recognize.

The owner was probably a former schoolmate or classmate of ours, and so many of the photographs were from back when we all were in school together.

I remember maybe finding some videos with things from the past, and I probably went to look at some of them and to look at the various old objects while my former classmate BH walked away to do something.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up even though I know that there was more to this dream, but I can not remember most of it and the important details are missing now unfortunately so this dream lacks its proper context.

The end,

-John Jr

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