An Alien & Predator Amusement Park?

Alien vs. Predator poster


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All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside an indoor / outdoor Alien franchise and Predator franchise themed amusement park-like area that was possibly connected to The BP Library because some of my coworkers were working there in an entrance area with some beds and some bathrooms and one or more of our library computers were there.

I was in the entrance area that had some bunk beds against the wall on the left, the wall was possibly made of a light-color fake maybe cave-like stone that was carved so that you could climb on top of it and at the bottom was an entrance to a tunnel, to the right were several small bathrooms, in the bed and bathroom area were one or more library computers, and past this area was maybe where the other non-tunnel part of the amusement park-like area began.


Your Stats Are Booming! | September 26 2017

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Santana – El Farol

El Farol

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Today’s song is the song El Farol by Santana from the music album Supernatural.

What is it about?

Description by Santanaofficial:

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El Farol · Santana / 山塔那

Supernatural (Remastered)

℗ 1999 Arista Records LLC

Released on: 2010-02-16

Guitar, Composer, Lyricist: Carlos Santana / 卡洛斯山塔納
Keyboards, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Programmer: K.C. Porter
Guitar, Percussion: Raúl Pacheco
Keyboards, Programmer: Chester Thompson
Bass Guitar: Benny Rietveld
Drums: Greg Bissonette
Percussion: Karl Perazzo
Congas: Raul Rekow
Co- Producer: J.B. Eckl
Engineer: Glen Kolotkin
Engineer, Mixing Engineer: Jeff Poe
Engineer: John Karpowich
Engineer: Jim Gaines
Engineer: Steve Fontano
Assistant Engineer: Chris Manning

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