An Alien & Predator Amusement Park?

Alien vs. Predator poster


Alien vs. Predator (film)

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All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside an indoor / outdoor Alien franchise and Predator franchise themed amusement park-like area that was possibly connected to The BP Library because some of my coworkers were working there in an entrance area with some beds and some bathrooms and one or more of our library computers were there.

I was in the entrance area that had some bunk beds against the wall on the left, the wall was possibly made of a light-color fake maybe cave-like stone that was carved so that you could climb on top of it and at the bottom was an entrance to a tunnel, to the right were several small bathrooms, in the bed and bathroom area were one or more library computers, and past this area was maybe where the other non-tunnel part of the amusement park-like area began.

It seemed that maybe the amusement park was close to opening and so maybe the employees were practicing and training and getting ready, there were employees dressed up as more humanoid xenomorphs (aliens) and predators, and they were stationed in the areas near where we were.

These employees were actors and actresses in costumes who were there to scare visitors in the amusement park, and so this part of the amusement park was like a haunted attraction and funhouse based on the Alien and Predator theme.

I was on one of the bunk beds and there were one or more other people on bunk beds including my former male classmate DH who was on a top bunk, and I remember going on the top bunk to talk with my former classmate DH.

At some point my former classmate DH showed me a video on his laptop, and the video was filmed from an angle in the air where you could see my uncle WC’s house.

The colors and the look of the video were older and the houses and automobiles looked to be from an older time period back when the house belonged to my grandfather IC who died years ago, and a car pulled up to the house and parked and a man got out who was my deceased grandfather IC.

My grandfather IC was younger and healthier, he still was older but this was back when he could still do everything on his own, and his clothing and hat (some outdoor work-like clothes and a blue baseball-style work cap) matched the time period.

Everything seemed pretty accurate, it was like watching a memory in video form, and it was an amazing and emotional experience.

I started describing some of my memories that this video brought back and of things in the video itself to my former classmate DH, I became so emotional that I had to stop myself from crying, and so it was very hard to talk because I was trying to not cry.

Eventually I recovered and as I was still talking my coworkers Mrs. J and Mr. JM walked in, I probably greeted them, and I realized that it probably looked awkward that I was sitting on my former classmate DH’s bed and I hoped that they did not misunderstand what they saw.

I needed to urinate so I was going to use one of the bathrooms, but my coworkers were working on something in one or more of the bathrooms so I decided to wait.

I continued talking to my former classmate DH about how all of my old videos were stored on VHS tapes but I was not even sure where they were now, and that we had given all of our VCRs (videocassette recorders) to my aunt JE over the years so I would not even be able to play them if I found them.

I remember talking about various times that I fixed my aunt JE’s computer and some other things involving her various VCRs and DVD players that we had given her over the years, when two boys with light-color skin who were family members of my coworkers overheard me, and one of the boys recommended that I try fixing my aunt JE’s computer using remote access next time that I need to fix it.

He did not use the words remote access, he used another word or words that I assumed were used on that functionality on Linux-based operating systems, and then he opened up a prompt on one of the library computers to start typing in a username and a password to gain remote access into the library network but the other boy stopped him saying that was not a good idea and I agreed so the boy stopped.

I thanked the boys and I told them that my aunt JE does not have internet access and when she did she had dial-up internet and she has the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system installed on her computer, and so remote access was not an option unfortunately.

My coworkers were still working on something in the bathrooms so I decided to explore the tunnel in the amusement park, and it was set up to be scary and creepy like you are in the lair of a xenomorph (alien).

The tunnel was dark and it became more and more damp the further you got, I reached a hallway with a dead-end to the left and an open area on the right at the end of the hallway with water on the ground and with water dripping falling from the top, and there were one or more employees playing the role of xenomorphs in the open area so it somewhat was like a cave-like version of this area:

Some of them would patrol the area and some other areas behind this had predators who would patrol, and they would chase you and try to scare you and even touch you sometimes.

I decided to avoid them but one of them saw me at some point, and so I tried to hide by climbing on the top of the wall overlooking the area with the beds that also overlooked the hallway.

This top area had areas that you could move around on so that you and / or the employees could move and sneak around better through various areas, it was pretty interesting and there were various hiding spots, but one of the xenomorph actors saw me hiding and climbed up after me.

I did not see him for a moment and then he jumped out of hiding from a different area to scare me, and then he touched me to scare me even more and to represent that I was dead now.

I remember jumping in fear and then laughing, and then I returned to the bed area and he returned to patrolling the area.

I forgot to mention that this actor was able to move around very acrobatically and he tried to move around like a xenomorph, which was impressive and made things even more creepy and scary and fun, and so this was good practice for them because they would be opening soon for the first time I assume.

The bathroom was still being working on so I could not urinate yet, and I really needed to urinate at this point.

But I woke up, and in the real world I really did need to urinate.

The end,

-John Jr

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