Do You Believe In Evil? – Alice & Luther – Luther – BBC

What Is It?

A scene from the British television show Luther called Do You Believe In Evil? – Alice & Luther – Luther – BBC by BBCWorldwide:

Do You Believe In Evil? – Alice & Luther – Luther – BBC

What Is It About?

This is how BBC Studios describes this video:

DCI John Luther visits Alice Morgan’s apartment.

Alice sees human existence as insignificant compared to the universe, with its vast galaxies and black holes.

Will her philosophy survive after direct contact with Luther’s belief system.

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My Thoughts

This scene was well acted and well shot in my opinion, Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson did a good job in this television show, and I loved the dynamic between their characters John Luther and Alice Morgan.

I wish that their two characters would have had more screen time together throughout each season.

I wish that the BBC would upload more Alice Morgan scenes, especially her interrogation scene and church scene and several others.

Because there are not enough official Alice Morgan scenes on YouTube, and she is possibly my favorite character on this show.

The end,

  • John Jr

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