Inception’s Hidden Meaning: The Film Is The Dream 🤯

What is it?

Recently I was looking for some videos about the movie Inception so that I could add some videos to my post about Inception when I found an interesting short video about the movie Inception called Inception’s Hidden Meaning: The Film Is The Dream by the YouTube channel ScreenPrism:

Inception’s Hidden Meaning: The Film is the Dream

What is it about?

This is how ScreenPrism describes this video:

The characters in Inception correspond to a film crew, and a hidden anagram in their names reveal the deeper message of the film. Buy or rent Inception on Amazon:

My Thoughts

I am not sure how true the things in this video are, but I think that this is interesting and I had not heard about this before until I saw this video.

If this is true, then the movie Inception has even more layers and complexity than most people think, and that could explain why dreams did not have as big a role as they could have and why the characters were the way that they were in the movie and why the movie itself turned out like it did.

Also, if this is true, then I wish that the movie Inception would have done a better job making it clear to the audience that dreams can be important and that we should consider looking into them more deeply sometimes to better learn about ourselves et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr

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