My Mind Responding To Thoughts | Talking To My Former Classmate JC

Last night I got about 3 hours of sleep after staying up very late trying to catch up with things from yesterday like trying to prepare my post for my genealogical DNA test results, and so my mind mostly thought and had some semi-daydreams and some short dreams.

I think that my mind was thinking about things that I did during yesterday and some things that I had to do today, like work and preparing that post et cetera, and sometimes my mind would respond to those thoughts verbally and / or through short dreams and semi-daydreams.

That sounds strange but I think that happened several times, I think that there were periods where I was in a state of unconsciousness / consciousness where my mind was going over thoughts and memories and daydreams et cetera, and it would respond to some of them on its own I think so maybe I was able to hear my own mind talking sometimes in response to its own thoughts and memories et cetera while I just observed this in this strange state of unconsciousness (imagine being able to see and hear your subconscious doing its own things separate from your consciousness).

I could be wrong about that because my memory is just too unclear, but that is what I think happened.

I barely woke up in time for work so I forgot those thoughts and semi-daydreams and short dreams (other than knowing that they involved things from the day and things in the near future, that post I am still working on, and maybe something involving the video game Sleeping Dogs because I watched a video by Itsreal85Gaming called SLEEPING DOGS : YEAR OF THE SNAKE ( FUNNY GAMEPLAY) yesterday) except for barely part of one short dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I remember walking either outside and / or inside and / or in an outdoor / indoor area that was maybe like a narrow courtyard / alley-like area at some point.

At some point as I was walking through an area with tables with people sitting down eating and drinking and talking, someone greeted me from a table to my right, and sitting at the table with some of his family and maybe some of their friends was my former male classmate JC.

My former classmate JC was in a good mood and he was happy to see me, we have not seen each other in years, and so I was surprised and I stopped to talk with him and his family et cetera.

They possibly invited me to sit with them and maybe I did, we talked about various things that I can not remember, and maybe my former classmate JC and I walked and talked alone at some point.

My former classmate JC possibly invited me to meet up with him and maybe some of his family later at a certain location but I can not remember, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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