Protecting President Trump & A Dream Character Has A Lucid Dream?

I briefly woke up from a dream smelling a burnt-like smell but I heard no smoke alarm, and I saw no smoke, so I went back to sleep without getting out of bed.

I woke up again later from another dream smelling a burnt-like smell again so I got out of bed to check a few rooms and I glanced out of a few windows, but I did not see any signs of fire or smoke and I did not smell it again when I got out of bed to check (no smell in the bedroom either oddly).

I assumed that either I hallucinated the smell or maybe it was some smoke smell that was possibly trapped in one of my pillows from earlier this week when someone turned on the stove too high and their pizza started to send a smoke smell throughout the house, and so I went back to sleep.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in and / or near a slightly fictional version of W Park in or near the back parking lot, The President Of The United States Donald Trump was visiting, and an event was about to take place and / or was taking place (maybe a fair).

I am not sure if I was somehow allowed to help The United States Secret Service or if I was a Secret Service agent, either way I somehow ended up helping protect President Trump, but I can not remember how or why.

I just know that we were waiting for more Secret Service agents to arrive because there were not enough security there protecting the area yet, and so I was helping a few Secret Service agents protect President Trump as he waited in a vehicle of some kind in or near the back parking lot of W Park.

I was standing in front of the window of the vehicle that President Trump was in and I was standing next to the window that he was sitting next to, and either the window was open and / or the door was open so I was able to see and talk to President Trump.

President Trump and me talked and we possibly played a game of some kind and / or something else that I can not remember, but I can not remember the details.

The parking lot was clear but across the street were some people waiting to meet President Trump and / or waiting for the event (maybe fair) to start.

At some point President Trump got tired of waiting on the backup Secret Service agents to arrive so either he got out of the vehicle without warning us or he asked the head Secret Service agent in this area (who was a man with light-color skin wearing a dark-color suit and dark sunglasses) if it was at least safe enough for him to go ahead and leave to meet people and start his visit and head to the event (maybe fair), either way I remember President Trump getting out of the vehicle, and he was going to walk across the street to meet people and start his visit.

The head Secret Service agent in this area did not allow me to go with them (so I assume that I was not a Secret Service agent, and so maybe I was just a normal person who somehow was allowed to help them protect President Trump until backup arrives), he told me that they could handle it from here until backup arrives, and maybe he asked me to help guard the vehicle until backup arrives.

The head Secret Service agent used his communication device to warn the other agents that they were moving President Trump, and he called some of them to come assist him and the other agents.

I saw some Secret Service agents moving to the crowd across the street while the others were with President Trump, and President Trump disappeared in the crowd along with his agents as he greeted people.

I did not think that was a good idea and I did not feel that there was enough security yet, and so I disagreed with the head Secret Service agent’s decision even though the city of D is pretty safe.

But I woke up as I watched from a distance while still guarding the vehicle while trying to see where President Trump was because I could not see him because he was in the middle of the crowd, which was too dangerous in my opinion.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I woke up in a large windowless carpeted rectangular room with a row of twin sized beds (I am not sure if they were bunk beds or not) on the left side of the room and a row of beds on the right side of the room, my coworker Mrs. DT woke up on a bed on the left side of the room, and I woke up on a bed on the right side of the room.

I had awakened from a dream not realizing that I woke up into another dream, so now this was a dream within a dream I guess, and I woke up remembering the previous dream.

In that previous dream I met a boy with light-color skin with black hair who had some kind of disability, and this boy told me he had a dream (possibly a lucid dream) and he shared his dream (maybe lucid dream) with me.

Maybe in that dream we both woke up in that dream as well, like my coworker Mrs. DT and I in this dream, but I can not remember.

I possibly shared my previous dream with the boy but I can not remember, but I do remember trying to remember his lucid dream so that I could remember it when I wake up.

Now back to the current dream that I woke up in from that dream.

