Arnold Schwarzenegger Singing In French?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a family (husband, wife, at least two young songs, and maybe a young daughter) with light-color skin, my family was possibly in the dream at some point but I can not remember, and I am not sure if I was myself or if I was the oldest (adult) son in this family.

There was a flashback of something that happened in the past where maybe some creatures or some kind of natural and / or paranormal and / or supernatural threats attacked Earth I assume (I can not remember what they looked like, there were probably several different kinds, and maybe one typed was small and could fly looked somewhat like an ice wrath from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim except that it did not look ice-like), and this family and / or my family and I hid inside a somewhat hidden area inside a house-like building.

Inside this house-like building there was a hallway and one of the rooms in this hallway was possibly a small closest with a small vent or semi-hidden door that was up on the wall or on the ceiling that allowed you to reach hidden attic-like area in the house-like building, and the family and / or my family and I hid in there during the attack.

Some of the threats entered the house by breaking a window and they reached the hallway, but they did not find them and / or us so they and / or we survived.

I assume that the attack was short and ended worldwide suddenly I assume, that was the past, and the dream jumped from that flashback to the present.

It was daytime and the family was inside the house-like building and I was there but I am not sure if I was myself or not, and I am not sure if my family was there at some point or not.

There was talk of the possibility of another attack by the creatures or threats, and so the family and I were talking about the situation and preparing to hide.

The family had not taken any precautions since the last attack to my surprise and disappointment, but there was no time to prepare now so we made our way to our hiding spot.

The news and / or maybe a warning siren signaled the start of the attack, we hid until the attack was assumed to be over, but one of the young sons wanted to go outside even though we told him now and he ran outside anyway even though the news had not given the all-clear yet.

One of the other sons wanted to go outside too so he ran outside as well, and I followed after them to make sure that they were okay and to try to get them back inside.

Things seemed clear outside at first, I told the boys to get back inside, but they thought that it was safe.

Then we saw a dog getting chased by one of the creatures or threats, maybe it was one of the ice wrath-like threats, and so I told them to get inside and we ran inside as the threat killed the dog and we probably saw one or more other type threats before we got back inside.

We returned to the hiding spot, the kids were a bit in shock, and we told the others what happened but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I am not sure if this is one long transitioning dream or several dreams, and so I will type it as one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and a baby or toddler (maybe my nephew CC) and I were outside during the day walking to a field where there were some people, it was a bit park-like, and there was a tall wooden platform.

Near the platform some young men (mostly with medium-to-dark color skin, but some had light-color skin) were playing one or more sports, and I remember climbing the platform and standing on the top of it with my brother GC who was holding the child for my parent’s temporarily.

There were rails at the top of the platform but they were very unstable and would move, it was very dangerous, and we were high up.

At some point I held the child as I enjoyed the view until my dad was ready to hold the baby, the platform was too high and unstable for me to climb down with the baby, and so my dad wanted me to drop the child and he would catch him but that was too dangerous in my opinion so I tried to get as low as I could and hand the child to my dad.

The platform rails were just too unstable for me to feel safe doing this, and so something happened that I can not remember where maybe the platform fell or we used another structure to help me get down.

Whatever happened was also dangerous, I remember falling with a structure, I stood up straight and I kept my balance as it fell slowly as I held the child and we reached the ground safely.

I gave the child to my parent’s and then I remember them wanting to move some very nice furniture, and so we moved the furniture to what looked like a slightly fictional version of the parking lot of the shopping center by W Park in the city of D.

There was an area in the parking lot near where Subway should be where people could sit, and so we put the furniture there at first so that people could use it.

The furniture was indoor furniture and so I told my parent’s that we probably should put it inside instead, honestly the furniture was so nice that I wanted to keep it and I wondered why my parent’s were getting rid of nice furniture like this, and so we moved the furniture inside one of the buildings where Subway should be.

This building had a lobby that people could sit in and watch television as people shop in the other buildings or parts of the building, and so we arranged all of the furniture nicely in the lobby and I made sure to let my parent’s know to leave enough space for wheelchairs could move between the furniture.

After this we sat in the furniture to rest and talk and watch some television, while we were doing this there seemed to be some Disney themed television special, and during one part the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was singing and maybe talking using a song and maybe some lines from the 1991 animated film Beauty And The Beast.

My family was talking and the volume was low so I could barely hear Mr. Schwarzenegger, and it sounded like he was singing and maybe talking in another language so I tried to listen closely to figure out what language it was and it sounded like maybe French in a bad (different) accent.

