A Soon To Be Attack / Invasion And Drunk Family Members

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was outside during the day near some houses and a street in a small neighborhood that had some small fields around it.

I remember my parent’s and my brother GC being there as well, unfortunately I can not remember the dream before this point, and at some point a young man with light or light-medium color skin with short hair with a forehead that poked out further than normal walked out the front door of a house that was probably not far from the house that my family and I were near.

The young man had guns, ammunition, et cetera but I am not sure if this happened before or after my family and I heard a news announcement either over the radio or over a mobile phone.

When the young man walked out with the guns we were concerned at first, but it seemed that he was just checking them and cleaning them and loading ammunition in the magazines et cetera.

The news report mentioned that the government predicted that there would be an attack soon, I assumed that maybe another country was going to attack and / or invade, but the news report possibly did not say what kind of attack or by who but I can not remember.

We assumed that the young man was getting his guns ready just in case for him and his family and friends et cetera, and my family and I stopped to talk about this and about what we should do.

My brothers TD and KD walked over, I asked them if they knew the young man because he looked somewhat familiar, and they knew the young man so they walked over to talk with him and look at his guns.

I remember seeing them talking and looking at the guns and handling some of the guns, and I walked in the field to my left where there was an abandoned house that reminded me of The E House.

Around the corner of the house across the field I saw two men approaching, one of them looked like my male cousin JE, and they were moving like they were drunk.

I hid to avoid being seen but I looked around the corner again to see who they were, and it was my male cousin JE and the other man was my former uncle CE (CS) who is the father of my cousin JE.

Unfortunately they saw me, I walked to the other side of the house, but it was too late so I walked out in the open as they called to me loudly in drunken voices.

They were very happy and they were smiling and stumbling, and they had to help hold each other up sometimes because they were so drunk.

They walked over to greet me and then they walked over to greet the rest of my family, and they started talking to us happily and loudly and drunkenly.

They were so drunk that it was like a scene from a comedy and they even fell a few times, it was awkward and a bit sad, but at least they were in a good mood I thought to myself as I braced myself as they drunkenly talked to us loudly and happily while stumbling around.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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