I then started to tell my coworker Mrs. DT about that dream and about the lucid dream that the boy (the dream character from the previous dream) shared with me, but my mind was trying to remember too many things at once (the previous dream, the boy’s lucid dream, the dream that I possibly shared with the boy, whatever was happening in this dream, et cetera) so I started to forget most of the details of the previous dream and the boy’s lucid dream and of the dream that I possibly shared with the boy.

I was trying to organize it all in my mind as I was trying to tell my coworker Mrs. DT about it, she was talking about something too (maybe some confusion about the situation of this dream), and so my memory faded before I could share most of the details of those dreams with her.

I remember being disappointed in myself because the memories were there, but the faded right in front of me.

I am not sure if I woke up or if the next dream is really part of this dream, and so I will type it as a separate dream.

Dream 3

This dream almost became a lucid dream, I slowly started to notice the strangeness of the dream, and it started to feel different from a normal dream so it started to slowly feel real and / or lucid dream-like but I probably woke up before I could realize that I was dreaming.

All that I can remember of this dream (there was more that happened before this, but I can not remember what unfortunately) is that I was inside a house that was like a fictional version of The E House combined with a bit of inspiration from my parent’s house, I was in the family room / dining room, and it was a nice day (maybe morning) outside.

I remember walking to the door in the dining room to open it to look outside, across the street in my uncle CE’s abandoned yard I saw what looked like the front of a dark-blue automobile (maybe a van) in his yard, but most of it was hidden behind a tree or something.

I then noticed a newspaper on the ground on the left side of the yard that I was in, and so I went outside to get the newspaper and to see if I could get a closer look at the assumed automobile in my uncle CE’s abandoned yard.

Before I went outside I noticed that there were two screen doors oddly, they were connected to each other but you could open them to disconnect them, and the screen door on the right side was not closed all the way and so I had to adjust them before I could go outside.

Once outside to my right I heard a male voice talking like someone was talking to someone else, and so I turned to see a young man with dark-color skin with short black hair standing on the porch of The W House like he had just stepped outside so I assumed that it was him who I heard talking and I walked to get the newspaper while looking toward my uncle CE’s abandoned yard.

As I got closer to the newspaper suddenly an old small Volkswagen Beetle (with maybe the front hood or something missing) that was being driven by a woman with light-color skin with long light-color hair who had a young daughter with the same skin color and hair color sitting in the front passenger’s seat drove quickly from the front of the house that I was at, like either it was by the entrance door to the hallway by the bus stop or like it drove from inside the house in that hallway, and the woman was driving wildly in a panic.

I stood there watching this in confusion as the woman drove quickly and wildly and made a right turn, and she drove up the street very fast.

I picked up the newspaper and I stood there thinking about how strange that was and I started to notice how nice and beautiful it was outside, and things started to feel and look more realistic and lucid dream-like.

I smiled as I looked around enjoying the beauty and how nice things felt, and then I walked back inside the house.

I then heard a male voice talking again and then I noticed movement through an indoor window with a curtain (which is strange for a room to have its own window inside the house that allows you to see into the bedroom and / or the dining room / family room depending on which side you are on) to the bedroom next to the dining room, and so I opened the bedroom door and to my surprise my brothers DLC and DGC were in the bedroom talking to each other from separate beds.

The bedroom was rectangular instead of square and it was longer and it was horizontal, and it had many windows with curtains that reminded me of the windows of the bedroom at my parent’s house that my brothers DLC and DGC stay in when they are on breaks from college.

I greeted my brothers DLC and DGC and I told them that I did not know that they were here, I then noticed that most of the many windows were partly open, and then I realized that it was probably them talking that I heard outside earlier instead of the young man so I went to close all of the windows while talking to my brothers DLC and DGC as they laughed and talked to each other because they were in a good mood.

As I was closing the windows I noticed how nice the natural lighting from the many windows was, I paused for a moment to enjoy this and how it reminded me of my old bedroom at my parent’s house, and I paused to enjoy how the wind from the partly open windows was slightly blowing the curtains.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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