Siri’s Place?

I had several dreams last night, I am not sure if this is one or several dreams, and so I will type it as one dream.

This dream or dreams was / were pretty long and it / they involved me moving from place to place meeting people along the way and I would meet some of these people in several different locations and / or I would meet people who knew them and I went back and forth between some places several times, and so my memory is very incomplete and flawed because this dream / these dreams were so long and went back and forth between people and places.

This dream / these dreams moved smoothly between outdoor and indoor locations during the day I assume (at least during the parts that I can remember), one central location between these places that I probably had to pass through the most was a raised one-story building that had a raised walking bridge connected to it that you could use to cross a park / maybe baseball field to reach one location on the right side and another location on the left side, and there was a small indoor market-like area in the lobby of this building.

I think that this building or a large part of it was called Siri’s Place and it was either owned by or mostly rented out by or rented by Siri, Siri owned and / or rented out and / or rented most of the building and a few other people rented small parts of the market area like the church that Mrs. CH (the mother of my former male classmate DH) goes to, and their church had a small church sale there to try to raise money for the church but I can not remember what other businesses were in the market.

Siri also lived in this building in a small apartment that was connected to the lobby, it had its own separate door and small entrance area, and almost half of the lobby belonged to Siri and she would often have people (mostly or all men) there waiting and hoping to see her and talk to her and maybe go on a date with her and / or have sex with her and / or buy some of her merchandise and / or whatever she had going on in Siri’s Place.

I would pass through this area, stop to look at the market and sometimes end up talking with and helping people who(m) I often met throughout this dream or dreams, sometimes sit and enjoy the view outside because the lobby was raised and had lots of glass walls and / or windows, and walk on the bridge.

Some parts of the dream possibly involved the baseball field and / or some area where maybe baseball and / or another sport was played and maybe some gambling (betting) and auctioning took place there and / or somewhere else in the dream, and I possibly met my former male classmate DH in one or more parts and areas of this dream and I met his mother Mrs. CH several times in several locations in this dream and I met Sister R who goes to their church several times in several locations.

In the market I met an old woman with medium-color skin named Sister *Something that I can not remember* who was a member of their church who would sometimes handle the church sale in the market, we talked about Mrs. CH and my former classmate DH and Sister R and their church and their church sale et cetera, and Sister Whoever had me help her with something.

Sister Whoever told me that their church sale was not doing good enough and that they were at risk of having to close it down, they wanted to rent or buy more market space to see if that would help but Siri was refusing to rent it out or sale it, and so there was some conflict between their church and S.

They did not like what Siri was doing with Siri’s Place, they were against what she was doing morally and they felt that maybe some of what she was doing was probably illegal (possible illegal sex work), and so they were possibly in a legal battle against Siri.

I am not sure what Siri’s Place was really about exactly but it seemed that men would wait and possibly fill out paperwork and hope to be chosen, maybe she would look at it and them trying to weed out some and pick the ones that she wants, and then she would do business with them or whatever which seemed to possibly involve several different thing depending on the client (but something sexual seemed implied at times depending on the client (possible short dates, maybe massages, possible stripping and dancing, possible sex, et cetera), but sometimes it was probably just private merchandise sales and other non-sexual services but I can not remember and / or never knew).

The closest thing that I can think of in comparison is the Asari Consort Chambers run by The Asari Consort Sha’ira in the video game Mass Effect:

Sha’ira: The Asari Consort Story. Shepard Got Laid on Citadel (Mass Effect 1)

Sister Whoever was probably closing up for the day, maybe that is what I helped her with, and maybe Mrs. CH and Sister R showed up and we briefly talked before they left and I sat in the lobby to relax.

There were many men in the lobby at Siri’s Place waiting for Siri, some maybe even filled out paperwork about themselves in hopes of getting some time with Siri, and I remember Siri walking from her apartment several times to talk to some of the men and maybe take some of them inside another area or inside her apartment.

At some point Siri said something to me but I can not remember what was said or what happened between us (I think that she felt that I was a nice guy and different from many of the other men there, and so maybe she chose me next), she mistakenly thought that I was there for her not realizing that I was just in the lobby relaxing, and I remember one or more men in the lobby getting angry about not being chosen by Siri so there was an argument between Siri and one or more of the men where they said some horrible things to her.

Siri got so angry that she yelled for most or all of the men to leave, there was some more back and forth arguing before most or all of them left, and maybe Siri turned some of her anger toward me because I was still there not realizing that I was in the lobby of the market and not in her area.

I probably tried to explain this and that I had nothing to do with those other men and that I did not do or say anything negative toward her, she possibly realized her mistake or she falsely assumed that I was like the other men and she angrily stormed off to her apartment, and as I was leaving a male lawyer with light-color skin wearing a suit walked over to talk to me.

The lawyer was working on the legal battle between Siri and Mrs. CH’s church, someone probably reported Siri to either the police and / or the owner or one of the owners of the building (if Siri was not the actual owner already) and they possibly found that Siri had not paid her taxes and / or gotten proper permits and / or something, and so they were removing Siri’s authority and control of most of the building.

So Mrs. CH’s church and other businesses were going to be able to rent and / or buy more market space, and they were going to be able to change the name from Siri’s Place to something else so whichever name got the most votes would be chosen as the new name of the building.

The lawyer was about to talk to Siri about this and then he was going to tell Mrs. CH and her church, I thanked him for the information, and I waited for a moment to listen to him tell Siri about this.

Siri was furious, she was already angry before, but she was very angry now and she probably ranted and stormed around the area after hearing the news from the lawyer.

Siri was going to keep her apartment but she possibly lost her business, and so she probably asked how was she going to make enough money without her business.

Things were going to be awkward with her still living there and having to see her enemies everyday who won, and so I wondered if she would stay or move to open her business somewhere else.

At some point I left and maybe I talked to Mrs. CH and Sister R and Sister Whoever, they were happy and they immediately temporarily rented more market space in hopes of making enough money with their church sale to help fund their church, and then I left.

The next thing that I remember is maybe being at a professional wrestling event or seeing something involving professional wrestling and / or something else, and then I remember walking home outside.

At the end of my uncle WC’s street I noticed a lot of strange movie-like spy versus spy and something else stuff that I can not remember going on, at the end of this strange part there was an older maybe British man with light-color skin with gray / white hair and facial hair who reminded me of a James Bond-like character and he was possibly a spy, and he had a very old convertible race car or sports car.

I remember hearing the music (the song Tank) from the beginning credits for the Japanese anime (animated) television show Cowboy Bebop playing during some parts of this last part of the dream:

Cowboy Bebop – Opening Theme – Tank!

The man was dealing with a situation and he left his car in the street, the actor Tom Cruise was playing a rogue-ish spy-like character and he was hiding and he wanted to take the car, and so he sent a very small trained dog to get inside the car and start it up or something crazy like that which worked.

The older man noticed the dog and he ran to stop the dog and so Mr. Cruise walked out of hiding pretending to help the man, Mr. Cruise got inside the car and got the dog and he offered to help the man with his other problem, and they drove up the street toward my parent’s yard like maybe they were headed there too or something so I followed them.

But I woke up.

The end of this dream was probably inspired by an episode of Lupin The Third Part IV and an episode of Cowboy Bebop that I watched before going to bed, but I have no idea what the inspiration was for the rest of the dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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Hello True George,

Thanks to your comment I went back and I listened to my voice recording for this dream, which I did not do before typing it, and I realized that I forgot to add a part at the end where I heard music in the dream.

I also added two things that I think inspired part of the end of this dream.

So thank you 😀 ,
-John Jr

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