I asked my family to be quiet for a moment and for them to listen, the volume was still too low on the television, but I heard what sounded like a few French words as Mr. Schwarzenegger sang and / or spoke what sounded like a Beauty And The Beast song in French.

I was confused and entertained by this, I remember smiling and laughing as I tried to make sense of what he was saying, his singing and accent was pretty bad (especially his accent) but he was having fun.

At some point my family needed to leave to maybe an awards banquet and / or insurance banquet, and it was located in a fictional area across from where the voting place should be.

We probably drove and parked in the parking lot where the voting place should be, the parking lot was bigger than in real life, and everyone else went to the banquet except for me and I waited outside in the parking lot for them.

At some point the banquet was over and everyone was walking outside to leave, I noticed some of my former classmates including several former female classmates with medium and dark-color skin with black hair whose names I can not remember, and we started talking.

In the distance not far from the building where the banquet took place there was a new building, my former classmates told me that building was going to be what I assume was a Mao museum, which I assumed to mean Mao Zedong but that was my wild assumption in the dream.

Outside the building I noticed several Confederate flags, I assumed that this was vandalism, and so I asked my former classmates and they said that it was vandalism and that someone had done that to another new building as well that was going to be maybe a mosque or something like that and then they burned down the building before it could even open so they assumed that the same thing was going to happen to the Mao museum.

I possibly saw a flashback of a newspaper clipping about this, and then my former classmate told me that this type of vandalism and this type of hate crime was on the rise and this bothered them.

This did not surprise them though because they told me that more people were starting to feel comfortable enough to reveal their hate publicly and do things like this now.

After our conversation my family probably left in their automobile, but I decided to walk and follow some of the other people.

As I walked there was a man with light-color skin behind me and a woman with light-color skin behind him, and we walked to a shopping mall / maybe college-like building.

I continued following the others through the shopping mall-like areas and then into some college hallway-like areas until the two people behind me and I entered a quiet corner near a stairway and a hallway that curved left, and I saw a man with light-color skin leaning against a wall near the stairway-like area in the shadows like he was up to no good.

The man walked toward me and started saying something that sounded like maybe he was sexually harassing me, but it turned out that he was actually talking to the man behind me it seemed because he walked to the man and I never stopped or responded to him.

The man behind me told the other man to please leave him alone, and he walked past me quickly to escape.

The harasser then started to harass and threaten and sexually harass the woman behind me, the woman told him to leave her alone, but he would not so she threatened to call the police but he did not care and two other men (two large men with one being bald with dark-color skin and the other with light-color skin, and they were wearing leather jackets and blue jeans) walked out of the shadows toward her.

I was walking slow at this point to see if I needed to stop and help the woman, the situation looked bad like they would try to rape her, and they continued harassing her so I took out my mobile phone to quickly call emergency services to let them know and to let them know where we were so that they could come while I deal with the situation.

I tried to do this without them noticing me so I tried to hide behind something, but I accidentally dialed the wrong number.

I did not really have time to talk to them anyway and so I considered recording video and walking toward the men, and try to get them to back down and then call emergency services when I get the woman to safety.

They were surrounding and harassing the woman and there seemed to be no time, I assumed that one or more of them were probably armed, and so I would have to be careful so I tried to consider my options.

I needed to get the woman to safety and I wanted to avoid violence, honestly I wanted to beat them up, but I did not want to put the woman’s life or my life at risk in a violent situation like this where we are outnumbered by possibly armed people even if I felt that I could defeat them because it was too risky with too many unknowns.

The men either did not notice me or they did not care, I hoped that they would back off on their own but that did not seem likely, and so I waited while trying to come up with a plan.

They were not touching the woman yet so I had a bit more time, and I was going to get involved if they touched her.

One non-violent option that I thought up was to walk over pretending to be a stupid and unaware tourist asking for directions, I would ask them if they knew where a certain store in the building was (a store for women), and I would tell the woman that she probably knows where it is and I would ask her to walk me to that store and I would get her away from there and then we would call the police.

I started to prepare myself to play that role and what I would say while also preparing several other plans.

The situation was bad, walking over there aggressively would probably make the situation worse, and so I had to be smart about this.

Time was running out so that made things worse, the pressure was on, but I was not going to sit there and do nothing if they touched her; and I was ready to get violent if my non-violent plans failed.

The end,

-John Jr

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