A Dream Character Tells Me That My Dream Is A Prophecy (Prophesy)

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I had a long dream and several other transitioning dreams involving various things that I remembered, but when I woke up briefly I accidentally went back to sleep without voice recording them each time that I woke up so now I only can barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

I can only barely remember part of the end of this long transitioning dream that moved between various things, the end of the dream took place during the day inside a multi-story multi-purpose building that was possibly a skyscraper, and some parts of this building was possibly exposed to the outdoors like it was possibly still under construction.

I went around different floors of this building seeing various things and various people et cetera, and at some point I ended up talking with a church group (probably Christian).

One of the church members was a bald overweight man with dark-color skin, and I remember sharing one of my dreams with him.

After telling the man my dream he was amazed and excited, and he told me that my dream was a prediction about something and he said that my dream was a prophecy (prophesy).

I told the man that I was not so sure about that, to me it was just a normal dream, but he assured me that my dream was a prophecy.

Unfortunately I can not remember what the dream was about or what the man told me about how it was a prophecy, but the man called all the church members to attention so that he could tell them about my dream and how it was a prophecy.

The man tried to convince the pastor of the church and the other church members, I think that the pastor did not believe it, but I can not remember.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was a lot more to this dream before this, and a bit after this.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved the character John Luther and maybe Alice Morgan from the television show Luther and several other people, but I can not remember if I was in the dream or not.

This dream involved the repetition of something that I can not remember, I remembered some other details about this dream earlier today but I was at work so I was not able to voice record them so now I have forgotten the rest of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr



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