Your Stats Are Booming! | September 26 2017

Today I glanced at my notifications and I noticed something from yesterday that I missed, it was a notification from, and this is what it said:

Your blog, John Jr’s Blog , appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

26 hourly views – 2 hourly views on average

A spike in your stats

On that day my most viewed post was my post called Do You Believe In Evil? – Alice & Luther – Luther – BBC which had 52 views, and my blog’s total view count for that day was 113.

Do you believe in Evil? – Alice & Luther – Luther – BBC

Thank you, but I wish that there was an option to enable email alerts and / or more noticeable alerts for things like this because I sometimes miss these things because the notification area it hidden unless you click on it and the contrast between items there is not enough and things can be overlooked for various other reasons so it would be nice to have some improvements to the notification area and to have some other ways to be alerted about things like that so we do not miss things like this.

The end,

  • John Jr

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