Oblivion (2013 Film)

What Is It?

The 2013 American post-apocalyptic action-adventure science fiction movie Oblivion.

Oblivion Official Trailer #1 Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Movie HD

What Is It About?

Here is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:


In the year 2077, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) works as a security repairman on an Earth left empty and devastated after a war with aliens.

Jack has two weeks left before his mission ends, and he joins his fellow survivors on a faraway colony.

However, Jack’s concept of reality comes crashing down after he rescues a beautiful stranger (Olga Kurylenko) from a downed spacecraft.

The woman’s arrival triggers a chain of events that culminates in Jack’s nearly single-handed battle to save mankind.

Rating: PG-13 (Nudity|Brief Strong Language|Sci-Fi Action Violence|Some Sensuality)

Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Action

Original Language: English

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Producer: Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark, Barry Levine, Duncan Henderson, Joseph Kosinski

Writer: Karl Gajdusek, Michael Arndt

Release Date (Theaters): Apr 19, 2013 Wide

Release Date (Streaming): Aug 6, 2013

Box Office (Gross USA): $89.0M

Runtime: 2h 15m

Distributor: Universal Pictures

Production Co: Chernin Entertainment, Radical Studios, Monolith Pictures

Sound Mix: DTS, Dolby SRD, SDDS

‘Oblivion’ Featurette: The World Of Oblivion
Oblivion Official Featurette #1 (2013) – Tom Cruise Futuristic Movie HD

My Thoughts

I saw this movie at the C movie theater several years ago in the city of LC.

I liked the visuals and the Sky Tower, which was beautiful, and I wish that I could visit and live in it in the real world.

I liked Andrea Riseborough’s performance as the character Victoria “Vika” Olsen, who I wish would have been in the movie more, and the end credits song Oblivion by M83 featuring Susanne Sundfør.

That song went almost perfectly with the end of the movie, and I actually stayed in my seat to listen to it and watch the end credits.

This song and the end credits either magnified the feelings that I felt toward the movie and / or it created new ones.

There were some things that I did not like about this movie, which I will not mention to avoid spoilers.

Oblivion Featurette: The Sky Tower

I still liked this movie better than some people did, but I have only seen it once, several years ago.

IGN Reviews – Oblivion Video Review

The end,

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